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New Yorker I smoke cigars with a group of other cigar lovers. I’m sometimes kidded because my cigars don’t cost $10 to $15. I’m asked if I can’t tell the difference. “Certainly I can tell the difference. And the difference simply isn’t worth the cost” I enjoy a more expensive cigar when I smoke them. That difference would be worth, say, another dollar or so more than a New Yorker. But the difference sure as heck isn’t worth anywhere near another $9 to $19! I’m quite satisfied with the White Owl New Yorker cigars. 4 5 1
New Yorker I smoke machine mades during the day. These cost less than a dollar a stick and taste better all other machine cigars. They burn evenly and slower than other brands. I buy them regularly from JRs. They arent dry tasting but rather, have a pleasant nutty flavor. Give them a try. Really. 5 5 1
New Yorker Really not bad for a machine made cigar. Mild yet tasteful. Stay lighted and not a bad purchase for the price 4 5 1
New Yorker Great, keep up the good work! 5 5 1
New Yorker These smokes are nothing fancy, but in the world of machine mades, they are thr best. It's a homogenized wrapper and binder, and chop filler - but the taste is mellow, nutty and flavorful. Great aroma, too. Chances are good that if you grew up in the era when we could smoke indoors at most establishments, you've probably smelled a White Owl New Yorker wafting through those public spots many, many times. Classic smoke, and still at a fair price. 5 5 1
New Yorker i liked them 4 5 1

White Owl

New Yorker 5.50 × 42 WONY

This is one of the most popular and best-selling classic machine-made brands in the USA. White Owl New Yorker cigars are jazzy, flavorful, and full of enjoyable and satisfying tobacco tastes. Extremely affordable and reliable, and are available in units of 10 packs of 5 (50 cigars total) for you convenience.
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