4.200945626477542 423
8-5-8 Delicious creamy sweet cedar earth black pepper and leather notes. Always consistent and always test. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a well made cigar. The construction nice it has a nice draw and a perfect burn. 5 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favorite go to cigars from Arturo especially in Maduro! Nicely balanced and won’t break the bank! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Very decent stick. Price isn’t bad either. Peppery mostly with a dried wood and a slight sweetness. Gave me a bit of cotton mouth but not too bad. Would smoke again but not box worthy to me. 3 5 1
8-5-8 This rich flavorful smoke leaves earthy notes with a faint chocolate note lying softly on your palate. Very robust and rich. Not for the faint of heart. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Needs no explanation for those in the know about AF cigar family lines. Rock solid smoke that wiil be a consistently excellent every time you put one in your mouth and suck some fire through it! 5 5 1
8-5-8 The A F 8-5-8 is an average cigar from the Arturo Fuente family of Cigars. I purchased a five pack of 8-5-8 madurosand 2 of the 5 were to tight to smoke. But the other 3 were pretty darn good. They all looked to be well constructed but the ones I could smoke had the best earthy flavor. It produced a leather flavor as well with notes of nutty and a very slight spicy sweet and pepper flavor. The spice and pepper were so subtle that you could just barely pull these out because the main leather and earthy flavors were a lot stronger. The Maduro wrapper added the touch of sweetness that brought all of the flavors together. To me the 8-5-8 is the bottom line of the AF cigars I would still purchase more. With a glass of Scotch these cigars hit the spot. 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is my favorite cigar of all time. You can always count on the quality. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A buddy gave me one of these bad boys. I enjoyed it so much I bought a box. Gteat smoke all the way around 5 5 1
8-5-8 Have you had a bad Arturo Fuentes cigar? Of course not. Just smoked this cigar last week and ordered a box of them. That should tell how good they are. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is my buddy Hummer's favorite smoke! I have tried a few times and really enjoy the complexity of the flavors. I would give it an A or A+! 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a good cigar it is mild with good flavor it has good construction is good with coffee in the morning 4 5 1
8-5-8 More of a mellow profile man not my cup of tea but i can say it was a very well put together cigar 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a delicious smoke that has a complex blend of flavors. It has a rough and rustic Cameroon wrapper. It starts out harsh and bitter but then it gives nice nut pine and herbal flavors. It has a loose easy draw that is a consistent smoke. A really enjoyable cigar that doesn't start off well but finishes wonderfully 4 5 1
8-5-8 There once was a man from Nantucket His cigar was so long he could smoke it He wiped off his chin gave a big grin and said if my ear was a humador I'd put it in there 3 5 1
8-5-8 It a good smoke even for us lady’s it’s smooth and tasty ! Chalk full of flavor 4 5 1
8-5-8 This was my first premium cigar. Solid construction and not complex. It almost smokes itself. And as everyone knows the name Fuente guarantees a high level of quality in just about all of their cigars. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I love Arturo Fuente. All of them. The 858 is a classic but do yourself a favor and try the Hemingways. 4 5 1
8-5-8 It doesn't get any better....great cigar ! Flavor & consistency are outstanding. Top of the line for my money. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Initially I thought this smoke was missing something once I paired with coffee brought the cigar to life. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is definitely one of Fuentes signature smokes. Great flavor great burn and the qualtiy you would expect from the Fuente Factory 4 5 1
8-5-8 As always the 8-5-8 are great smokes. Fuentes are always consistent flavor is great even burn I truly enjoy them every time can’t wait to see them on sale and pick up a box 5 5 1
8-5-8 Not a huge fan of Fuentes. Keep trying them but no joy to date. It seems they always burn poorly and I have to fight them to get anything out of them. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Excellent construction mild-medium body great complex flavorus that change throughout the cigar. Just an enjoyable 1.20 hour smoke! 4 5 1
8-5-8 I cut my teeth on Fuente 8-5-8's over 30 years ago when a Cuban coworker turned me on to them. We used to buy them directly from the factory in Ybor City. Fla. They are as good today as they were then. I highly recommend these sticks 4 5 1
8-5-8 Lots of flavors. Can’t really ever go wrong with one of these if you’re looking for a lot of flavor with a great draw pick one up 5 5 1
8-5-8 If i had only one smoke to choose from this would be it great flavor and flawless construction makes this a must buy 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 8-5-8s are one of my favorite occasional cigars. It's a spicy smoke with notes of cocoa earth and oaks but occasional hints of cinnamon and cream. Heavy almost chewy smoke on the draw. Perfect even burn on almost every stick 5 5 1
8-5-8 I purchased my 1st 8-5-8 because of a review I read from Google. I must saw that it was nothing like what I read. It was better! I love this stick and will continue to purchase it! 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a great cigar! Chocolatey with a touch of pepper and coffee. Construction was nice with few veins. Wonderful draw on this one. Will definitely smoke again. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Instant classic from fuente fam cigar in a large format. Givr yourself plenty of time to savor this stick 5 5 1
8-5-8 Made with African Cameroon Connecticut Shade or Ecuador Sungrown wrappers Arturo Fuente cigars are well-made mellow to medium in body and beautifully constructed. Looks personality dependability....if only they could cook your dinner you wouldn’t need much else in this world. If you need a size recommendation the Arturo Fuente 858 has been one of the best-selling options for years. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Decent stick but nothing to write home about. The construction was decent but I had some issues. It's like most AFs on the market. They are decent and reliable but simple. 3 5 1
8-5-8 It’s a Fuente need I say more. Great flavor throughout Solid spice and warm earth notes without being harsh. Shows yet again why Fuente is a leader among makers 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar for the money. A few construction issues but with just a little age those straighten right out. Flavor is consistent and doesn’t turn bitter when getting toward the end of the cigar. One of my favorites! 3 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente went hard with this one. The filler and binding is amazing and the wrapper is nice and dark. It has a strong flavor and it is well worth the time. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a really good stick. I enjoy the flavors from these things. The build and the quality of tobacco is great 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is exactly what you would expect from a Fuente. Very consistant and worth every penny. 4 5 1
8-5-8 You can’t go wrong with Fuente Fuente! This is a solid everyday smoke at a great price point! 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of my Favorite Fuente cigars. This cigar does not hold back. It is bursting with flavor. A wonderful medium to full bodied cigar that comes in it famous box stacked in 8-5-8 fashion. Consistency is what you would expect from any Fuente Cigar. The draw flavor and construction is consistently at its best. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I LOVE brand Arturo Fuente. This is my favourite. I like this taste smell construction- Everything! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Never received this product out of stock? 1 5 1
8-5-8 Disregard awesome it’s impeccably full in the flavor profile is amazing. It is a cigar every aficionado should try at least once for me I keep it stocked all the time 3 5 1
8-5-8 This was the second box in a row that had poorly manufactured cigars. First two out of the box were center burners. The third one was a side burner. Fourth was much better. Too expensive to through away. 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is a must have cigar in any box smooth and enjoyable leaves you upset when it is done. If you have not had one it is worth a try 5 5 1
8-5-8 These are my go to for smaller shops with a poor selection. Usually available and a good smoke at a good price 4 5 1
8-5-8 Years ago I used to buy boxes of these both EMS and maduro. You can always count on these to have great construction draw and burn. Fuente is famous for consistency and these are. Tons of rich flavors and a smooth rich smoke. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Solid construction with a good draw. Nothing to big on the flavor department to make it stand out but a decent smoke overall 3 5 1
8-5-8 Great underrated cigar. Definitely worthy of an everyday smoke and it's well balanced burn and flavor make it! 5 5 1
8-5-8 I bought a box of these as they were a good deal. On the construction...I've had 2 now that were pretty dismal. The rest have been flavorful. I got them in Maduro..nice morning smoke with my coffee..compliments it well 4 5 1
8-5-8 My uncle loves this cigar and told me to try it. I found the draw is fairly tight and with light to medium body not that easy to smoke. Oily woody cedar leathery notes with mild honey sweetness smooth smoke. Overall a fair cigar 2 5 1
8-5-8 Love these. Great complex flavors all the way thru. Great for summer nights with a cold beer 4 5 1
8-5-8 I can give the 8-5-8 a 8.58 on a scale of 10. Good all the way through and consistent as you'd expect from fuente 5 5 1
