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Sports Blunts Peach great product but hard too find classic Sports Blunts Peach. but JR cigar has them !!great 5 5 1
Sports Blunts Peach Very good 5 5 1
Sports Blunts Peach A moderately priced machine made flavored cigar. 25-30 minute smoke. Very mild, easy draw. A box will last me a year or more. Don’t expect complex flavors exiting the senses but if you are a casual smoker like me and not a hi-folutin cigar aficionado, I think you’ll enjoy it. Cubans are too strong for me and I can’t find Quevado cigars anywhere. The peach Flavoring is a bit strong at first but tolerable. 4 5 1

White Owl

Sports Blunts Peach 4.75 × 42 WOSP40

White Owl Sports Blunts Peach cigars put a flavorful spin on the famous original blend. My top-choice when a refreshing stogie break is in order, the sweet taste of Georgia’s favorite fruit mixed with quality, short filler cigar leaf, offers a highly fragrant and very satisfying smoke.
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HTL Indonesia

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States



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