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Perfecto The best machine-made cigars 5 5 1
Perfecto Wm. Penn. use to be a fine seegar in.1950s All tob. Long filler. Havana filler. but sadly.due to greed by Cigar Co. it is garbage. sad but. true. ,. We demand our cigars to come back. to quality 1 5 1
Perfecto These are individually wrapped and about 6 out 50 had worm holes. I don't own a humidor, these came from factory this way. One was totally destroyed (like a termite damaged board) on one side and couldn't even be lighted. Other than that I love these. Yes, i would order again because they're still a great, mild fast smoke for breaks at work. 1 5 1
Perfecto I know I shouldn’t have expected a lot. I was looking for a replacement for swisher perfectos since they seem to be no existent anymore. These have a cardboard taste. I wasn’t impressed by any means. I really miss Tampa Sweets. 2 5 1
Perfecto Not bad for an everyday knock around. For an inexpensive cigar the flavor isn't bad but you are getting what you paid for from a slightly fast burning cigar. 3 5 1
Perfecto bought these hoping they would be close to the King Edward Imperial.,,,,they're not 3 5 1
Perfecto Very smooth, nice texture and flavor 5 5 1
Perfecto He is enjoying them, but You guys are always out these days of the ones he really enjoys. These are more costly, like everything else. 4 5 1
Perfecto I am forced to buy these due to my preferred cigars are always sold out or back ordered ( Swisher sweet perfecto ). These are a little stronger, but the price is ok for now. I am hoping that Swishers become available soon. 4 5 1
Perfecto In comparison with a Swisher Perfecto, these are slightly longer with a slightly smaller ring gauge. They are also not as firm to the touch. They have a better draw and burn slower. They are subtly sweet with minimal sweetness applied to the tip. The flavor is nutty and a little more full, and less chemically. If you are a fan of Machine Made cigars, give these a go! 5 5 1

William Penn

Perfecto 5.25 × 40 WPPE

Named in honor of William Penn, the Quaker leader who fought religious oppression and founded the colony of Pennsylvania, the famous William Penn Perfecto is a budget-friendly cigar that has been pleasing smokers for many generations with its enticing aroma and rich, mellow tobacco flavors. Today, this legendary Perfecto remains one of best-selling machine-made cigars on the market.

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