8-5-8 Good flavor hard draw and won't stay lit. 3 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favorites. You can't go wrong with a Fuente and these offer great flavor and construction at a good price. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Couldn't ask for more 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a great cigar! I find myself comparing every other cigar to this one. 5 5 1
8-5-8 these are ok i smoke these maybe im just getting to use to them seems like not as good as before 3 5 1
8-5-8 A box of 8-5-8 Maduro is always in my humidorgreat cigar for the price. As a companion smoke a little shorter the Cuban Carona Maduro is always in the humidor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I have smoked these for over 20 years and I still love them. They are always on the top shelf of my humidor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 One of my Standard Fuente cigars in my humidor for a slightly longer smoke. . Always order the Maduro wrapper it holds up much better in our hot/dry weather. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I always want to have these in my rotation. Natural wrapper easy draw at a great price. Nothing fancy about this cigar. Just a good tasting every day smoke. It's a has to be good! 4 5 1
8-5-8 They sure know how to blend a great cigar. This is a nice smooth flavorful smoke. Very relaxing. Right from the start this cigar packs nice toasty flavors. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Anything made by the Fuentes is wonderful. 8-5-8 just brings a smile to my face. Flavor notes: salted caramel chocolate lite coffee. The draw is firm but not to the point where you think your head is going to explode. What are you waiting for....pick up an 8-5-8 and try one you will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is one of the famous maduros.Everything about this cigar is great.a nice blend of smooth flavors that combine for a wonderful experience. 4 5 1
8-5-8 These cigars are satisfying. Despite the wrappers having some cracks it held together well. These taste best to me at about the midway mark. Seems to me be a good price point but I'm new to cigars. The Ashton maduro has a more complex flavor profile. Curious to try other maduros. I seem to like them best. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great flavor construction and even burn. Well worth every penny you spend on this cigar. Will definitely buy this cigar again. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Classic example of the quality and flavor of feuntes cigars. Must have in any smokers humidor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A legend in the Cigar world. Anybody from a Prince to a Pauper would appreciate being given this smoke. Always good always consistant always what you expect from Fuente for a reasonable price. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I had some construction issues with this cigar but besides that I loved it. Great flavor with a lot of consistency. Recommended 4 5 1
8-5-8 Enjoy this in the maduro. Great consistent flavor. However the construction was not as good as I expected. May have been a fluke as I haven't had that problem with other 858's. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Razor burn through the entire smoke. Mild to medium smoke with a bit of spice in the middle. Good everyday after work smoke. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Love the 858! Nice draw and smooth smoke. Even burn and last about an hour. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Absolutely one of my favorite fuentes.... But lets be real. Is there such a thing as a bad fuente? 5 5 1
8-5-8 Really nice I know it sounds wierd but I taste rasins..always a great cigar 4 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente are very good sticks. I have never had a bad one. These have a nice flavor and draw. I like madero but good choice 4 5 1
8-5-8 I really dislike this cigar. I love Fuente but this one was not for me. Full of smoke and pepper flavor. Maybe that's your thing but not mine. 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is a nice smoke. I enjoyed it very much. Good construction flavor and draw 4 5 1
8-5-8 Well constructed consistent cigar. Rich leathery smell peppery on the tongue. If want a big cigar for a great price look no further 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great example of the fuente line I will will buy these for as long as they make them Great price and good cigar 3 5 1
8-5-8 You really can't go wrong with an 858 just picked up a box and can't wait to light one up. Plan on smoking one on the golf course 4 5 1
8-5-8 A dark and woody cigar with a very bold taste. Lasts quite a while and is very satisfying 3 5 1
8-5-8 Definitely a great cigar all around it was like me a few key elements with a little bit of a loose draw. But all around a great cigar with great flavor. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Fuentes 5-8 is a decent cigar. Not my first choice. Slightly bitter. Nice draw but I prefer the Ecuador wrapper 4 5 1
8-5-8 Amazing dark oily wrapper that has a great pre light aroma. Light up with dark roast coffee and dark chocolate with s bit of earthiness. Finishes with a dark roast coffee after taste. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I really enjoyed this stick. Smooth great construction. Burnt razor sharp. Smoked it all the way till it burnt my fingers 4 5 1
8-5-8 This 858 sungrown is one of my favorite sticks. A spicy almost maduro type Wrapper and absolutely a powerful stick. Sometimes hard to find so I usually buy a box a year to stock up 4 5 1
8-5-8 good cigar great everyday smoke for after work and has good flavor and wont break easily. has good draw and look. 3 5 1
8-5-8 I love all the Arturo Fuente cigars. The wrappers is vibrant and fresh. This cigar bleeds sophistication. Takes you back to the days when men were men and woman lit their cigars. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A classic Fuente smoke mild to medium with a creamy smoke hints of cedar coffee and earth. A standard of the Fuente line. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente does it again. I can always count on a Fuente when in a pinch. Great draw and construction with full flavor to match. After a long day at work nothing like enjoying a nice smoke like this one. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This cigar is ok.... That being said I feel the cigar lacks a nice draw and lacks how the cigar was constructed. The flavor was a tad dark for me. I'll pass on this one 2 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is not my kind of smoke. It is on the mild side and the burn is inconsistent. It has slight hints of pepper but I enjoy a more robust stick. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar it was bold and full bodied. It was well worth the price of the cigar. The construction and draw were superb 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 8-5-8 is a good maduro I loved the flavor and the long burn it is a nice size around my only complaint is that it starts a little weak but it get to burning slow and hot with in no time it is great to enjoy at a nice cook out with a little brandy 3 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente is a premier cigar that absolutely lives up to its heritage. Awesome build. Great smoke 5 5 1
8-5-8 I love almost anything Fuente. This one however just didn't do it for me. Though the construction was flawless the smoke was full and it burned evenly. It was just too spicy for me. Would recommend it and will try it again down the road. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente......what more can you say? This is one fine cigar made by the premier manufacturer of cigars. A smooth dark wrapper nicely constructed cigar. This cigar is of a bold profile that exudes fantastic flavors. Nice cool even burning cigar that will take some time to smoke. So be sure to a lot yourself some time to kick back and enjoy this excellent smoke! 5 5 1
8-5-8 This cigar looks like it tastes... Perfect and worth the money. Deeeeelesssh perfect with the bourbon and backyard 4 5 1
8-5-8 This cigar is one of the best values for the money in the game. Medium to full body chock full of earthy leathery tobacco goodness. I always keep a few of these arpund especially to share with friends . Sun grown is great also 4 5 1
8-5-8 A very pleasant size and smoke from the pre light to the light and every puff in between with a nice solid taste 4 5 1
8-5-8 Nice one. I Ana a fan of these and have had them in my humidor for a while now. I smoke them frequently and although not complex they are consistent. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I like this cigar. Very complex with a lot of spice. Very enjoyable. I would smoke this cigar again and I recommend this cigar to any aficionado. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Fuente has been my go to cigar pretty much from day one. Top notch construction and a nice even burn ever time. The 8-5-8 doesn't disappoint. 5 5 1
8-5-8 What can you write about 24K gold top shelf smoke. It has full flavor. I can't keep enough in my humidor. Again thanks to JRs everyone can enjoy at very reasonable price. Thanks JRs. 3 5 1
8-5-8 You really can't go wrong with any Arturo Fuente in my opinion. This stick isn't their greatest but did the trick and satisfied my craving for a cigar. 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is one fine smoke! A very special occasion type of cigar perfect pair with an Irish coffee. A beautiful toasty flavor notes of nutmeg at times maybe a toasted cinnamon slow draw stays cool through the nub light with wood only for the best optimum flavor! 5 5 1
8-5-8 One of my top 3 favorites along with Perdomo and LaGloria series R and N. Good to the last finger burning nub! 5 5 1
8-5-8 The construction in my opinion could have been better. Mine fell apart about mid way through but other then that all in all it was a good treat 3 5 1
8-5-8 Good small smoke for the money. If your short on time or out for a cruise it's a winner. I would definately recommend to any one looking for a flavorful smoke. 3 5 1
