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Bering Cigars have been pleasing discriminating connoisseurs for many years, thanks to top notch construction, affordable price, and rich mellow to medium bodied flavors. The cigars are expertly rolled in Honduras, starting off with a four-nation blend of premium tobaccos from Nicaragua, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. Then, this timeless recipe is topped off with a gorgeous, silky smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper. In addition, those looking for some exotic flavors in their handmade premium cigars, will absolutely love the enticing Bering Sabor Especial line. Rolled with the same multi-country blend of tobaccos found in the original Bering’s, these tasty sticks are skillfully infused with your choice of four mouthwatering flavors – Amaretto, Irish Cream, Rum, and Vanilla. Whether you’re a traditional smoker or fancy a flavorful treat, Bering has the perfect cigar for you at a price that just about everyone can afford.

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