3.8294573643410854 129
Hydra Nice Maduro. Strong pepper notes along with leathery hints. Beautiful oily smoke. More of night out smoke 3 5 1
Hydra Sorry but not too crazy for this one. Reminded me of a Ghurka. Had to keep relighting it and had a stale type flavor. Oh well! 3 5 1
Hydra I love this cigar. Got it on a deal but will buy more soon. Happy I tried it. 5 5 1
Hydra This is a cheapo so low expectations. I liked it surprisingly easy smoke no glaring issues with construction. Good flavor though pretty boring. 3 5 1
Hydra A really good cigar it is a bit hot towards the middle to end but had some great flavors early worth a try 4 5 1
Hydra Great smoke nice oilley raper Great to enjoy with friends tonigh Great to enjoy alone Nice medium body with a slight spice leather and a little dark chocolate 5 5 1
Hydra this stick is an embarrassment to cigar smokers this stick says you wear slammed shirts spikey hair and acid washed jeans. dont smoke this 1 5 1
Hydra Can't figure out the negative ratings but to each his own. I'm a huge fan of this cigar and the monster sized Cerebus. Very good draw and construction. Like smoking a Hershey bar with a great aroma. For the price and quality on my top 5 list. 4 5 1
Hydra I got 2 in a ten pack I bought smoked 1 and it was really tasty I enjoyed this smoke a lot really good from start to stop! 3 5 1
Hydra Was not too impressed with these alot of burn issues. Wrapper split made it more of a chore trying to enjoy it. 2 5 1
Hydra It's a good cigar for after dinner. I would recommend this cigar to the every day cigar smoker to try something new and different. 4 5 1
Hydra I didn't care for this one. Burned inconsistently wrapper issues and the taste was harsh. One of the few I've bought from JR that wasn't very good 3 5 1
Hydra Good draw and fine taste . Cannot beat the price that J&R is letting them go for . Cant go wrong with these bad boys 4 5 1
Hydra For the money you can not buy a better cigar. I have stopped buying the Fuentes Maduro's in favor of these 5 5 1
Hydra Nice and strong taste to let you know you smoking a old school stick. Love getting these in a auction. 3 5 1
Hydra Pepper spice to start the mellows for me. Love the shape and size. Beautiful color with little vein. 5 5 1
Hydra I got one of these in an assortment in March. With the name and the fiery label I expected it to be harsh. I was mistaken. This is a smooth maduro not quite sweet but not the heavy peppery bomb the name implies. 4 5 1
Hydra This cigar is a great mid-budget cigar ... Excellent construction lots of smoke and a flavor profile of earth and coffee 5 5 1
Hydra Very hard draw not sure about taste I think I passed out trying to draw 1 5 1
Hydra Great cigar full body and flavor. Draw is nice as well as the consistency. Good smoke 4 5 1
Hydra If a cigar could have balls this one would have big cajones. A rich bold flavor with all the accoutrements of a great tasting cigar. By far one of my favorites. 5 5 1
Hydra This one packs a huge punch. Loaded with flavor and definitely not for the begining smoker. Probably more than my liking on the level of strength but great flavor. 4 5 1
Hydra Too strong a cigar for me. However the construction was good and it had fair consistency. It had a decent burn but I had to relight it several times. 2 5 1
Hydra I received this cigar in a sampler. I let it sit for about 4 months in my humidor before lighting it up. The aroma was pleasant and the taste was bold. It changes throught the smoke! Enjoy! 3 5 1
Hydra Halfway through a recent box purchase and its a crap shoot as to what you're going to get...from good smoke all the way through --- to tight draw bitter taste uneven burn unraveling wrapper. 2 5 1
Hydra This black abyss Hydra is as good as it looks. Dortmund Dorrough rapper will ensure a bold taste. Consistent burn. Nice construction. Add this to your humidor. You will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Hydra First word says it all I believe black .. should of known it would be so strong bout knocked my boots off..if you like a strong cigar buy this one 2 5 1
Hydra Another JR Brand that is amazing in all aspects. But this stogie isn't to be taken lightly it packs a punch but does so with immense flavor and an aroma to turn everyone's head towards you. If you haven't picked one of these up yet do yourself a favor and try one you won't be unsatisfied I promise 5 5 1
Hydra Super duper smoooooth. Subtle sweet coffee and condensed cocoa flavored. Slightly nutty and buttery as well and definitely worth a try if you have not tried this awesome cigar! 3 5 1
