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Plazas These were a very earthy flavored cigar they got much better when placed in my humidor for a few weeks. A very good smoke for someone on a budget. 4 5 1
Plazas I am always satisfied with the Bering Cigars They are one of the first cigars I smoked 50 years ago it was the Bering Electra don't see it anymore. 5 5 1
Plazas Good, but wanted to order Bering Hispanos but did not find them on your web site??? 4 5 1
Plazas Ok a bit better than the imperials a definite lawn care outdoor chore cigar I grab these once in a while whennimmon shift on the Fire Deoartment. A cigar I don't mind if it goes out or I can't finish for one reason or another. Not a favorite 3 5 1
Plazas The Berings Were A Favorite Of Mine Years Ago.Burn Well butBut areAre Not Quite Strong Enough For Me Now 5 5 1
Plazas A very decent smoke for the money 5 5 1
Plazas Another auction item that I won. A good cigar for the price very mild with earthy notes and even burn. It was good to the end. 3 5 1
Plazas this is one ugly cigar with a great taste. Difficulty to draw is also a frequent issue together with the flaky ash. Once you get passed the problems you can discover a very decent taste from these cigars. 2 5 1
Plazas I am very happy with this cigar the draw is a little hard it looks like the last 1/4 is very tight. The construction is good and appearance is good. Just a touch of bitterness in the taste. Well worth the money. 4 5 1
Plazas Good Cigar at a fair price I always like to win in your auctions and save money ! 5 5 1
Plazas Nice cigar. 4 5 1
Plazas Wow, don't know if I got a bad batch but it seems to me the quality of these cigars has seriously degraded! They were so soft and loosely packed they literally started to bend as I smoked them! 1 5 1
Plazas Very excited to get this beautiful box of cigars. They looked wonderful sitting in the box in the wrappers. I took one out and noticed that the wrappers were multicolored and veins were large. A very ugly looking cigar. Disappointed, I lit it up and the taste was worse than the look. Had that burnt taste like cigars do when they canoe. But this one wasn't canoed. The cigar was extremely spongy and rolled loosely. Smoked hot. 2nd cigar was the same. Totally disappointed. These are not the Berings I smoked 15 years ago. Stay away. They are not even lawn cutting quality. Today's Lesson: Stick to JR Alternatives for everyday cigars under $50. 1 5 1


Plazas 6 × 43 BEP25

A 6 x43 43-ring gauge treat, the Bering Plaza is mellow to medium bodied in strength, fragrant, and affordable. It is rolled using premium tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The addition of a Connecticut Shade EMS wrapper provides an earthy and leathery taste to compliment the unique flavors of the blend. Zesty and delicious, this timeless classic smoke is one for the humidor. The famous Bering Plaza is sold in Cedar Chest of 25.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic/Honduras/Mexico/Nicaragua


Mellow - Medium


Cedar Chest of 25

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