8-5-8 The 8-5-8 is a nice stick.. Just doesnt always agree with me. Makes me sick sometimes but its still just another fuente. No opus x or anejo but still really nice to enjoy from time to time 3 5 1
8-5-8 Fuente cigars have the most consistent draw of any cigar manufacturer. Quite simply they are the best. The 858 is a very good cigar even for an entry level Fuente cigar. There are other lines far superior but for the price point they cannot be beat! 4 5 1
8-5-8 A milder smoke than what I'm used to but delicious nonetheless. Easy on the palate with a smooth taste throughout. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Ive smoked many boxes over the years and they are one of my favoritesit's peppery and has a short semi sweetness about it and it's a smoke that you will allways go back to get seconds ofi love these cigars... 4 5 1
8-5-8 These things have great flavor. Nice slow even burn. With a decent draw sometimes a bit firm for me. 4 5 1
8-5-8 premium Dominican filler and binder are used with an excellent natural wrapper to generate wonderful flavors for the palette. You can also expect a an excellent slow and steady burn when enjoying this and other Arturo Fuente cigars due to the quality 5 5 1
8-5-8 Along with the sweet smelling tobacco wrapper and additional fillings once lit the flavors of the Arturo Fuente 858 conitnue to suprise and combine for a sweet overall flavor. When smoking the 858 the combination of sweet honey and cream flavorings combine to compliment the aroma of the cigar. One of the most important considerations when purchasing an 858 cigar the price point is usually lower than that of a cigar of equal flavor and construction; the Arturo Fuente 858 is one of the best and most affordable cigars on the general market in the 21st century. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Another excellent premium smoke. Well built and wrap and taste. Premium better higher priced but worth the money always 5 5 1
8-5-8 I smoke Fuente's all the time I prefer their Cameroon wrap cigars the 858 comes in three different rappers they are all very good smokes at a very good price 5 5 1
8-5-8 This was my go to cigar for a very long time. Nice and even smoke and burn. Good ash and a nice smooth draw each time. Started out bold and then evened out all the way to the end. Can't go wrong with an AF! 4 5 1
8-5-8 I loved this smoke. I happened to have it by accident I was looking for my Ashton. I found a new cigar to smoke in the meantime. It was pretty tasty I didn't care for the length. 4 5 1
8-5-8 There is a reason people like these cigars. They have great mild to medium flavor. The construction is very well done also. The one I had seemed to last a decent amount of time. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This cigar is fantastic! If there was a such thing as a perfect cigar this would be it. Perfect draw. Perfect consistency. I would highly highly recommend this cigar. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Many consider Fuentes king of the premiums and for good reason. Great aromagreat construction even burn. These are just like all other Fuentes amazing an definitely worth buying. Price tag may be a little steep for some but nobody beats the JR Price 5 5 1
8-5-8 What can be said about a fuente that hasn't been said before They are considered the kings if boutique cigars for a reason. Great construction even burn amazing flavor. They may be a bit price but no one will offer these premium smokes for a lower price than JR Cigars 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great mild/medium flavor and an overall great smoke! Whether amoking on occasion or amoking regularly this cigar is perfect for every use. 4 5 1
8-5-8 As far as I know with my small amount of knowledge this is on the cheaper side for A Fuente. I knew that going in to this smoke but came out amazed. It tastes great the construction was alright but overall was better than I expected 4 5 1
8-5-8 I love Arturo Fuente cigars and this one confirmed that for me. It's one of the better Fuentes I've had with a good draw and nice pleasant taste throughout. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a great cigar. Has lots of smoke holds a very nice ash consistent burn the first one I had had a jard draw the other 4 were very good and had a nice draw. To me it seemed like it had a bit of an earthly and a slightly spicy taste to it. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Heard a lot of good things about the 858. Been meaning to pick some up and being only $20 for a fiver on JRcigars I might get one of the Maduro and one of the natural. 5 5 1
8-5-8 You can't go wrong with a Fuente especially this one. Solid medium body full flavor and a consistent burn make the 8-5-8 one of the best in the core line. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I just smoked one last night . It was very enjoyable . Flavor was good but not amazing. The Burn and construction was on point. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Flavorful smoke but not great. Mine fell apart on me which caused it to be less enjoyable then I was hoping for but good flavor 4 5 1
8-5-8 Good smooth smoke. A nice tight oily wrapper. The midpoint is a good slightly spicey aroma and taste. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Tough to beat any smoke from the Fuentes line. This bold stick is a solid daily smoke that always has a place in my humidor! 4 5 1
8-5-8 I will damn near smoke anything by AF. Their sticks are always of the highest quality and taste great. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Nearly every AF I've smoked leaves my mouth full of pepper and spice. It's a distinctive profile. If you like Fuente's you'll enjoy the 8-5-8 - it's classically AF! 4 5 1
8-5-8 A dark cigar with a full rich flavor. I recommend smoking this on a full stomach or suffer the consequences. Subtle flavors and a treat to smoke. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Good and dependable stick. Also a really good entry into the fuente line of cigars. I always have some in my humi 4 5 1
8-5-8 Consity on this smoke is great. It's bold flavor and nice body smokes wonderfully. I would highly suggest this cigar to be in your humidor! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Nice wrapper but was tough on the draw. Good taste full of punch. Have had others that burned well and were enjoyable. 3 5 1
8-5-8 this is among the best of the handmades. This is a true aged handmade. Truly a smooth smoke great draw and construction. 4 5 1
8-5-8 As Fuentes go this one is one of my go to sticks at my local brick and mortar shop. It's pretty consistent and flavorful. They can typically be had for a price that for the quality is hard to beat. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The history of Arturo Fuentecigars is almost as rich and amazing as the 858 itself! Wonderfully dark cigar with a nice bit of tooth to it. Flavors of pepper and spices are prominent throughout with hints of cocoa and earth as well 4 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente is probably the most consistently good cigar manufacturer I have come across. This cigar is no exception. I didn't find a tremendous variety in the flavor it was consistently creamy throughout with a hint of spice. Very enjoyable would buy again 4 5 1
8-5-8 I love all Fuente cigars. It is one of the only cigars that has had sifficu staying together after I have cut it. The flavor is excellent and the draw is medicore. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Fantastic smoke. Perfect for chilling out with a good drink after a BBQ. Enjoy it you deserve it. Happy Friday! 4 5 1
8-5-8 I haven't had this one yet but it's the next one on my list to try.. I hear great things bout this cigar from friends. If Jr has it I will try it. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigars good flover great burn love this cigar 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always smoke them after s big meal 4 5 1
8-5-8 I loved this gar. It is a great go to if you want something pleasant and mild. Ill be buying a box to keep handy so I can always have a trustworthy smoke available. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I'm a huge full body Maduro smoker yet have really grown to love the consistenstancy of this smoke. Great quality smoke for after dinner with its slow steady burn and surprise flavor a throughout the burn. This well constructed stick will not disappoint anyone. Give it a try and I bet you'll come back for more. 4 5 1
8-5-8 What a great cigar. I'm a bif fuente fan and this cigar didn't disappoint. Full spixe flavor and smooth draw. I really enjoyed this cigar. My usual favorite is the hemingway. 5 5 1
8-5-8 858s are a good affordable smoke from AF compared to some of their other offerings. Flavors throughout of cocoa and coffee. Draw is fairly loose in my experience. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Very flavorful medium to full bodied stick. Draw was a little tough til about a third of the way through. Constructed well and stayed consistant. 3 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favorites and definitely a must try for any Fuente fan. Smooth and consistent flavor throughout with just a bit of pepper. Construction is always top notch and the burn is always great on these. 4 5 1
8-5-8 great smoke with good draw. although the flavor was a bit spicier than what I was expecting it fell in line with other fuente sticks - consistently great quality. would give this smoke a 7.5/10 4 5 1
8-5-8 I have never been disappointed with any Auturo Fuente I have smoked!! This is no exception and a frequent go to when all other choices are dubious! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Smooth and creamy at first light very likeable cigar for all. You get tastes of cedar and tobacco with flavors of mocha getting stronger through out. The end can get somewhat bitter but overall a great experienxe. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Another solid constructed cigar from fuente. I always think that they use too much glue on their cigars. It is a nice relaxing smoke for when you don't want anything too intense. Nice long filler. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is a solid mid-range cigar. Fine for the course when more expensive cigars will be under appreciated. Nice but solid (not particularly complex) flavor paired with adequate construction. You can do worse for sure 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great well balanced smoke. I keep this one for after a steak dinner on Sunday's at the lake house. Outstanding 4 5 1