Hydra The cigar developed a firm tight white ash that lasted a good 2 inches before falling off for the first time. The burn line was even with a thin carbon ring. The Black Abyss produced a good amount of satisfying smoke. I would consider this cigar to be medium to full strength and full bodied. It had excellent qualities and flavors and I enjoyed the smoking experience. On a 100 point scale I would rate this cigar as a 90. 3 5 1
Hydra These are some excellent cigars for the money. Lots of chocolate cocoa and coffee flavors. The San Andres wrapper Corojo Binder and Criollo Filler are a fantastic combination that works synergistically. I was skeptical at first because of the price but knowing that Mr. Blanco blended this I knew that it had to be good. And it is! 4 5 1
Hydra The black abyss is a well balanced cigar. A strong cigar with notes of coffee and chocolate. Tastes fantastic 5 5 1
Hydra This cigar was not very good. I was hoping for a mild smoke that I could have throughout the day. No luck. The draw was rough and the flavors didn't do anything for me. 2 5 1
Hydra I honestly did not have high expectations for this cigar when I picked it up but I was pleasantly surprised when smoking it. It stayed together very well had a solid flavor and the draw was smooth 4 5 1
Hydra Gold bold flavors. I love a torpedo cigar style anyways. I love the price for the smoke but I do not smoke them often. These remind me so much of Gurkha cigars. 3 5 1
Hydra This is a pretty well constructed inexpensive smoke. Had one of these in a sampler packed I ordered before. It starts off a little light creamy flavored and draws a little more bold towards the middle to the end. I love the fillers they used. This is a good everyday smoke. You will not be disappointed if you order a box/or bundle of this cigar. 3 5 1
Hydra Black is a great cigar good on the golf course for every day great burn and good flavorr I always have them in my humidor 4 5 1
Hydra My friends raves about these but they weren't my cup of tea. Well made but the strength over powered the flavor for me. Even burn and good construction. But as I said my friends love them so make up your own mind. 4 5 1
Hydra Received this in a sampler pack and at 1st thought it wasn't going to be anything besides a filler stick. It ended up being a decent smoke with smooth draw and mellow flavor. 3 5 1
Hydra This cigar is alright. I don't really like a peppery taste but if you like it I say go and get one. The burn is good thiugh. 3 5 1
Hydra I tried this cigar about 3 months ago while camping in Sierra mountains. I liked this cigar and would try again. 2 5 1
Hydra A friend gave me one to try ended up buying a few to take along on my beach trip goes great with my favorite IPA. 5 5 1
Hydra Got this as part of a sampler. Not an awful cigar (draw and construction were fairly good) but I was not a fan of te flavor. Very spicy and bitter. 3 5 1
Hydra this cigar has a lot of flavor and is value priced it is definitely full strength and full-bodiedit is peppery so if you like that get it although you may encounter some burn issues 3 5 1
Hydra This stick is fire like the band says. It would bring you to the abyss if you don't take your time to smoke it. It's strong strong enough that it may whoop your butt if you smoke it too fast. 5 5 1
Hydra This cigar wasn't for me and my tastes but fit the price and what you get if you are looking for a decent middle of the road mid-full cigar then try picking these up. 3 5 1
Hydra A really solid stick with tons of flavor for a great price. Solid construction burn and draw off this stick. 4 5 1
Hydra I was gifted one of these. Draw was a little on the right side but not too bad. Fantastic pepper bomb of a stick. Excellent earthy tones throughout. 3 5 1
Hydra I've had these a few times and always order more. Medium to full taste and a real winner. Each time I have one I discover new flavors. 5 5 1
Hydra Good medium to strong cigar. Develops solid smoke toward the final third hints of spice throughout the cigar. Overall pretty tasty 4 5 1
Hydra I really like these cigars and I have ordered them several times. The draw is always good as well as the construction . The flavor is to my liking full !! They seem to ve very consistent . Overall very good 5 5 1
Hydra I received one of these in a sampler pack a few weeks ago and put it into my humidor. Well I received a 2nd one today from a sampler pack and decided to switch them out to smoke one. This cigar has a little bit of everything. I really enjoyed it. 4 5 1
Hydra I bought these cigars on a deal at JR. The cigar itself is constructed well. I didn't get a lot of Smoke output and had to touch up a lot. I would give this cigar a 7 on the scale. But definitely would buy on a deal promotion. 3 5 1
Hydra The Black Abyss Hydra has some nice dark flavor to it like coffee an espresso 4 5 1
