Al Capone Cigarillos

Blues 3.50 × 20 AGACBL

Named after one of the most infamous mobsters of all time, Al Capone Blues 10-pack cigars offer a quick getaway from your busy day. Made from the company’s signature Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed short filler tobacco, the cigars are finished with homogenized tobacco leaf binders and genuine all tobacco wrappers. Dry cured with no need for a humidor, the cigars sweet and spicy medium bodied profile offers a smooth, and delicious 3.5 x 20 smoke that you can enjoy with members of your family during a sit down, or when the moment calls for a quick and tasty cigar break. Available in a super affordable 100 count box right here at JR Cigar, these criminally delicious stogies will become your favorite companion for golfing, yard work or running (legal) errands.

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Natural Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf


United States



10 Packs of 10 (100 total)

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