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Corona Grande Hispanics is my favorite. Upset with lack of choice. 3 5 1
Corona Grande Smooth smoke and a welcome change from the norm. Can’t beat the price! 4 5 1
Corona Grande One of the few Candelas around these days and very reasonably priced. Nice construction and wrapper seems a little thicker than many candelas (a good thing). Typical mild candela taste. Most of the flavor coming from the wrapper not the filler. Burns evenly and cool. Excellent value and green too! 4 5 1
Corona Grande If you like candela wrapped cigars this is one of the few still around at any price. For me this is a great golf course cigar. 2 5 1
Corona Grande I bought these after looking for something different from my usual maduro wrapped cigars.I thought of them with fond memories of my early days of cigar smoking. These candela wrapped, green sticks were what was smoked by the majority of people who wanted a premium cigar back in the 50's and 60's in the New York ,North Jersey area, where I grew up. The Bering Plaza and Corona Grande were widely available then. Every candy store, {what we called them back then}, had them available in either the box or smaller pack of 3 or 4. I remember my best friend's father, a truck driver, who smoked cheap Parodi's during the week, and on Sunday, would treat himself to a couple Berings. These smokes take me back to those days. They taste the same all these years later. If you've never tried a Candela wrapped cigar, they're a unique flavor profile and worth a try. Enjoy! 4 5 1
Corona Grande Bering is probably the most "universal" cigar- you'll find it as the cheap cigar in a premium selection and the premium selection in a cheap group. This cigar is decently made, the tobacco is well aged, its flavor is light. They are fairly lightly rolled and packed, so they will finish more quickly than one might expect if one is used to solidly packed, higher end cigars. 5 5 1
Corona Grande Back 50 years ago candela cigars were almost the norm and Bering produced a fair share of hand rolled long filler in candela . I know because I smoked them ! The present edition are wonderful in my opinion . They are smooth, flavorful and mild actually better than those I remember . So far the handful I’ve had are well constructed. Plus I got a super deal on auction from JR Cigar ! Definitely recommend these . 5 5 1
Corona Grande I really appreciate the quality of this cigars. I will buy again. 5 5 1
Corona Grande I'm a big fan of Candela's and these definitely please. A very smooth and mellow smoke, the flavors are very much full of ceder, nutty, herbal, and near the end they have a bit of a peppery bite. I will purchase again! 5 5 1
Corona Grande These are great, I can't believe Candelas ever fell out of fashion, they get such a bad rap for an excellent wrapped Bearing Candela. This is my morning smoke nearly every day. 5 5 1
Corona Grande If you have been smoking quality cigars, for over 35 years like I have, the Bering should be a familiar name. Back in the late 80s and 90s, if you were in between boxes, you could walk into any Rx store and buy a 2 or 3 pack of Berings to tide you over. That's when Rxs used to carry tobacco products millennials. 5 5 1
Corona Grande Great smoke ,and a great price 5 5 1
Corona Grande I remember smoking candelas in the 90s in utah at a coffee bar. I am a mild to medium fan with the occasional heavy hitter on a good dark beer night. These are exactly what i remember. That green tea grassy taste is such a nice departure from the the rest. I would call these very smooth and satisfying. One thing about cigars is the incredible range of them to try. The only problem i had was not letting them test in the humidor for a bit. While not overly fragile, the wrapper split on a couple in my impatience to smoke the first box i got 5 5 1
Corona Grande Above average. I’d smoke them again, and I have plenty left to continue smoking. The flavor is great and the unique color of the wrapper is a great look. Only issue I have is it goes out fast. Medium but complex flavor in a stylish and sleek design. 4 5 1
Corona Grande Pleasantly surprised by this cigar, flavor and draw average would purchase again. 4 5 1
Corona Grande I am a big fan of mellow cigars, that being said this is one of the best cigars I ever smoked. Smooth taste, burns great, construction was absolutely perfect. Bless those little Honduran's heart's because this was a perfect smoke. I've had smooth and tasty Connecticut wrapped cigars but this blew me out of the water. The candela wrapper was thick and tasty. Not grass like but wonderful, like a cigar should be. Draw was perfect. I'm glad I usually only smoke 1 cigar a week cause I'd go broke buying these. I received my order lightning fast and in perfect condition. If you like strong full bodied cigars, these are not for you but if you like mellow give these a try, I dont think you'd be sorry. 5 5 1
Corona Grande Mellow-medium bodied with a hint of candela pineapple sweetness that's buried by the flat bitterness of the binder & filler tobaccos. Outwardly decent construction; although, loosely rolled, resulting in a fast, uneven burn and a loose & disheveled ash. Bought at auction, for a buck each, these machine-made cigars are passable. However, on a tight budget, the better choice is the JRC Factory Throwouts Candela or, better yet, the JR Ultimate Candela. For true candela bliss, go for the La Flor Dominicana Double Claro or Ilusione Candela offerings. 2 5 1
Corona Grande This is a good cigar if you would like to try candela wrapper. All aspects are very nice ... Construction draw and slow cool even burn. I like this as a change from all the full body Nicaraguan cigars I smoke. Very tasty. JR runs deals all the time which is when I purchased them. Very happy. 5 5 1
Corona Grande Bought the Corona Grande because my father used to smoke the Bering Plaza and this might take me back to my childhood and teenage memories, which is when I started liking cigars. This Bering did the trick. Not only a wonderful candela (rarely found), but a fine old smoke with a pleasurable smell, taste, and draw. I will not stop buying other brands, but a trusty old friend is worth a box or two every year or so. I usually do not comment on JR, but I have been a customer of theirs for over 47 years going back to their original retail store in NYC and along Rt. 95 In NC. JR has always (well 98% of the time) delivered in service, quality smokes, and advice. OK, every once and awhile you get a stick that should never have left the factory and/or JR's warehouse (but what can you expect in these times) yet it is so rare that I should not even mention it. The only other place I purchase cigars is from an "old" Cuban roller in Miami who rolls a special blending for his long time regulars and these sticks are beyond anyone's dreams. But alas, he is in his 90's and I doubt this will go on much longer. 4 5 1
Corona Grande Nice even taste and solid construction 4 5 1
Corona Grande These Berings taste exactly like they did back in the 60’s and 70’s when they were the top of the line cigar of the working man. Available in packs of 3 in every candy store in north Jersey and also loose in boxes of 25 and 50 at every diner. Brings back great memories. Still a nice smoke. 5 5 1
Corona Grande I had gotten these as a promotion. Was quite enjoyable. Thank you again. 5 5 1


Corona Grande 6.25 × 46 BECG

The Bering Corona Grande cigar is an affordable and delicious mellow to medium bodied smoke that has been pleasing smokers everywhere for many decades. It uses a very special blend of tobaccos from four different countries, including Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. These premium tobaccos, covered, by gorgeous Connecticut wrapper, makes for a very special and flavorful smooth cigar with rich tasting notes of spice, nuts, leather, cedar, and coffee . Available in affordable Cedar Chests of 25.
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Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic/Honduras/Mexico/Nicaragua


Mellow - Medium


Cedar Chest of 25

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