Hydra Ok smoke but not one of my favorites. Well constructed but not the flavor I was looking for 4 5 1
Hydra More than a few minutes of a decent smoke. Very good quality and very good price. Mellow and rich 4 5 1
Hydra Not exactly my style I do appreciate construction of the cigar though but little inconsistent and like I said just not my taste 3 5 1
Hydra This black sends you Ymir another planet! Total full body spicy woody flavors! This is a great smoke with close friends 5 5 1
Hydra They hydra is an excellent cigar, most important (to me), is that it's consistent: rarely if ever a cigar with poor draw (and I've been smoking them daily for a few months), wrapper doesn't fall apart although occasionally the cutter seems to cause the end to start unraveling, but it doesn't travel or otherwise interfere with the quality of the smoke. 5 5 1
Hydra This came to me in a mixed 5 pack I was so pleasantly surprised by this cigar. I was truly impressed by the flavor and construction of this inexpensive cigar 3 5 1
Hydra Great cigar not a fan of torpedo shapes but great flavor and aroma. 4 5 1
Hydra The black abyss Hydra is a very unique cigar that everybody should have in their humidor 4 5 1
Hydra This is a perfect everyday smoke if you ask me. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed 4 5 1
Hydra This cigar Looks Very crazy. I smoked one time i think It's Good but i don't know if i will buy one more time 4 5 1
Hydra This is definitely a unique cigar when it comes to flavor. It was almost like bittery sweet and black pepper it was very simple and tasty 5 5 1
Hydra Really good stick. Nice dark rich flavor good burn. I will be buying more. Better than most other expensive cigars. 5 5 1
Hydra I love Black Abyss cigars. The Hydra is well built and smokes deliciously to the end. No bitterness. Only super flavor and aroma. A very minor issue personally is the cheap band. 5 5 1
Hydra Sorry but not too crazy for this one. Reminded me of a Ghurka. Had to keep relighting it and had a stale type flavor. Oh well! 3 5 1
Hydra Blended by the great Jose blanco!. His son has a great brand called Blanco cigars too. This one did not disappoint 5 5 1
Hydra The Black Abyss if I'm correct it's an exclusive to JR Cigars. It's a nice medium cigar. There's a little spice kick to it but nothing crazy. I enjoyed these so much I got a box when I was at the store. 4 5 1
Hydra Has a dark taste to it. Careful pulling the wrapper at the foot it may tear overall smooth espresso taste wood and pepper. It's affordable and hits the spot. Definitely try it! 5 5 1
Hydra The black abyss a little strong for me but I have to say this is one good cigargreat even burngreat flavorgreat structure all around great cigar rate this a 9.75 out of 10 5 5 1
Hydra To me this one had a very unique flavor. Couldnt quite pin it down but made me think of what puting a black tea bag in my mouth would be coated my whole mouth with the flavor. It had a tight draw but burned razor sharp with a long ash.constructed well for its price.would definately have again 3 5 1
Hydra I don't normally buy a whole box of any one brand because I like to keep a variety of cigars in my humidor but I bought 10 of these on special when they first came out and really liked them. Just recently bought a box of the hydra's. It's become one of my favorites. Great cigar at a decent price. 5 5 1
Hydra This is a tasty cigar. It is well priced and made well. During the whole smoke only had to relight once and that was my fault I didn't give it the attention it deserved as I was talking. Highly suggest trying 4 5 1
Hydra Dark oily wrapper that has a nice classic tobacco aroma preflight. The great aroma carries on after its lite. Nice flavors of spice and a bit of cocoa 4 5 1
Hydra I got this in a sampler and was not very pleased. Didn't perform very well and fell apart on me. I wouldn't recommend it 2 5 1
Hydra Black abyss is a great full bodied cigar.I wasn't sure about trying this one but I'm glad I did. Great from start to finish. 4 5 1
Hydra This is a nice medium to full cigar and the price is great as these are often on special. I'll purchase in the future. 2 5 1
Hydra This torpedo is named the Hydra after the multi-headed serpent in Greek Mythology. It has an oily San Andreas wrapper which is rich and delicious with subtle notes of dark cho 5 5 1
Hydra Unique torpedo construction. The draw was tough though. Not sure if it was a problem on my end or the maker. I'd still buy more though. 4 5 1
Hydra Great unknown smoke that is a treat after a long day. Sit back and enjoy a reasonable price cigar that hits you with flavor from the start... 4 5 1
