3.5813953488372094 43
Cthonius Very smooth cigar. My only complaint is that the burn was extremely uneven but I was able to even it out. I am hoping the rest of the 5 pack I bought have a little better construction. 3 5 1
Cthonius Had high hopes for this. The regular line of Black Abyss I enjoyed much more. This thing is like sucking air. Yeah it smells like a cigar but has no flavor. I found myself cutting the draw end half way through because it seems as if I was sucking air through the cracks. Stick with the regular line. Much better. Even for a cheap smoke. 5 5 1
Cthonius Value is not value if it falls apart. I thick I will send them back. 2 5 1
Cthonius For the price I felt was a good smoke 3 5 1
Cthonius Same wrapper issue that Waycoolbenny mentioned in their review. The wrapper of the first one I had completely unraveled. After I let them sit in the humidor for about a week the wrapper problem occurred less. This is not a very complex cigar. I like medium-bold but this was just harsh. I will not get them again. 1 5 1
Cthonius I had purchased the Black Abyss before and liked them. Tried the Connecticut wrapped and was very disappointed. The first one out of the box completely unraveled a third of the way through smoking it as did the rest of the box. Won't be getting these again any time soon. 1 5 1
Cthonius Mellow smoke, I had issues with wrapping disintegration 4 5 1
Cthonius Received these as a promo and was very disappointed, even for a "free" cigar. The cigar came unraveled about half way through. Even prior to that the flavor profile was boring, at best, if not bad and the draw was inconsistent. 2 5 1
Cthonius I enjoyed this cigar. I never had any construction issues and it burned well. Maybe because I was relaxing reading on the patio and not active huffing and puffing! 4 5 1
Cthonius Mild smoke with notes of coffee and hazelnut. Also moderately priced good buy! 3 5 1
Cthonius Two of the cigars in the box came conveniently pre-split. To split the others I had to bring them into contact with fire or a cigar cutter of some kind. 1 5 1
Cthonius I am a huge fan of black abyss. This cigar is a little Different the. The original. Milder and a smoother taste it has less thick smoke and Flavored less pronounced. 4 5 1
Cthonius Bought this at the JR NC retail store they had promoted the cigar on their Facebook page. As soon as the flame hit the foot the wrapper split by time I had smoked 1/3 of the stick it was split to the band and unraveling. It had almost 3 weeks in my humidor prior to this. What I did smoke really had no depth of flavor a pretty boring cigar (at least to me) 2 5 1
Cthonius Att least in the Connecticut wrapper these are pretty boring and unsatisfying. The flavor profile is very narrow it is not that smooth and the construction is ok but draw is a bit thing requiring 3-4 puffs to get enough smoke. I got one in the cigar of the month sampler but wouldn't buy any more. 3 5 1
Cthonius First of all I didn’t get the taste of what I thought it would are should have tasted like. None of what they said in the description was taste. The construction was not bad on the first stick that I’ve tried but I do have four more to go LoL. This cigar is not one that I would try to keep in my stock. 3 5 1
Cthonius Not a good smoke 1 5 1
Cthonius Nice golf cigar 4 5 1
Cthonius Consistently good 5 5 1
Cthonius Great construction, draw, taste. These are to be sipped, not gulped! Save them for when you have an hour or more to burn. I have finished my second box and find absolutely no defects. 5 5 1
Cthonius I've smoked several of these Abysses now and have really enjoyed them. They do have a mild flavor that stays pretty consistent through the smoke. The ash holds on for quite a while and the cigars so far have stayed consistent from smoke to smoke. I gave one to my father-in-law, who likes mild smokes too, and he enjoyed it quite a bit. I think some of the reviewers who were harsher on the flavor and body aspects like a stronger flavor with more body. These Abysses aren't as full or strong as most of the sticks I've smoked. I wouldn't call myself a cigar expert, I do smoke mainly JR Alternatives , but since I've been smoking 2 a day or so for the last 15 years I have a bit of experience. These are good cigars that take about 75 minutes for me to smoke; that's a nice thing to look forward to after a long day's work. 5 5 1
