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Nick Perdomo has proven to the premium cigar world many times that patience is a virtue. And he has done it once again. One day Nick was in the factory cultivating premium tobaccos just as every other factory does on a daily basis. The big difference is that this particular crop wouldn’t be seen again for twelve whole years. Now, after over a decade of waiting, we finally welcome Perdomo Double Aged 12-Year Vintage. Perdomo uses a two part aging process. First, the leaf is bale-aged for ten years, and then it is fermented in oak bourbon barrels for another two years. The faint bourbon remnants that remained in the barrel result in a taste that is exceedingly flavorful. Underneath this lightly bourbon infused Connecticut wrapper, lays Nicaraguan long-fillers especially grown on the rich volcanic soil found on the Perdomo farm. These aged beauties have been fermenting since 2001 and boast exceptional texture and aroma. Once this medium-bodied cigar is lit, a slight spice permeates the nose and palate followed by distinct nutty flavors and lush volumes of smoke. The cigar finishes with subtle hints of bourbon that have imbued the leaf during the aging process, creating a luxurious smoothness that rounds out this perfect smoke.

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