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West Coast hip meets Far East tradition when jewelry designer and cigar visionary Matt Booth creates his enormously popular line of Room 101 Cigars. With the creativity of an artist and the bulldog persistence of a Marine, where he proudly served, Matt, uses only the best fully aged Central American tobaccos to create his unique modern and edgy blends. Room101 cigars came onto the scene in 2009 and has since amassed a portfolio of top-notch blends that include the Farce series featured in both Connecticut and maduro wrappers, the rare limited edition Ltd Conjura, Room 101 HN, San Andres, The Big Payback, and Doomsayer. Room 101 has the perfect cigar for everyone that wants to step out of their comfort zone and experience an entirely new style of smoke. When shopping online at JR Cigar for your favorite premium smokes, be sure to add a box of Room 101 cigars to your cart and discover the Matt Booth difference.

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