4.5 36
Legato This smoke is very good but must like the big ring gage and it is a long smoke about 90 min to 2 hr 4 5 1
Legato Smooth cigar. It’s good for the price. Well built with a consistent taste. Try it out. 4 5 1
Legato The XO legato is def one of my top 10. With it not being hard to come by and decently priced it always has a spot in my humi 5 5 1
Legato One of the best medium cream and cedar flavored cigars. AVO is always quality and this blend is one of the best to pair with a traditional Irish coffee 5 5 1
Legato Light and creamy goes well with a light coffee or a cream soda. Perfect construction even though the ash wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. Very nice cigar. 4 5 1
Legato I had one of these beauties at the Davidoff cigar bar in Vegas and must say I think it’s the best cigar I have ever had. I keep a few for special iccasions 5 5 1
Legato Really nice. Smooth not too spice. Retrohale didn't kill my nose. Draw was perfect. Try it 5 5 1
Legato Avo do legato is one of my most favourite cigar from Avo factory Great construction draw build and tastes. Takenthe biggest format! 5 5 1
Legato The Avo is a mild smoke with a creamy texture and hints of caramel and sweet graham cracker like flavor. The burn line was a little wonky but still a solid blend 3 5 1
Legato This is one of the best cigars I have ever had. The perfect construction slow burn solid ash and amazing flavor makes this a top pick. Medium body with flavors of spice wood and nuts. 5 5 1
Legato This one is one that is okay for the brand but I still prefer other things in their line up 4 5 1
Legato Very nice little cigar with a thick smoke and nice burn. It has a cool minty taste and sweet finish. 4 5 1
Legato Love this line of sticks. They are constructed well and off complex but mellow flavor notes. I had mine with coffee and I feel it brought out all the flavor 5 5 1
Legato I XO this cigar! It starts off vanilla nutty a nice enjoyable spicy finish! This is s great anytime cigar! 5 5 1
Legato My opinion which everyone has one. All avos are great especially this one had a smooth taste easy draw and even burn 5 5 1
Legato The Avo XO Legato it's a pretty good stogie with cream spice and cedar taste. 5 5 1
Legato Cream citrus and a cedar flavor that increases substantially in the second half the of the cigar. Very mellow smoke. The smooth creamy body is what you would expect from Avo and the sheer quality of the cigar makes this stand out with its delicate subtle profile. 5 5 1
Legato Family Video very enjoyable starts off to you and meeting full flavor mellowing out to a medium flavor nice even burn very tasteful rap what are recommended friends 4 5 1
Legato Avo is definitely a treat! Beautiful cigar. Got a strong amount of wood on this cedar and smokey. Good stuff. Burned evenly throughout. Price for me can't make it a daily but grab one when they come. 4 5 1
Legato This avo is so so in the mid range not the best not the worst have to say worst is draw best is construction 3 5 1
Legato Great AVO quality I habe come to expect. No issues with the wrap or the burn and was consistent. Velvety smoke 5 5 1
Legato The big ol ring gauge is real nice on this series. Subtle hints of sweetness and a nice mellow finish 5 5 1
Legato This avo is worthy of the price but in my case reserved for special occasions a bit pricey for an everyday smoke at least for me but very enjoyable 5 5 1
Legato I bought these in a five pack box on sell from JR back in December. After I few months rest they weren't what I expected. Great burn and draw but super mild. 4 5 1
Legato Avo XO legato is great cigar from avo a lot of Good tastes leather peper and spices perfect build and burn 5 5 1
Legato The Ago XO Legato is a nice cigar with good taste and nice aroma. Good smoke output. 5 5 1
Legato Mild, consistent, well made cigar 5 5 1
Legato This is one top notch smoke. Very smooth and tasty. Extremely solid roll. The Legato last me about an hour and a half without having to relight it. Love these! 5 5 1
Legato Fine smoke 5 5 1
Legato I tried Legato and this is one of the great Cigar I had from JR. Cigars. All three position Build Sweetness and Flavor is great. I smoke nub, Olivia but Legato will preferable from this list. 5 5 1
Legato AVO XO Legato, 6x54: very nice (I miss Nat Sherman); my favorite size is 6x50. 54 ring is ok, no larger. 5 5 1
Legato For me, it has everything and lacks nothing. 5 5 1
Legato Ok 5 5 1
Legato In my humble opinion these are highly overrated. Didn't care for the flavor at all. 2 5 1
Legato great cigar i recommend and will buy again 4 5 1
Legato I've noticed a change in quality of the legato. The wrapper has more imperfections lately and the smoke is not as smooth. I think they are tinkering with the fillers 3 5 1

Avo XO

Legato 6 × 54 AVOXL5

The AVO XO Legato is a Toro lovers dream! It is perfectly crafted with a blend of fermented Dominican long-fillers that sit inside a luxuriously smooth Ecuadorian wrapper leaf. With notes of salty tobacco, cedar and sweet molasses, subtle hints of charred wood and earthy notes accompany each smoke, demonstrating why the XO is considered to be finest AVO ever produced. This true work of art comes available in packs of 5.  







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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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