4.08 25
Hydra good value 3 5 1
Hydra Got several of these in a sampler pack. Flavors of salty nuts and sweet toffee or kettle corn with a bitter leather after taste. Bone dry smoke will require a drink. Also fairly harsh in the retrohale and on the back of the throat. Wrapper did start to split in places as I smoked it but binder kept everything working properly. Thick smoke it's an enjoyable cigar although a tad harsh for my liking. 4 5 1
Hydra I got one of these in a sampler I ordered last year. When I removed the band at the head of the cigar part of the wrapper came off with the band. Nonetheless the cigar burned and drew beautifully. Great flavor. Good stick. I would order this one again. 4 5 1
Hydra Black Abyss Connecticut was a delightful surprise. It is a Very Smooth Mild to Medium bodied cigar - Excellent construction, Even Draw, plesant flavor and smoke, no bite or bitterness. It fits the description very well. Great for a novice and a plesant change for seasoned smokers. Highly Recommended..! 5 5 1
Hydra Consistent quality 5 5 1
Hydra burn fast and very dry. Flavor was kind of blah 2 5 1
Hydra This is a current favorite for me. I bought my first box site unseen and gave it away for a Christmas gift, it came with 5 free samples which I kept. Had I smoked one of the samples before gifting the box, I would have kept the box and gave away something else ,) I have bought three more boxes since the Holidays... to manbear 'burn fast and dry' : there is a thing called a 'humidor' you should get one, read the instructions and give new cigars a week to acclimate... bobc 4 5 1
Hydra Decent cigar. Rough on the edges. I like a softer creamier cigar than this. It's ok 4 5 1
Hydra Go to cigar 5 5 1
Hydra Perfect cigar to relax with after a long day. Consistent quality and flavor make it a favorite. 5 5 1
Hydra Flavor was OK for the price but I would expect a 6X52 to burn longer than 15-20 minutes. I won't be buying again 2 5 1
Hydra For the money you can’t find a better smoke great draw good ash good taste nice aroma Lots of smoke.I highly recommend this smoke.If there is one negative it would be that for me it smoked in about 50 minutes My other 6x52 60-70 minutes 5 5 1
Hydra Great cigar. Part of the monthly cigar subscription. This connecticut smoked smooth and even from begining to end with perfect ash. A little spice and sweetness evident on the pallat at midway point and increases in intensity to the nub. Smoke this gem slow and you will enjoy the flavor nuances. Can be paired with anything. 5 5 1
Hydra Well made and smooth construction. Nice draw and good smoke output from the beginning to the end. Enjoyable smoke 4 5 1
Hydra The Black Abyss Connecticut is far superior to the Nicaragua Black Abyss! 4 5 1
Hydra Truly great cigar for the bucks.On a scale of 1-10 it is a 5 in strength.Will buy more for sure. 5 5 1
Hydra A pretty decent cigar and will buy again. Smokes clean and even and wrapped very well. 5 5 1
Hydra One of my favorite cigars For everyday smokes. 4 5 1
Hydra dont like any of these abyss smokes tase bad 2 5 1
Hydra Good value on this well burning cigar. Good draw and mild flavor. 5 5 1
Hydra This was my first Black Abyss. I loved it. The soft and slightly sweet tobacco blends made this affordable gem one that I would recommend and buy again. 5 5 1
Hydra New Old stock, win some lose some. And this combo came with 5 fat Baccarats.wait for next deal 3 5 1
Hydra A smooth smoke with good construction and burn. 5 5 1
Hydra For the money it's an ok cigar. It's not a huge favorite of mine but it smokes great and all in all a decent cigar. 3 5 1
Hydra First impression: Don't let the name fool you, the name Black Abyss leads to the assumption that these are bold smokes with deep earthy tastes of leather and mushroom tones - they are not. I personally found these to be very smooth great tasting smokes on the lighter side of EMS. Appearance: great looking smoke with great color on the outer leaf, with very little signs of large stems or veins. Aroma: fortunately, those that I received were quite fresh and the smell was fantastic - during burn was also pleasant and drew a couple of compliments. Taste: as I stated earlier, with a name like black abyss I had expected a much bolder taste somewhat to that of a maduro. these were smooth nutty, light and very enjoyable with a glass of Hennessy pure white. Construction: no canoeing, blockages, re-lights, or purging of filler. Construction was consistent leading to a smooth easy draw, and consistent burn on all ten smokes. Bottom line: These are a smooth, great tasting after dinner smoke - try with your fav bourbon, cognac, or even a sweeter Grand Marnier. As long as you're not expecting a bold smoke - they won't disappoint. My only issue was that they were a little fast burning for me - I would have preferred they last a bit longer. 4 5 1

Black Abyss Connecticut

Hydra 6 × 52 BACHY

A very popular follow up to the original blend, Black Abyss Connecticut Hydra is a medium bodied smoke that is smooth as silk, yet possess enough character to appeal to even those who prefer a more potent cigar. Hydra comes fashioned with a silky blonde Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that hugs a rare and aged Cuban-seed Criollo 98 binder and a filler blend of viso piloto Cubano and Cuban-seed Viso fillers. This well packed 6 x 52 Torpedo will dazzle your senses with notes of honey, dried fruit, cocoa, cedar, honey, and a warm fragrant aroma. When you order your favorite premium cigar online at JR, be sure to add a box of 20 of these mouthwatering beauties to your cart.

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Ecuador Connecticut

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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