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Tried and true classics, Swisher Sweets cigars have remained one of the world’s top-selling machine brands since the Swisher company’s first introduction in the late 1800s. When the world’s first rolling machines were developed, it was Swisher that first utilized them to increase their production to brand new heights.

The start of selling machine-made cigars allowed Swisher to cut their prices by nearly half, and the brand became host to some of the world’s most popular cigars in under a year. They are simply a well-made, great tasting, and affordable cigar brand that will never go out of style or let you down, and are still available in the classic and original all-tobacco blend.

The Swisher portfolio has grown significantly over the years to include a variety of mouthwateringly good and luscious flavors like chocolate, cherry, peach, and other exotic flavorings that will appeal to smokers with a sweet tooth. Famous for their classic cigarillo sizes, the top-notch Swisher Sweets cigars are also featured as Blunt, Corona, Perfecto, and Giant vitolas for those of you who prefer a larger ring gauge.

Sold in a wide range of packaging that can fit any aficionado’s needs, such as boxes of 60, various sized pre-sealed packs, and cartons, all Swisher Sweets cigars offer a highly satisfying mellow bodied smoking experience that is second to none. Swisher Sweets Leaf, Swisher Sweets with tips, and many more options will be yours to savor and enjoy.

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