8-5-8 I'll admit I hold a very sentimental feeling towards this cigar as it was one of my dads favorites before he died. The Medium strength couples very nicely with the complex flavors of the different leaves. This is an excellent premium cigar for any smoker. 4 5 1
8-5-8 If there ever was a classic cigar made this is it. Leather and tobacco with the slightest little pepper. I always keep a box of these on hand to travel or carry. Never want to miss a smoke-portunity! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great smoke never gone wrong with them. Great draw great flavor ... sweet notes ..a little earthy...just a great cigar... mouth is watering thinking of it 5 5 1
8-5-8 Not a memorable smoke but a top seller at my local shop. I thought it was enjoyable but nothing to write home about. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Well for starters let me say I'm a huge fan of the whole af line I've been to the Dominican republic on two different occasions and brought back my limit on both trips with that being said on of the best cigars I've enjoyed my times and have never been let down . Definitely a go to cigar and always in the humi 5 5 1
8-5-8 A go to cigar for any one well versed or just beginning the hobby. Easy draw with not the most smoke out put. Starts out very light with mild sweet tobacco then builds up a little pepper zing. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 8-5-8 is a solid cigar all around. Great construction good flavors and consistency. Pre light: leather and tobacco with a hint of earth. First third: light coffee on the retrohale and a nice earth and tobacco taste. Second third: little bit of a burn issues sometimes around this point but it usually corrects itself very evenly. Hint of a cocoa now with the previous flavors intensifying. Starts to move above medium to a medium full range. Final third: full in medium-full at this point. Loses the earthy flavor at this point and a full tobacco and leather flavor with a hint of coffee acidity here. Manages to stay pretty cool up to the nub. A well done cigar for a decent price. If you enjoy this one try the Maduro as well. Both good sticks. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Mild to medium body with sweet oily earth and coffee like flavors. Very smooth great for the morning with a cup of coffee. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is a great go to cigar. The the full flavor and well constructed cigar it is hard to go wrong. The notes last all the way through. Absolutely love this cigar. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar. Received this stick as a gift and just smoked it after leaving it in my humi for 4ish months. Great draw/construction and a very smooth flavor. Not one of those guys who writes about the flavors of earth and what not but I thought it was very good. Would buy again. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Well it is a Fuente so you know it will be good. Well this was as expected....a good cigar from start to finish 4 5 1
8-5-8 I love this cigar it has always smoked well and been filled with favors! The construction has had a few minor set backs but for the most part there are never any flaws on the cigar. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Fuente makes pretty good stuff and this is no exception. It's not a crazy complex stick it's not something that'll blow your socks off but it's solid. The smaller the vitola the better! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuentes are always great and highly suggest buying it they always burn very well and have nice flavors if you want to stick you don't have to think about too much this is the one 4 5 1
8-5-8 Omg the Fuentes have hit it out of the park as always. Top quality excellent construction flavor of cocoa leather and spicy oh so nice excellent paired with Sam Adams Boston lager and after dinner or for dinner lol 4 5 1
8-5-8 You can never go wrong with an Arturo Fuente cigar. The kings of cigars. Awesome flavor and consistency as always 4 5 1
8-5-8 Can't complain about the Arturo fuente it is nothing but goodness. The flavor is consistent towards medium bodied. If you like arturos other line make sure to try out this long stick. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This cigar is one of my favorite middle of the road cigars to grab. The flavors are always consistent and spot on. Look for woody tobacco flavors with some hay tossed in. The fuente construction is great and the draw has been perfect. I highly suggest these. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Hey Guy's and gal's if you order some Don Mateo 11's you wont go wrong next order you make get you a few and give them a try this stick is unbeatable ive been smoking cigars for years and this is a solid smoke for flavor and roll i haven't got a bad cigar yet allway's the same evertime and you can smoke these till they burn your lips it's a mild to medium smoke and a solid creamnutcarmel tasteno kiding it's a smoke for everyone even those that dont like cigars will tell you it's a cigar thats easy to smokeget you some the best 5 5 1
8-5-8 I was given one of these by a friend of mine. I can see why this brand has the reputation that it has. I did like with this one that it kept the same flavor because it allowed me to enjoy the cigar plus time with my friend. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Another great Fuente cigar. The strength to me was full but enjoyable. I paired it with some strong coffee. 4 5 1
8-5-8 A new recent fave of mine. Love me some AT 858s. Well constructed and full of flavor. Just the tie for me too. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Very well made cigar more of a medium to full body and a very good smoke I would definitely smoke it again if I had another 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is one of the first cigars i ever smoked from what i remember it had a great tobacco and hay taste 4 5 1
8-5-8 Very mild flavors weren't bad but weren't engaging. Construction was spot on no burn or draw issues. It's a great smoke for newer smokers or as a yardgar. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The cigar was rolled really well and had a great initial draw to it. The cigar started fairly bitter and then opened until to some earthy tobacco notes as well as espresso as I went through the first third and into the second third. As I finish out in the last third of the cigar a bitterness came back. I would smoke it again but would try to find something with a little less tobacco and earth flavor in it. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Another winner from fuente. The flavors are phenomenal changing constantly with each third. I only had to ash twice with a perfect burn. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Have to admit this is a great maduro. Chocolate and woodsy with a hint of spice. A fine addition to any humidor. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 8-5-8 comes in a Natural Cameroon and a Maduro Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. These smokes are mild and well-balanced. Fantastic value! 3 5 1
8-5-8 I picked up a five of these last week and was not disappointed. It's hard to find a better sitting on the porch after dinner cigar that wont break your budget. These guys are an hour to hour and a half of time well spent. 5 5 1
8-5-8 858 is a great stick. It's not very complex with mild transitions from pepper to a citrus cedar. As always the construction is incredible. 4 5 1
8-5-8 t won’t stop you in your tracks but the Arturo Fuente 858 Sun Grown is a solid smoke with a flavor profile that fans of Fuente products and sun grown tobacco will enjoy. It’s just an easy cigar to smoke and one that goes especially well with a cup of coffee. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Solid cheap stick. Spice and earth are predominant but don't expect any complexity. Good yard gar for any Fuente Fan. 3 5 1
8-5-8 These Arturo Fuente cigars are my favorite golf course cigars. I always head out with a pack of these cigars to share with my group. The ful-body consistent flavor has never left me wanting other than wanting another! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Awesome Cigar! Always has a consistent flavor and draw. And of course pairs great with scotch. 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favorites. I haven't found a fuente I haven't liked 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great smoke that was enjoyed from start to finish. Your not going to go wrong by getting a couple of these. 5 5 1
8-5-8 As always anything from this bramd is worth trying. I like it but haven't smoked more than one of them 5 5 1
8-5-8 I remember my first Fuente this brand is a must for any cigar smoker. Excellent quality with great flavor profiles. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I’m not really good at the whole review thing. But I recently had one of these bad boys at my local cigar shop.... it was my first Fuente and it has started me on a long journey of seeking for more. You can’t go wrong with Fuente 5 5 1
8-5-8 A great cigar to smoke. I've had many of the cigars and always enjoyed them. Everything I have had from this brand good 4 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente cigarettes ate fantastic and this one is no exception. Keep a 5ver of these in my humidor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The cigar is a bit on the mild side but has some pretty nice cedar flavor to it 4 5 1
8-5-8 Well what can you say about one of the worlds most popular brands besides they know what they’re doing. Stick for any occasion. 1/3 is peppery leather 2/3 is cocoa hay chocolate nutty 3/3 is earthy warm and heavy smoke 3 5 1
