A cigar Blunt is a cigar that is wider than a cigarillo and not quite as wide as a Corona. These cigars typically consist of two main parts; the inner leaf, which is crafted with all short filler tobacco and a thicker outer wrapper leaf that is made from homogenized tobacco, a process where tobacco scraps are ground up, mixed with cellulous pulp and water, then stretched and rolled in a large sheet like paper. A special machine mechanically applies this synthetic tobacco covering over the filler.

The original cigar Blunt was first manufactured in Philadelphia in the 19th century. This broad cone shaped stogy with a pointed tip was given this name to differentiate them from other cigars with a standard shape.

Being a short filler smoke, Blunts burn much more quickly than their long filler premium cousins. Some can be smoked in about five or ten minutes, whereas a premium (depending on size) can take considerably longer to burn. The Blunt, along with most other machine made cigars are either already cut or have a hole in the cap so they do not need to be cut.  Many serious enthusiasts enjoy them because they are a very affordable and flavorful smoke that they deem their favorite shape.

Please note: manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the crowd often give the standard Blunt shape a different name. However, if it meets the shape and size category it will be discussed as such.  

Possibly one of the very first cigar Blunts to grace the scene would be the White Owl Blunts. Founded in 1887, this classic smoke is mild in flavor and has a lot earthy sweet notes.

When you think of the term “Blunt” quite often the most famous brand comes to mind- that being the legendary Phillies Blunts. Named after their birthplace in the late 1800’s, and said to be one of the first produced, these little gems are now crafted by the legendary General Cigar Company in their huge domestic factory in Selma, Alabama. The filler consists of a blend of mild-smoking Dominican and Honduran tobaccos with a homogenized wrapper and binder. A classic in every sense, Phillies Blunts are beloved for their deep, earthy taste and hints of natural sweetness, and thick musky aroma.  

Founded in 1916, the El Producto Finos are one of the oldest and most popular machine made smokes that is still in production in the United States. Mild in flavor, these stogies deliver a very distinct old school earthy tobacco taste that its loyal minions have been craving for close to 100 years!

Another enormously popular cigar that falls into this category is Dutch Masters Corona de Luxe . First produced in 1911 the Dutch Masters brand has earned the reputation of being of the most popular and best-selling machine-made cigars in America, with the Corona de Luxe being its flagship size and shape.

A popular fan favorite across the pond, English tourists simply love the King Edward Imperial. Even with genuine Habano’s at their disposal back home, they raid every tobacco shop in the States in search of them. They do cost a fortune in England, but it still says a lot about the quality of the brand. The Imperial has unique, earthy tobacco flavors with subtle hints of sweetness, and a toasty aroma. For a machine made cigar, this is one of the tastiest cigars out there today.

Named in honor of William Penn, the Quaker leader who fought religious oppression, and founded the colony of Pennsylvania, comes the popular William Penn Perfecto. Also paying homage to the “Cheese Steak” state, like the Phillies brand, The William Penn Perfecto has a classic musky bouquet that evokes those childhood memories the cigar your grandpa was smoking when he bounced you on his knee, and then gave you your first shiny quarter.  An earthy flavor with hints of pepper and spice remain consistent throughout the smoke, and offers a surprisingly satisfying cigar tobacco taste.

A huge resurgence of the Blunts popularity came in the 1950’s when  The Muriel Magnum and the rest of the line was made famous by singer, Edie Adams wife of the legendary cigar-smoking comedian, Ernie Kovacs when she launched the —“pick one up and smoke it sometime radio and TV ads. The Magnum is still a top seller today thanks to its delightfully smooth, mild flavor and naturally sweet aroma.

As of this writing in 2016, the cigar Blunt is still a best-seller in the machine made cigar segment, and many younger smokers are taking pleasure in smoking the Tampa Sweet Perfecto, and the Swisher Sweets Blunt. Both made by Altadis USA- one the finest makers of handmade premium, and domestic cigars on the planet!

Tampa Sweet Perfecto may be one of most complex cigar Blunts to date. This refined Blunt consists of a mild-bodied, subtly sweet blend of quality Colombian and Italian filler leaf wrapped up in a smooth pale brown homogenized wrapper. Creamy smooth and very aromatic, this cigar really hits the spot you need a quick and satisfying smoking break.

Not to be outdone, the Swisher Sweet Cigarillos Perfecto is another top-quality offering from the folks at Altadis. Teeming with rich sweet tobacco flavors and a soothing aromatic aroma, this is one flavorful little Blunt you will definitely find hard to put down.

Two brands from Garcia y Vega that deserve mentioning are the popular Garcia y Vega Game and Garcia y Vega Game Leaf.

Garcia y Vega Game offers the choice of all tobacco leaf wrappers available in both natural and candela shades.  By breaking away from the standard non-aromatic selection that made this marque famous, modern smokers can now savor Game’s gently infused lineup of scintillating dessert and fruit flavors, all individually foil wrapped for freshness.

One of the best-selling brands of machine cigars in the United States since 1882, Garcia y Vega remains at the top of the charts with their newest entry, the Game Leaf. These rustic looking Clint Eastwood style cheroots, paint the town red with four awesome flavors- Cognac, Natural, Sweet Aromatic, and Wild Berry.

Yes, I know, neither one of these top-quality line extensions have a blunt size, but knowing the ingenuity of this great company, don’t be surprised if you see one in the near future!