Hydra Mild flavored smoke with some hints of pepper. The construction was solid but not perfect but the burn was consistent. Not a bad cigar overall especially if you like somrthing more mild. 3 5 1
Hydra My friends raves about these but they weren't my cup of tea. Well made but the strength over powered the flavor for me. Even burn and good construction. But as I said my friends love them so make up your own mind. 4 5 1
Hydra Kind of middle of the road. It didn't really stand out to me. I got it as part of a sampler and probably would not buy. Not terrible 2 5 1
Hydra Very bold cigar. Construction was nice and the look of it was appealing. Very leathery with some hints of mocha and wood. 4 5 1
Hydra I purchased as a deal I was pleasantly happy with the artwork of box and cigar band. And the smoke was satisfying burn was great. I would recommend these to anyone. I have plans to purchase again in future 4 5 1
Hydra Black Abyss cigar was part of my bundle I bpight from JR. I'm glad they added this cigar to my bundle. Great smoke nice aroma even burn great bold flavor 4 5 1
Hydra I got this cigar along with several others for my birthday last year from the look and appearance of the cigar it looked pretty good But once I cut it up and lit this cigar it was a total disaster. The taste was just so terrible it burned really uneven to. Don't buy this cigar 1 5 1
Hydra Nice San Andreas wrapped cigar for the money. It will surprise you how good it really is but it won't just blow you away either. Sweet with a little spice. Not very complex but the flavor is enjoyable. 4 5 1
Hydra Pretty good smoke. Not a bad value either. Give this stogie of goodness a try if you dare!.... Draw flavor price what else can I say 4 5 1
Hydra Like this cigar. Full bodied with some spice. Wish it wouldve had a little bit more flavor to it. Would definitely buy then on a promotion deal. 4 5 1
Hydra This is a medium to Full strength Full bodied cigar. Very flavorful and full of slice. Has a medium draw to it. 2 5 1
Hydra Hail hydra! This cigar represents everything that is right with the world. We will prevail shield cannot suppress the overlords. 5 5 1
Hydra This is a nice medium to full cigar and the price is great as these are often on special. I'll purchase in the future. 4 5 1
Hydra With a name like hydra I was expecting a lot more power. I was slightly let down. It wasn't bad but I was left wanting more. 3 5 1
Hydra Not a fan of the packaging. Peppery with some burn issues. Went out a few times while smoking. Try a single before you buy more 4 5 1
Hydra I am now on my 2nd box of the Hydras. This is truly one of the most under rated cigars I have ever smoked. especially for the price. $70 boxes of cigars as we all know are middle of the road in terms of flavor consistency and quality. However these Black Abyss have a taste consistency and construction more akin to $100+ boxes. Great medium-strength draw medium-full flavor of leather and lots of cocoa. These have become one of my go-to cigars and I cannot say enough good things about them. 4 5 1
Hydra This is a very good cigar for the price. Med-full leather and cocoa. It's not going to win any awards but competes well against smokes in the 4-5 range. Mine only had about 3 weeks of rest. Draw is a tad tight but not too bad and I'd like to try it in a non torpedo form since I'm not much of a torpedo guy. 4 5 1
Hydra Enjoyed this cigar more than a genuine Cuban Monte Christo which I had the day before. It smokes evenly, draws easily and retains it's flavor to the end without getting bitter. 5 5 1
Hydra I had to give this offering a lower rating due to the fact that there were a few "doinkers" in this box of 20. I ran into uneven burns and one stick was so loose I had to discard it half way through the smoke. When I went to toss it, the outer wrapper completely unraveled. I would be happy to provide a better review if they would send some after they have improved the quality. 3 5 1
Hydra Nice cigar 5 5 1
Hydra Absolutely awful in every respect. I returned it and got a full refund. 1 5 1
Hydra very good 5 5 1
Hydra Full bodied and flavorful b 5 5 1
Hydra Received this one in a Cigar of the Month Club Shipment. As stated in my Boneshaker review, maduros are not my favorite; however, in the maduro wrapper shade, I AM a big fan of San Andrés and Brazilian Aripiraca wrappers. This cigar did not disappoint. It didn’t have much complexity, but with a San Andrés wrapper (to me anyway), that’s fine. The burn was near-perfect, a little wavy, but very trouble-free. Consistent flavor throughout. When I finished this one, I decided I would most definitely buy more in the future to age in my humi. Was surprised at how good this was at this price point. Really liked it a lot. 4 5 1