8-5-8 I have smoked A Fuentes for a long long time and they have in my opinion always been very good for the price 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great construction. Great draw and a beautiful consistency. Nice bold flavor. Great cigar pack with great punch 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is the guy was my go to for a long time other cigars since then have gotten my attention but it’s always a great cigar to smoke 5 5 1
8-5-8 What an outstanding gar! I be smoking on em all day loooongg he’ll yeaaaaa 5 5 1
8-5-8 Awesome cigar. Love AF offerings normally and this one does not disappoint. Definitely worth a try. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A Fuente what else do you have to say. Dark wrapper that leaves a nice pepper oak flavor on the end of your tongue. Perfect size . 5 5 1
8-5-8 Really good flavors of smokey and spices followed my a smooth java and creme almost a enjoyable complex cigar that is rolled awesomely and is a consistent smooth draw through the entirety of your smoke 5 5 1
8-5-8 So I had quite an enjoyable experience with this cigar I am slowly turning into enjoying a nice dark wood flavor which this cigar has in my opinion keep up the good work and give this cigar a try 4 5 1
8-5-8 The Fuente 858 is a quality cigar with a medium body taste. Not too heavy but definitely a good time. It's hard to beat the quality of a Fuente. 4 5 1
8-5-8 858’s are my favorite Fuente. Decent price considering and well made. A go to smoke. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a real cigar! You can’t go wrong with any Arturo Fuente! Nutty a bit of spice great with coffee! It’s a great afternoon cigar! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great construction the maduro wrapper is better in my opinion. But always a great mellow cigar 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great stick for what you pay. I would recommend to anyone. Nice taste and smoke 4 5 1
8-5-8 This cigar is one of the best cigars I've have had for a long time I will be getting more soon 5 5 1
8-5-8 Good draw even burn. Good Smoke I am not sure they make bad smokes. You should buy a box. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Consistent and bold without being too heavy or strong. The perfect mid range stick both in flavor and price. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This it the snoke that made me love cigars. Simplistic flagors easy to recognize perfect construction everytime. 5 years later and im atill buying boxes of it especially the maduro 5 5 1
8-5-8 Very nice smoke with a great draw like to smoke this stick every once in a while alwags a nice flavor 4 5 1
8-5-8 Deep smooth smoke lots of flavor and complexity. It starts rather mild and becomes a very nice full flavored cigar. Nothing you would expect from these guys 4 5 1
8-5-8 Good draw this cigar tends to be consistent. Decent flavor. Good for an afternoon smoke in a summer day in the shade! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Best in the Arturo Fuente line of cigars. Mild tasting cigar with a great flow. Love the silky sweet wrap. Truly a winner! 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a pretty decent stick. Fairly priced for a daily smoke. It's a super mild smoke with just a hint of pepper at the beginning and end. 3 5 1
8-5-8 I've never had a bad Fuentes 8-5-8. A solid medium-bodied smoke with consistent construction and draw. Great for personal enjoyment and to share with friends. 5 5 1
8-5-8 As with all Fuente cigars top notch construction and consistency. Flavor profile is decent but I prefer the Hemingway signature lineup personally. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This was the first cigar I got hooked on when I became serious about cigars. I smoked only the 8-5-8’s for years with nothing but a great smoke and constant quality every time! Fuente makes many many great cigars but the 8-5-8 is a classic! Still my go to smoke because I know exactly what I’m getting a great cigar! Solid construction long slow burn and is great all around whether it’s a sun grow. Maduro or Connecticut I have never been disappointed with this fuente cigar. Or any fuente for that matter. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I have never been disappointed by the A.F. line and the 858 in no different! 4 5 1
8-5-8 This was a surprisingly mild medium bodied cigar. Mildly sweet naturally from the Connecticut broad leaf wrapped. They did seem a little tight on the draw but that can be overlooked by the nutty peppery cedar like taste which will have you craving more. 4 5 1
8-5-8 My favorite cigar there is not a better cigar around for the price! Always a consistent draw and a great finish. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Solid smoke. Nutty earthy hint of cocoa. Not a flavor bomb but decent overall. Blah blah blah. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Really bold cigar. Great cigar all the way through. Would put more in my collection. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I haven’t met a Fuente that I didn’t like. These are my favorites. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The first real cigar I started smoking. Didn’t start off with the maduro, you’ve got to work up to these... once you get a taste for full body sticks, you’ll love these. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A tasty smoke! I happen to have one here,I really like these.I will definitely buy them many times again! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Very good cigar 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar for the price. You have them!! I've been a Thompson Cigar customer for years and have had 8-5-8's back ordered for at least the last 6 months and never received them! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Very good 4 5 1
8-5-8 Have had the natural but thought I’d try the Madura, good construction and draw but for a morning smoke prefer the natural. No issues. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar, ordered 5pack which came with a small boveda to keep fresh (humidified). I've smoked more expensive cigars but I've never smoked any that's BETTER! SERVICE AND SHIPPING WAS AWESOME! Jr Cigars is now my only source for premium cigars! Keep up the good work! 5 5 1
8-5-8 The best morning smoke in my stash 5 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favourite cigars and Arturo Fuentes is the best Dominican I've smoked. Good flavour draw was a little uneven but not that bad 4 5 1
8-5-8 These are a solid smoke and one of the most consistent I've ever tried. You can't go wrong with it! 4 5 1
8-5-8 First cigar I ever smoked. I loved everything about this cigar. It's so well made and burns consistently throughout. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great stick. Very bold flavor and smooth at the same time. Give it a try you won’t forget it. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a very consistent smoke smoke had a medium to full flavor. Not over powering but nice hard flavor. Has a nice burn and will have again. 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of my go to! A.F. Always produces top cigars and the 8-5-8 with coffee are 5 star! 5 5 1
8-5-8 It was a ok stick for me. The draw was tight till about halfway an I had to relight it twice however other than that I was happy with it. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Had my first one it was great if I only had one complaint it be it has a tight draw 4 5 1
8-5-8 I like the cigar but it falls short of a great cigar. Good construction but the smoke is a little harsh. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Well balanced well aged smoke. Smooth sweet Cedary taste.Its a must try very good smoke. I recommend too anyone 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great classic bold smoke. Beautiful dark rich flavor packed with spice and chocolate notes. The draw is impeccable and each cigar is consistent. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Very good cigar a little to pricey for me I had a friend give me one 4 5 1
8-5-8 This was definitely a cigar. There's no mistaking it for something else. Good flavor too 3 5 1
8-5-8 My first cigar ever was a Fuente. And this one here doesn’t disappoint. Warm bold flavors in a great construction. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Incredible smoke. Nutty spicy classic cigar. You get incredibly deep flavor and peak construction from an under 6 dollar stick. It’s not only a deal it’s really an amazing experience. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The Fuente 858 is a wonderful all around smoke. Excellent flavor with a hint of cedar and nuts. Very consistent. Never experienced an uneven burn. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo has a bold flavor and a nice burn. Wrapper is perfect The humidor is always happy when these are in it 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great smoke and has a great flavor to it. Love ordering these. Always love a good AF 5 5 1
8-5-8 Very Good stick. This is a little stronger than i what i usually go for but i really did enjoy it from light to nub. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Really great cigar Pretty much like all the arthuro fuente cigars. Actually got this one from a local cigar shop liked it alot. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A great entry cigar in the Arturo fuente portfolio. Reasonable enough to smoke every day 3 5 1
8-5-8 Nice stick burns well and even throughout. Little disappointed on the flavor. Thought it would a little more punch. Wrapper was a little sweet interesting. Good with a latte Sunday am cigar for sure. 3 5 1
8-5-8 One of the best cigars for the price point in the market. I have smoked boxes of these and have yet to have a bad one! 4 5 1
8-5-8 What a great stick it sounds crazy but for the cash hands down better than the Opus line. This stick is complex and sweet fruity chocolate like with a great smoke output and perfect burn 5 5 1
8-5-8 MEcuadorian-grown sun-grown wrapper leaf producing a slight natural sweetness complemented by a medium-bodied richness that's smooth and balanced. A consistent well-made handmade from the Dominican Republic.​ Arturo Fuente Sun Grown features a perfect draw with a long fruity finish also has a light cedar spice from the cedar wrap placed on every individual stick. 5 5 1
