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AVO XO cigars are a must-try for anyone that considers themselves a tried-and-true premium cigar connoisseur. AVO XO is a masterpiece from the iconic Davidoff Company that utilizes tobaccos that have been aged for at least six years. This 6-year-old blend is composed of Dominican long-fillers and a flawless Ecuadorian wrapper leaf that work in perfect harmony to provide a luxurious medium bodied smoking experience. Avo XO has a rich, highly complex flavor profile that is dominated by notes of salty cashews, cedar, and a sweet molasses, which is soon complimented by notes of charred wood and some earthy components. Captivating and delicious all the way through, the great taste, precise burn, and super-crisp draw, ensures a unique, and gratifying experience that only the famous Avo brand can provide.

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