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Tried and true classics, Swisher Sweets is one of the most popular brands on the market with a presence in virtually every tobacco retailer in the country. Since the brand’s introduction in 1958, Swisher Sweets have won over palates with their sweet and smooth taste, flawless machine-made construction, and consistent quality.

Swisher Sweets are the flagship for Swisher, which itself is nearly 100 years older than the Swisher Sweets brand. In 1861, a wagon merchant from Newark, Ohio named David Swisher procured a small cigar business as a debt payment. At the time, the cigars were just another item for the traveling salesman to offer customers as he travelled throughout the Midwest.When cigar rolling machines were introduced, and Swisher was among the first to use the ground-breaking machines to produce cigars. Swisher turned on its first cigar rolling machine in 1924, and by the end of the decade Swisher was on pace to produce over 100 million cigars per year.

Swisher also seemed impervious to the Great Depression of the 1930s. While countless businesses were slashing their workforce, Swisher never stopped bringing people in to assist in its massive operation. To further attract workers, Swisher was also among the first to offer child-care services for its employees, opening up one of the country’s first daycares on the top floor of its Jacksonville building in 1939.

The start of selling machine-made cigars allowed Swisher to cut their prices by nearly half, and the brand became host to some of the world’s most popular cigars in under a year. By the time Swisher Sweets were introduced in 1958, Swisher already had a commanding presence in the machine-made cigar category. Along with its famous King Edward brand, Swisher was making millions of cigars each day for the insatiable masses. Today, Swisher is a behemoth with offerings in every sector of the tobacco business, including handmade premium cigars with its purchase of Drew Estate.

Famous for their classic cigarillo sizes, the top-notch Swisher Sweets cigars are also featured as Blunt, Corona, Perfecto, and Giant vitolas for those of you who prefer a larger ring gauge. The classic Original is still a favorite among adult consumers across the country for its smooth, sweet taste that can be enjoyed for a fraction of the time and price as a full-sized handmade cigar.

The Swisher portfolio has grown significantly over the years to include a variety of mouthwateringly good and luscious flavors like chocolate, cherry, peach, and other exotic flavorings that will appeal to smokers with a sweet tooth. These aromatic offerings provide a top-notch change of pace from the more traditional flavors of handmade premium cigars, making them the perfect treat for quick breaks.

Sold in a wide range of packaging that can fit any aficionado’s needs, such as a box of 60 Swisher Sweets, various sized pre-sealed packs, and cartons, all Swisher Sweets classic offer a highly satisfying mellow bodied smoking experience that is second to none. Swisher Sweets Leaf, Swisher Sweets with tips, Swisher Sweet Mini Flavors, and many more options will be yours to savor and enjoy.

Swisher Sweets are simply a well-made, great tasting, and affordable cigar brand that will never go out of style or let you down. Find your favorite Swisher blend right here at JR Cigar and have them delivered to your door fast, fresh, and sold at the best prices on the web. Place your online order today and enjoy over 160 years of history and experience!

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