Hydra If you’re a fan of larger, full-bodied, maduro’s, this is a great cigar for the price. However, I strongly recommend aging and a slow smoking pace, to bring out the nuances the cigar has to offer. Construction, draw, and burn are generally on par with more expensive full-bodied maduro’s. Overall, they’er fairly consistent, however, out of a box of 20, you might encounter a few that don’t quite measure up. 5 5 1
Hydra good solid flavors throughout the cigar, chocolate, earthy, tones creamy contours 4 5 1
Hydra Great cigar 5 5 1
Hydra Full flavor , 4 Star... Good price , Try a 5 pack 4 5 1
Hydra I bought these on a deal because of previous good experience with black abyss cigars. These cigars don’t meet the standard. They have a good flavor. However,the burn leaves a little to be desired. Some have tunneled, and some have not burned cleanly and all around. 3 5 1
Hydra Took a chance on these and they are a solid medium heavy with Dark Chocolate and Espresso notes. Draw was good and burn wasn't perfect in the first third but leveled out the rest of the burn. Overall a solid Maduro offering at a very affordable price. 4 5 1
Hydra Good cigar 5 5 1
Hydra These are good cigars when they are fresh however mine came dry as a bone. 3 5 1
Hydra The first time, I smoked an Abyss Hydra, I put it out after a quarter inch of smoking : extremely harsh flavor and it was burning my nose and my eyes were tearing. After resting for close to 2 years, it became phenomenal: slow razor sharp burn, pearl white ash, flavor? lightly nutty, smooth, dark chocolaty but most of all, i tasted strong dried raisin and dried raspberry. Please age this beauty well over a year and smoke it slowly. 5 5 1
Hydra These are underrated (Black Abyss line) 5 5 1
Hydra Good cigar. Sale price was great. Good all around smoke. Will buy again 5 5 1
Hydra This cigar exceeded expectations. It burns great, the flavor is nice and strong and it’s all around enjoyable. Pick these up on sale and you can’t go wrong. Definitely need a little humidor hang time but what cigar doesn’t? Try it for yourself and see! 5 5 1
Hydra I generally begin my day with a Black Abyss as it’s a very good everyday smoke. I particularly like them when they’re on sale. 5 5 1
Hydra Awesome smoke. Great price. Fast delivery. Love JR cigars. Shop here for all of your cigars 5 5 1
Hydra These cigars are fantastic for the price. Burn/flavors/construction were all above expectations at this price point. 5 5 1
Hydra Good stick for the price. Well constructed, even burn. Good smoke and draw. No harshness for a moderate/ full body. Peppery and leather taste and aroma. Definitely not disappointed! 4 5 1
Hydra Was pleasantly surprised fantsic Brun, draw,constantly, and tasty to the nub! Will purchase more. Big Bunny 5 5 1
Hydra Nice even burn. Not a real strong full flavor that is not bitter and is smooth to the nub. 5 5 1
Hydra Got these on JR Auctions. Disappointed. They do have a good draw. They are well-made and burn consistently. Occasionally, an interesting flavor note came through. But, the interesting flavors were too few and too far between. Just did not appeal to me. There are plenty of other cigars at JR for me to try. 2 5 1
Hydra From a 5-pack…. 2 of them were bone dry and wrapper was torn/chipped in a couple spots. The burn was fairly even. The draw was not too bad. The first 1/3 was nondescript. The 2/3 portion was pretty good, mellow putting on a bit of heft. The last 1/3 was fairly enjoyable. Not the best smoke ever, but certainly competent enough 3 5 1
Hydra Enjoyed this cigar while playing golf. Perfect golf cigar. 4 5 1
Hydra Bought these several times and have not been disappointed! They make for a great breakfast smoke!! 5 5 1
Hydra I find these to be a pretty good cigar. They draw well, and taste typically Dominican, with a touch of earthiness, as if there was a bit of Nicaraguan in the mix. The burn is perfectly even, right down to the nub. I like these well enough to buy a few more 5-packs while they are on special. One complaint: both bands stick to the wrapper, and tear off a piece when removed. So use caution when removing them. 3 5 1

Black Abyss

Hydra 6 × 52 BAHY

Rolled by the famed master blender Jochy Blanco, the Black Abyss is a full bodied and full-flavored premium handmade cigar that’s part of our prestigious JR exclusive line. Its dark flavors and wrapper are meant to bring out your innermost dark side. This torpedo is named the Hydra after the multi-headed serpent in Greek Mythology. It has an oily San Andreas wrapper, which is rich and delicious, with subtle notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Packaged in a box of 20.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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