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Matt Booth, a jeweler by trade, created the Room 101 cigar brand to compliment his silver accessory line of the same name. More of a lifestyle than simply a brand, Room 101 quickly became popular with cigar smokers around the world. And as a thank you to his supporters, Matt Booth created this, The Big Payback cigar.

In a word, this commemorative cigar is big – big in size, body, and flavor. As a Nicaraguan Puro, it is spicy, but balanced by a savory combination of bitter coffee, inviting wood, and smooth leather. Light up Room 101’s The Big Payback to discover a perfect draw and burn that you’ll enjoy straight through to the luxurious finish.

Available in three sizes (5x50, 6x60 and 7x70) – all of them larger than the average premium – these medium-full bodied smokes are an incredible value and available exclusively in bold boxes of 10 through JR Cigars. If you’re looking for a first-class cigar at an affordable price, accept Matt Booth’s sincere thank you with The Big Payback cigars.
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