3.8378378378378377 37
Wraith Tast like rotten hag fish bitter to the end and a very hot smoke 1 5 1
Wraith The first one which I lit right out of the package from J&R exploded. It split so badly that with only 1/4 of it smoked it became un-smokable. The second one smoked decently and when you can get this cigar to behave it has a good flavor. Since that second cigar more have ruptured and become un-smokable than not. Sometimes they'll burn down a quarter to half way and clog then split like a banana. The ruptures are bad enough to prevent the cigar from drawing properly -- that's a very bad rupture not just an ugly looking smoke. The majority of the whole box has been problematic. So in the end I paid more than twice per stick (because the majority of the cigars were unusable) than the advertised price. I would have done better to buy fewer higher quality cigars. I like cigars and have bought them exclusively from J&R for many years but I can't afford to toss a box of bad stogies I have to smoke them until they're gone. I'll never buy a Black Abyss cigar again. Looking at the other reviews my experience may be atypical and it's possible I got a box of duds but I won't take a chance on these ever again. 1 5 1
Wraith This is a smooth and consistent mild cigar. Draw is perfect and I plan on buying more 4 5 1
Wraith For a mild cigar it has a robust flavor with an even consistent smoke. This cigar has become a standard in my humidor - along with a fantastic price - highly recommend it. 5 5 1
Wraith I like a mild cigar once in a while. This cigar fits the bill. Good construction and great flavor. It is different from typical DR Connecticut cigars. Not as sweet. This cigar is a keeper! 5 5 1
Wraith Very good cigar Great flavor smooth draw I would definitely recommend trying these Gave one to a buddy he was impressed as much as I was 5 5 1
Wraith Bitter for a DR cigar 3 5 1
Wraith Pleasently surprised first time for this cigar mild and easy draw will purchase again 4 5 1
Wraith Not a fan 1 5 1
Wraith got these free with one of my orders. not a early am smoke. wrapper peels when flavor bitter. many relights. if I had to buy these they would be on there way back. give them to people you do not want to see again !! 2 5 1
Wraith A little too mild for my taste. Overall a good cigar . 3 5 1
Wraith I am not a cigar snob. All I have to say is this is one the best smokes I have had year. Leathery wrapper and it leaves a creamy taste on your tongue. I will keep a box of these in my humidor. Try them and you want go wrong. 5 5 1
Wraith Got this after buying a box of black abyss. Good build with a smooth draw. Nice flavor and and aroma. Just lighter flavor than its darker brother. Well worth buying more. You won't be satisfied with one or dis pleased. 4 5 1
Wraith Just won a box in a JR Auction. Just smoked my first. Draw was perfect. Construction was outstanding. A good looking light colored cigar. Ash was nice and tight and the cigar was solid. Burned perfectly. Reminded me of a White Monte but a tad milder. This smoke was a solid medium bodied cigar . I'm not good with flavors but eaqually as tasty and similar to any Macanudo toro I've smoked. Will buy again but definitely stole them in this auction. Worth a spin! 5 5 1
Wraith I pre lite the end and then fully lite my black abyss cigar . It had a good draw and full flavor with peppery aliveness thru the entire cigar showing great consistency it mAde my socks fall down 5 5 1
Wraith Nice Mild & Smooth Cigar with a great value! 4 5 1
Wraith I have always liked these cigars a lot. The last box has had three bad ones half-way through. Crappy burn... disappointing. 3 5 1
Wraith good smoke. everyday smoke... 4 5 1
Wraith Very good cigar. Used a punch cutter and had a hard draw. Ended up cutting the cap. Much better draw. Nice creamy/leathery flavor throughout. Would definitely recommend. 4 5 1
Wraith I've been looking for a everyday cigar that would not break the bank and Wraith is a winner a mild cigar with some kick. I would definitely keep a box n the humidor for those occasions friends stop by empty handed... 5 5 1
Wraith A great smoking cigar that burns even with nice flavor…. 5 5 1
Wraith I have been smoking Black Abyss cigars from JR's for several years. Although I prefer maduro wrappers in this stick the Connecticut are far superior. The Connecticut sticks are made in D.R., while the maduro are made in Nicaragua. Go figure, I gravitate to Nicaraguan cigars. 4 5 1
Wraith I’m usually nit really big on Connecticut cigars. But this one has me hooked. Great mild to medium earth and cedar with honey and a hint of vanilla. I like it so much I’m on box 3. 4 5 1
Wraith Solid cigar, good construction and nice burn. Mild to medium with pleasant taste. If you enjoy mild Dominican cigars I highly recommend. Certainly worth the price when on sale. 3 5 1
Wraith Ok 3 5 1
Wraith Good cigar but hard draw 4 5 1
Wraith Little bitter tio and heavy pepper when lit up but then it smooth out. Great smoke with an excellent draw and a finish that bring back the perfect balance in the cigar. 4 5 1
Wraith Have been buying these cigars for a number of years! Always a solid smoke! The Connecticut wrapped are the better choice! Made in the DR! 4 5 1
Wraith I usually lean towards the Nicaraguan cigars. I ordered the Hydra Belicoso on the daily buy. They sent the Wraith instead. Not disappointed. Great cigar. Mild to medium, hints of honey, pepper nice finish, good construction, consistent burn. Will buy again. 4 5 1
Wraith These are nice, about Med. strength cool smokes, with a pleasant aroma & taste, lasting up to about 40 minutes- depending on how hard you like to toke! I get the Abyss whenever they're on sale (@$50 or less per box/20). Are they worth $4.50-5 per stick, you can decide for yourself. 4 5 1
Wraith Not bad, similar to boneshaker but different enough to be something else. Overall enjoyable smoke. Pleasant aroma. And constructed nicely. 4 5 1
Wraith I like Black Abyss for my morning smoke. It has easy draw and a very nice full flavor. They maintain a good ash. 5 5 1
Wraith I was shocked on how good they were. At the price I expected just ok but these were as good or better than expensive cigars 5 5 1
Wraith Pleasant smoke. Very good but mild flavor. Excellent draw with fairly even burn. Lots of smoke with nice aroma. Very good smoke for the price. 4 5 1
Wraith Decent smoke in the morning with a cup of coffee! Definitely for the price 4 5 1
Wraith These are pretty good cigars, and a good value if you get them on special. They are mild and moderately sweet, burn evenly and draw easily. The bands tend to stick to the wrapper, so be careful removing them. I wish that a smaller ring version of this was made, such as a Cuban corona or Lonsdale size, but no one seems to smoke anything smaller than 50 ring any more. I recommend punch cutting, and not allowing them to dry out too much, as the draw can get very loose if the cigar is opened up much. 3 5 1
Wraith Good , ash holds on , 5 5 1

Black Abyss Connecticut

Wraith 6 × 52 BACWR

Toro smokers looking for a more mellow version of our enormously popular Black Abyss original will absolutely love the new Black Abyss Connecticut Wraith. This medium-bodied stick is Just about as smooth as a cigar can possibly be, while still delivering hearty flavors and tons of complexity. Upon lighting, the enthusiast can expect a plethora of well-balanced notes that include coffee, nuts cedar, leather, and honey. As a wonderful bonus, you will find yourself taking many breaks just to savor Wraith’s warm sweet aroma.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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