8-5-8 My favorite Friday smoke. Gotta love Fuente Friday when your lips are wrapped around one of these bad boys. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Can you ever go wrong with a fuente ? This stuck is great for all levels. 5 5 1
8-5-8 These are some of the best Fuente has to offer. Hands down. I would put them in opus territory based on value for the money spent on the cigar. Everything about this little gem is great. Buy a box... No a Case. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The 8-5-8 is probably one of the top cigars in the $7-$8 range. Not complex but with decent flavoring it will hit the spot. Construction is always on par 5 5 1
8-5-8 Draw was a little on the tight side but not a bad experience overall 3 5 1
8-5-8 One of the best cigar makers in the industry. A true Cuban legend that never sold out. This isn't the general cigar stole the name and is now making them. Them he is authentic. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar nothing but excellent construction draw flavor. Keep plenty on hand at all times. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Superb construction with excellent flavor. Treat yourself to this cigar. I have had to hide mine during family gatherings. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Excellent Maduro for the beginner. Mild but delicious. Was worried about smoking a maduro but now this is my 'go to' stick. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Probably my favorite cigar at this price point. Better than most that are priced within 2.00 a stick. Even burn. Typical D.R. flavor hailing from the Fuente factory. You won't be disappointed with these. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Smooth easy draw with a descent flavor and plenty of smoke. The ash was a bit lose though 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a delicious cigar. Smooth start to finish. Great flavor! Would easily become a go-to every day stick. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I like this cigar. U get all the quality of an arturo fuente as well as good price. Definitely an everyday rotation cigar. No harshness and just great flavor cigar. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Simply a delicious cigar! Great everything. Smooth and not bitter all the way through. Nice leather and cream flavor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Where have you been all my life. I am an Arturo Fuente fan however had never tried this cigar before. My mistake. The flavors draw and burn are what I've been dreaming of. This cigar is good whether you are doing yardwork or relaxing on the deck and everything in between. All the rest of my cigars may rot before I smoke them. Try this cigar. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I don't know what to say guys I'm really hoping that maybe I just got a bad one in the bunch but that was possibly the worst cigar I've ever had. Horrible draw skunky/rancid taste and the construction was shoddy around the binder like they were in a hurry and put too much glue. I'm sincerely hoping I got a bad one because my friends raved about this cigar because worth it but for sure mine just wasn't. It was properly humidified and acclimated to my humidor/temperature wasn't soaked or wet and otherwise maintained properly and received with no visible blemishes other that the shoddy glue work. Maybe I'll try another A. Fuentes sometime in the future but not in the near for a while; that was a horrible experience. 1 5 1
8-5-8 Very good smoke. Nice smooth draw and very good flavor. I love the aroma. I've been very happy with the Fuente cigars. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Would love to review BUT well I never got them. The rest of my order shipped but alas no Fuentes. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I highly enjoyed this cigar; one of my favorites 4 5 1
8-5-8 8 5 8 is a Fuentes It's lush and satisfying with a wrapper to die for How can a premier brand burn so poorly for decades? Tobacco from SeNile! 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of Fuentes lowest price cigars is one of its best. This is a great cigar. Great blend of flavors outstanding draw and construction. This is a winner in value. 5 5 1
8-5-8 These are such an amazing yet cheap cigar. They don't always look the best and a lot have glue all over them but yo they are tasty. 4 5 1
8-5-8 A wonderful cigar. Expert construction with solid ash and razor line burn. Packed with flavors of earthy wood and a touch of spice and cedar. Solid pick for a great medium body cigar 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great stick by Fuente. Nice flavor smooth easy draw and excellently well made. One of my go to cigars. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Good stick. Mild to medium in both strength and body. Very similar to many other arturo fuente blends which is a good thing if you love many fuente blends. Typical fuente construction and draw which is great as always 4 5 1
8-5-8 Love the flavors just wish they were more prominent. Love the nut and wood profile 4 5 1
8-5-8 Such an enjoyable smoke.. Good draw.. Burns nice. Nice flavor.. Order a pack of five to try.. On my next order I purchased some new (to me) cigars and also another pack of five.. My next order will be a box of 25. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This was skittle stronger for me but still good and the construction was a little tight at first but better with time 4 5 1
8-5-8 Very fine cigar. The size is a little big for my liking but this is a wanderful choice if you have the time to smoke it. 5 5 1
8-5-8 You know you can count on Fuente for a very good smoking experience. The 858 won't let you down. Perfectly rolled medium bodied this stick tastes great and gives off lots of smoke. 5 5 1
8-5-8 great cigar with lots of flavor. no burn or draw issues. construction was perfect. wonderful tobacco flavor throughout the smoke. 5 5 1
8-5-8 A full bodied smoke with a rich flavor to it. A very even burn and amazing with a strong heavy beer. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Draw has been a little tight on all my examples of this cigar but they've always had a great burn and good solid flavors. This is really a staple of the Fuente offerings and at a great price too. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The darker the better. Like a fine wine. These are great I love them. Just bought a box of them 5 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente is one of my favorite brands. The 8-5-8 is a close second favor of mine behind the Queen Bee. This cigar is very smooth and you can expect that out of every one that you smoke. Great brand and great cigar you cannot go wrong with this cigar. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Just burned this one last weekend!! Fuente' always surpases my expectations... Great draw ..only sparked it once and smooth sailing for a little r&r in the back yard 5 5 1
8-5-8 Any Fuentes you smoke will be a good one and this one always does the job. It is a staple in my humidor. Smooth consistent and flavorful. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is one of my favorite all time smokes. The sun grown is by far the best IMO. On par with Ashton VSG for a lot less. Pound for pound the 858SG is the best value of anything I've had. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I must admit it had a great draw full flavor. The flavor did come into play midway through the cigar. It was a little exceptional. I was impressed. I will putchase another one soon. 3 5 1
8-5-8 These are delicious! I even get a hint of cocoa and toffee when paired with a peaty scotch (like Laphroig or Lagavulin)! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Dark and solid draw. Smooth and consistent. Even pull leads to a good cigar for the price. Great stick for the money but plan to share because your friends will want one too. 3 5 1
8-5-8 The construction of this stick is out of this world the draw is so smooth it is unexplainable this stick has decent consistency and the flavor is nice as well. 4 5 1
8-5-8 My first cigar ever smoked. Got me hooked!! Nice even burn long burn time very flavorful. Very consistent cigars.👍👍 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a premium cigar. Fantastic flavor and aroma. The construction is that of the the highest quality. If you haven't had one I suggest getting one. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I tried one of these smokes a few days ago and instantly it fell in to my top 5!!! Words can't describe try one today!!! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Smooth from beginning to end and a favorite during football season that can set on the deck and be relit several times and still give that first lit enjoyment. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Very full flavored but good taste. It also had a great flow and draw. Good aroma and pretty even burn. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Loved these but they seemed to vary significantly from one stick to another. Could have been me but I dont think I would have had such a different opinion with the stick being different. It was great but slightly worse or better stick to stick 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of the best cigars on the market. Very well made nice even flavors with suptle spice. This cigar makes for a relaxing evening. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente cigars are absolutely one of if not the best cigars made Always consistent quality on construction and draw. Always a pleasure to smoke. 5 5 1
8-5-8 One of my all-time favorites both in EMS and Maduro. Superbly consistent construction draw and flavor. I still need to give the Candelas a long-term test. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Bought a box of these and was not disappointed. A little heavier smoke but still mild enough. A definite recommendation. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is always a bold cigar. They can finish a little bit hot with a peppery aftertaste. Great for someone who likes a Maduro wrapper and the extra flavor a bold cigar brings these are large 4 5 1
