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Named after one of the most infamous criminals of all time, it’s only right to smoke something that pays homage to the gangster’s fast-paced lifestyle. These Al Capone cigarillos are the perfect size for a man who’s constantly on the move.

Made from short-leaf fillers from the Condega, Jalapa and Esteli regions of Nicaragua, these medium-to-full-bodied cigarillos are perfect for quick breaks, lunches at work, or when you simply don’t have time to burn through a full-sized cigar. What they lack in size, however, these small Al Capone cigars certainly make up for with their full, rich flavors.

Available in a variety of wrapper leaf flavors, these Al Capone sweets are dry-cured and make an excellent addition to any smoker’s day-to-day life who wants a sweet, flavorful cigar.
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