Cthonius This is quite an enjoyable smoke when I simply want to get away from my hectic day and relax- the burn of this stick is smooth, and even every time. The majority of the smoke is mild, but as you near completion there is the slightest increase in intensity, providing an enjoyable nudge to its end. Overall, a well balanced stick for just about anyone who desires the relaxation from the enjoyment of a fine cigar. 5 5 1
Cthonius One of my favorites, nice size and consistency 4 5 1
Cthonius Nice Cigar for the price..!! 4 5 1
Cthonius This isn't a bad smoke. I like them after dinner best. 4 5 1
Cthonius Got these on a 12 hour promo, and was very impressed. Easy to smoke , good draw , would buy again. 5 5 1
Cthonius Very good cigar 4 5 1
Cthonius Like I have said before you should allow your cigars to rest in a humidor or other type of container so the cigars can recover from the handling and driving from place or origin. Stress and change in temperature can affect your cigars . You will be glad that you did. 4 5 1
Cthonius The website listing and my order history both show the name of this stick as "Cthonius" but the box I received bore the name "Cerberus," which must not have sounded creepy enough for them. It was the same 6 x 60 shape and on sale for less than half-price plus free shipping. I would buy that deal again in a hot minute but I doubt it will be offered again. Flavor was a little milder than I like for an evening cigar. It won't be replacing my Romeo y Julieta Reserves. 4 5 1
Cthonius Very inconsistent with everything burn tunnels too tight too loose lucky to smoke it halfway 3 5 1
Cthonius Good cigar 5 5 1
Cthonius I received the espresso set but you didn’t tell me the cigars are on back order. 2 5 1
Cthonius I also received my expresso set. Also didn't know they was on back order. Then was told if they don't get shipped in a certain amout of day. Then I would have to pay the $100 so dollars. When I got them for $50. 1 5 1
Cthonius Man!! I was knocked out by how much I liked these. Great draw, great flavor. Great look. I tossed them in on my order because of the 5 pack special. Heading back for a box 5 5 1
Cthonius I buy these when I can find them on sale. Great in the shop, you gotta smoke these on the slow side as if they get too hot thru change. The band on the foot tears the wrapper. The upper band can also. 4 5 1
Cthonius A tasty little smoke, I only get to have them when I catch a deal but that's how it is. 4 5 1
Cthonius Great cigar for every day smoke. Very tasty and easy to smoke. 5 5 1
Cthonius The black abyss is a very good cigar. construction and draw are excellent. It burns nicely with a consistent flavor that's good to the palate. A good humidor also contributes to a healthy and favorable smoke but that's my opinion. Overall outstanding 4 5 1
Cthonius This is an enjoyable cigar. Construction, flavor, and price. Will definitely buy again. 5 5 1
Cthonius Burns even and good. Decent made Good for the price I got them for 3 5 1
Cthonius These cigars are of my favorites. Smooth, nutty and warm is well constructed and burns well. Love them! I always have a good stock of these on hand and strongly recommend them. 5 5 1
Cthonius Awesome light cigar. 4 5 1
Cthonius Can't beat quality and taste. 5 5 1
Cthonius These are a pretty well constructed cigar, especially for the price. They burn even, leave a good ash and taste pretty good especially for the price 4 5 1

Black Abyss Connecticut

Cthonius 6 × 60 BACCE5

The Black Abyss Connecticut Cthonius cigar is rolled in a big and popular size with a rare vintage Criollo 98’ Dominican binder that surrounds a blend of Cuban-seed Dominican long filler tobaccos. Then, for the perfect finishing touch, this vintage blend of premium tobaccos is topped off with a silky blonde Ecuadorian seed Connecticut wrapper. This smoother, creamier version of the original Black Abyss blend is medium bodied in strength and oozing with rich flavors of coffee, cream, and nuts, punctuated with hints of spice and warm honey. Order a 5-pack from JR Cigar today!
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Ecuador Connecticut

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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