8-5-8 I liked the flavor of this cigar how ever I did not like that it would start to side track well smoking it had a good draw on it 4 5 1
8-5-8 For a consistently good smoke this is my Fuente of choice. I usually go for more economical cigars but when I am able to splurge and am in the mood for a Fuente I can count on this one to deliver a solid base hit. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Not an overly complex smoke but reliable and consistently delicious for a modest price. Always has a place in my humi. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a big boy smoke. Even if you don't end up liking the flavors you can use it as a hammer handle! jk!! Really nice consistent draw well worth a try. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Love AF smokes I had this cigar a while back and it's a great smoke. Nice flavor nice draw. Good all around stud to sit back and relax with 5 5 1
8-5-8 It's a good smoke; on the golf course and lastly nearly the whole time; even a couple of buddies wanted one 4 5 1
8-5-8 AF is one of my go to brands. I can find these while on vacation if time permits me leisurely smoke if not I pick up a short story. Great cigar. Never been disappointed. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is a great medium body Ned spice cigar that is a classic. The cigar has the typical AF leather and coffee notes I have always enjoyed. Almost anyone can enjoy this great cigar. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Fuentes are some of my favorite smokes. Really smooth always well constructed and just makes you feel like a big shot when you smoke em. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 was a greatly constructed stick from a great company but for me the flavor was a little too bold. I'm not quite on board with it just yet but a good smoke for the bolder smokers out there 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is one of my favorite go to smokes. It has the classic Fuente taste and aroma. Always consistent. I've never had a bad one 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favorite cigs. Wish that the wrapper would be a bit lighter color. It's great quality and reasonable price. Perfect size too. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8 remains one of my favorite cheap smokes. The taste is delicious and complex providing a welcome change from beginning to end. The construction may not be 100% but an uneven burn and a slightly loose draw are a small price to pay for a fine-tasting cheap smoke such as this! 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is also a very good cigar any Arturo Fuentes I have ever never disappointed me . I liked every one I had 5 5 1
8-5-8 Always enjoy Fuentes but this left a lot to be desired. The draw was lacking and the smoke volume wasn't enough for my tastes. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Great everyday cigar. Very affordable smokes. Construction is great like the rest of the Fuente line. Flavor is pretty good as well. Would recommend picking up a box. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Good smooth smoke. A nice tight oily wrapper. The midpoint is a good slightly spicey aroma and taste. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Allows me to experience a great cigar on special occasions with family and friends. The flavor and aroma are appreciated by everyone who partakes. can't go wrong. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Amazing cigar with a price to match. I have always enjoyed this cigar it is the quality you expect from Fuente . smooth easy draw great tastes of earth tones and spice. I usually have this cigar when I've had a good day and want to end it on a good note. Worth the buy! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar that is perfect for any occasion. I've been keeping a few for a special one like buying a new house. Perfect with a rum and coke. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Excellent draw and burn. The Maduro wrapper is both sweet & adds complexity to the smoke. Especially enjoyed the last half of the cigar as it took on its full character. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Like almost every other Fuente it never disappoints. Consistent flavor and body. Good every day smoke. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar. Has a very good flavor solid construction. Never had a problem. I recommend this cigar 4 5 1
8-5-8 Bought these off recommendation form a coworker. Very full robust colorful cigar. Impeccable construction that Bly comes from quality brand cigars such at these. 4 5 1
8-5-8 A strongly flavored cigar with hints of spice. It was an excellent and slow-burning smoke that was over all enjoyable. The construction was excellent it was tightly rolled and densely packed. Over all an enjoyable smoke. 3 5 1
8-5-8 A classic smoke that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think full bodied. Nice smoke and burned real nice. Good smell. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 is truly an amazing cigar n. Just like ALL the cigars in the Arturo Fuente line of cigars. The Arturo Fuente cigars are rich in history and majestic in flavor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This Arturo Fuentes 8-5-8 is a fantastic cigar. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy one of these with two friends while out on a night of fun. They asked me to pick from the myriad selection of cigars at this whisky bar and I selected these. Everyone had so many complimentary things to say about them. It made me happy. Great smoke! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Another solid stick from Arturo Fuente. A bit more mild than I would prefer but all around a solid complex smoke. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigar!! Smoked one every day for the longest time. A Beautiful draw that has some Cocoa and a hint spice. Starts a little strong but mellows out to a smooth medium smoke. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I love this cigar. Very nice bold leather earth and spice. Then it changes up when you get to the last third. This is one of my all time favorites. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I have found an unexpected fondness to The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Cigar. It greets me pleasantly when I revisit it. It has not disappointed me when I am desiring of its characteristics. Such a cigar could not. It bids me a fine farewell. It is lovely when it is at its best or up to par. A choice cigar amongst a comparative selection. 5 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is a nice size but best with the sun grown wrapper. The Cameroon is usually my favorite but seems grassy on this stick. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Consistently good cigar. Wonderful flavor and not overly spicy just a good all a rounder. I would recommend. 4 5 1
8-5-8 One of my all time favorites. The Cameroon wrapper is toothy and flavorful. Construction is very good and the feel of the cigar in your hand and mouth is great. The box is awesome as an added benefit. There is a good reason that I bought these to pass out for my first son's birth. I knew they wouldn't disappoint! 5 5 1
8-5-8 I have never been disappointed with a Fuente and this one won't let you down. Great flavor good draw and lasts a good long time. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great everyday cigar for the cigar enthusiast. Good flavor with a touch of sweetness finished off with a bit of a bite. Worth the money and time to smoke. Enjoyable with a cup of coffee or a good bourbon or scotch. Very versitile cigar. I recommend the 8-5-8 sun grown as well. If you like smoking maduro this is a strong cigar as well. 5 5 1
8-5-8 One of my favorites. Fuente has some of the best cigars out there and this is one of them. The price is on point for it to be an everyday smoke. 8-5-8's are where it's at and I highly recommend them 5 5 1
8-5-8 Fuentes need I say anymore one of my favorites when I can afford to splurge. Always smooth consistent and good. Burns great taste the greatest I put these out and re- light later because they are so good I just can't get enough of Fuentes 858 expensive but really worth it 4 5 1
8-5-8 What more can you say about Fuente sticks? This is another great smoke that's deserving a spot in any humidor. 4 5 1
8-5-8 These guy are one of my favorites got hooked on them while overseas great all around smoke anytime everytime 5 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 is a solid mid-range cigar. Fine for the course when more expensive cigars will be under appreciated. Nice but solid (not particularly complex) flavor paired with adequate construction. You can do worse for sure 4 5 1
8-5-8 Strong notes of pepper and coffee. Fairly consistent stick the Putin was nice and even throughout the whole cigar. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I don't ever remember having a Fuente I didn't like. The 8-5-8 is no exception. It's not a full strength smoke but it is rich in flavor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Just ok for the name and price I was expecting a lot more to this stick. I love the higher end Fuentes and just can't justify the price to flavor ratio on this one. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Absolutely one of my favorite cigars. I prefer the Sungrown version over the others but none will dissappont. A great medium full with exceptional smoothness 5 5 1
8-5-8 Writing a review for this stick is pointless! It just has to be smoked! Arturo Fuente is a mastermind.. This is just another beautiful smoke from start to finish a gem and never a let down when lit.. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Huge fan of this cigar. Picked up a single a few weeks back and definitely need to grab a few more. Just a consistently pleasant smoke the whole way through. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Back in the early 1990's this was my favorite cigar. I would go to Jernigan's Tobacco in Pittsburgh and smoke the hit out of these babies. 5 5 1
