Avo XO

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Avo Cigars is a well-respected brand amongst the cigar community, and for good reason. Their founder, Avo Uvezian, has proven he is committed to making each cigar a wonderfully flavorful, unique smoking experience for both beginners and aficionados. The Avo XO, considered by many to be the best of Uvezian’s non-limited release cigars, is no exception.

Using a perfectly crafted blend of fermented Dominican long-fillers and a luxuriously Ecuadorian leaf, the Avo XO cigar is a true work of art. Its flavor profile is dominated by notes of salty tobacco, cedar and a sweet molasses, which is then complimented by a subtle charred wood and earthy smoke – captivating and delicious all the way through. The precise burn and super-crisp draw of this unique, inviting Avo cigar ensures a gratifying finish you won’t soon forget.

The Avo XO’s lusciously simple flavor profile makes this cigar ideal for a morning smoke after a cup of coffee or following a light lunch in the afternoon. When you want a medium-full bodied cigar with some tasty nuances, the Avo XO is the perfect one to spark.
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