8-5-8 I have always enjoyed the 858 cigar. Over the years I have always kept these cigars in my humidor as they are a wonderful smoke. I find these cigars to have perfect draw and are always consistently made and have really great taste. I highly recommend the 858 to anyone looking for great cigar. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is my favorite affordable Fuente cigar. The flavor profile is a smooth medium smoke that you'll want to enjoy again and again. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Now this cigar had some great flavor. Nice full draw and very good consistency. Got this one as a gift and I keep trying to hint for more. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Milder than expected but with suddul pepper. Decent smoke out put. One every now and then but i wouldn't personally buy a box. 4 5 1
8-5-8 For the price you can't beat it. Fuente makes some of the best cigars out there and this is no exception. Get ready for Maduro goodness 4 5 1
8-5-8 Good earthy consistent smoke. The flavor does not change much throughout but it has a good traditional tobacco flavor. Great for an every day cigar. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Great go to cigar for occasions when sharing with friends and family. Price keeps me from smoking everyday but not too much to enjoy often. 4 5 1
8-5-8 These cigars are a great go-to sticks. Good flavors and nice transitions. Hard to beat. I always keep a few in my humidor. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Leather and a ton of pepper newbies beware this is not a faint stick. The pepper can be overpowering at times and you should definitely eat something beforehand. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I was getting notes of chocolate with nuts mixed in. Excellent tasting cigar with good draw and construction. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Very tasty affordable cigar. Notes of cream leather and cedar. Not overwhelming or complex but a very nice mix of flavors that would provide a good experience for inexperienced and experienced smokers alike. 4 5 1
8-5-8 it tastes exactly as great as you would expect. it smoked easily and I didn't have to relight it even once. main flavor was woodsy notes and a little bitterness. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This classic blend definitely delivers. Great stick end to end and burn was awesome. Cold draw had hints of leather. Smoke was smooth and hard slight pepper and coco notes with the hint of leather. Would smoke again 4 5 1
8-5-8 Can't go wrong with fuente! Solid. Smooth. Great construction. Very consistent between cigars. Fuente is the king of the NC realm in my opinion 4 5 1
8-5-8 From what I've had of these the essential Fuente flavor holds true in a thinner viola that I can appreciate. Goes above and beyond a normal everyday smoke but has the price point to be one. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great Cigar.. Lots of flavor and very smooth. Very good burn line and not too strong. Overall a great stick 4 5 1
8-5-8 No matter who you are this is a great cigar! Beginners are wise to start here for the milder strength without compromise of flavor. Well balanced and well constructed this is a very good cigar. 5 5 1
8-5-8 This is a good inexpensive smoke. Consistent quality and burn throughout. Very medium body and flavor. Perfect yard gar Or for giving to friends that don't smoke offer but you want to have good quality 4 5 1
8-5-8 A nice dark cigar that was a great midday smoke. The draw was a little more restricted than I generally like however this cigar still produced large amounts of spicy sweet and earthen smoke. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Named after old man Fuenete from the age he passed (85) its your typical Fuente pepper. I prefer mine with some age to mellow out some of the imperfections 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is a consistently good cigar. Medium body good flavors. Particularly good for beginning smokers though any cigar smoker will appreciate it. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The 858 was a decent smoke a little strong for my taste and was a little bitter at the end. A decent draw and well made it is a solid member of the family of smokes. I would have this with a good craft beer. 3 5 1
8-5-8 The cigar was rolled really well and had a great initial draw to it. The cigar started fairly bitter and then opened until to some earthy tobacco notes as well as espresso as I went through the first third and into the second third. As I finish out in the last third of the cigar a bitterness came back. I would smoke it again but would try to find something with a little less tobacco and earth flavor in it. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This was one of the very first cigars I smoked outside of the swishers of the world. A guy in a great cigar shop in Denver recommended it and I've been hooked ever since. Could just be nostalgia but this is my go to cigar or just about every occasion. 4 5 1
8-5-8 My buddy brought over a grip of these for us all to try out. I don't normally find a lot of flavor in Fuentes but this one kept me happy for almost 2 hours. 3 5 1
8-5-8 Maybe i had a bad stick which happens from time to time but i was pretty disappointed with the Fuente 858. Looking at it there was shiney glue all over the wrapper. The flavor was not all that consistent. I would try again if the opportunity arose but there are so many other cigars out there that i love or haven't tried that it will be a long time. 2 5 1
8-5-8 The best flavors to describe this cigar are caramel cream and a tasty brown sugar like sweetness. It has an underlying twinge of sour Ness like a lemon or lime tone. It's an amazing cigar and can be had for a solid price point. Would highly recommend! 5 5 1
8-5-8 A very good smoke. Arturo Fuente always puts out a good cigar and this is no different. 4 5 1
8-5-8 This is the best value Fuente you can buy the cigar has some of the best flavor construction and draw you can get at a bottom dollar price. Buy these by the box! 5 5 1
8-5-8 Always have some on hand. A great cigar for all occasions and it is priced well too. I tend to favor more full bodied sticks but when I want to have a cigar without much pretense this one really fits the bill. Great for handing out to friends. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I LOVE Arturo Fuentes and this one no less. The 5-8 is a solid cigar with great construction and a nice smooth draw that is worthy of your palate 4 5 1
8-5-8 A solid medium bodied Dominican smoke. These are leathery and sweet and available in multiple wrappers. The natural and maduro are delicious but the sun grown is a cigar that tases better than smokes at twice the cost! 4 5 1
8-5-8 Got to love the 8-5-8 honestly a great stick for the price lacking a lil bit in the flavor department but consistent construction and solid value make this stick worth buying 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great flavor and construction. Explore the various wrapper options they all bring something different to the table. 4 5 1
8-5-8 The cigar plugged up on me really bad about 1/3rd through. Up until that point it was great. It had a nice bold flavor and even burn. The plugging up really hurt it though. 3 5 1
8-5-8 This is one of my top five smokes at a great price. The construction is flawless. The first 3rd is full of leather and pepper. The ash holds well and is nice and tight. I'd rate it an 8/10 and for the price you can't do better. 4 5 1
8-5-8 I really like this cigar. Its my 'I have 40-minutes to smoke' choice for the past 15-years. Its never bad. If I have a complaint its that over the years I've progressively segued into the Toro-size and I'm finding the 8-5-8's corona-esque dimensions a bit small and hot-burning. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Very excellent cigar 5 5 1
8-5-8 I don’t often write reviews for anything but I’m happy to do so now. Every transaction and every cigar I’ve purchased from JR Cigars has been exceptional! Prompt delivery and best prices I’ve ever seen. My recent delivery of the Arturo Fuente 10 stick sampler is incredible! Construction is very solid. Flavor is enjoyable to say the least. Thank you JR! 👍🏼👍🏼 5 5 1
8-5-8 This use to be my go to cigar back in the day, actually when you had a store in fairfield Nj. Stopped buying them because of the $, not the same, the great flavor that i use to love is not there, it use to have a great nutty earthy taste. Maybe my taste buds have change but was not thrilled with the purchase. 2 5 1
8-5-8 Arturo Fuente is an exceptional superior brand. Never had a bad 20. Definitely a premium brand. Very enjoyable cigar. It’s nice when you have a line of cigars that are all excellent 5 5 1
8-5-8 Always my favorite 5 5 1
8-5-8 i wanted maduro and they almost always on backorder 3 5 1
8-5-8 Great 5 5 1
8-5-8 If you like AF cigars, jump on these when they're in stock. 858 are straight burning, flavorful gems. The maduro wrapper gives them a "sweeter" note than the camis. 5 5 1
8-5-8 My fave! 5 5 1
8-5-8 All the maduro stuff from Fuente is good when you can get ‘em. Wish it wasn’t sold out or back ordered so much. 4 5 1
8-5-8 Great cigars. Good flavor 5 5 1
8-5-8 A fantastic morning smoke,well balanced and full of flavor. 5 5 1
8-5-8 Good draw,smells great and very enjoyable. 5 5 1
8-5-8 not worth the money 4 5 1
8-5-8 This was probably the 1st time I have smoked a cigar from Arturo Fuente even though I hve been enjoying cigars for over 35 years. It won't be my last. Price has kept me away, but with the right deals price becomes less of a draw back.It was a very nice smoke . 4 5 1

Arturo Fuente

8-5-8 6 × 47 AF83

The classic Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Maduro is an enormously popular size from a legendary brand. Intrinsic mixtures of dark spicy notes meld beautifully with this Toro’s rich nutty core. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25 cigars.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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