4.469387755102041 49
Gran Toro Another Connecticut wrapper by Drew Estate cigars. Not the best cigar but one I can enjoy 4 5 1
Gran Toro Great velvety smoke. Fantastic after taste and even better burn. Smoked a few of these and never had any issues in terms of flavor or consistency. 4 5 1
Gran Toro This is one of my favorite mellow cigars. It’s extremely easy to smoke so this larger toro size isn’t perfect you have more pure pleasure to enjoy! 5 5 1
Gran Toro Undercrown shade toro is that what drew estate have Best great cigar looking goregous taste best 5 5 1
Gran Toro Amazing flavor packed light body stick. The toro smokes for about an hour and 15 min and never ceases to amaze me. Highly recommended! 5 5 1
Gran Toro Better than the Gordito to me but I’m still not a fan. DE has seemed to go down hill quality wise over the last couple years and this was a good example of that. One note flavor (to me anyway) and lots of burn issues. 3 5 1
Gran Toro These gorgeous sticks are amazing! A must in every humidor! The Maduro is just as delicious! 5 5 1
Gran Toro My go to for anything and anytime I’m out in the yard working. Just perfect for that 4 5 1
Gran Toro I love the under crown but I’m a bit more Partial to them adores the sewing room was not my favorite little bit to help 3 5 1
Gran Toro After a night out my wife and I will sit out on the deck and enjoy a Undercrown Shade I have shared some with friends and it has become a favorite of theirs. Terrific with a snifter of brandy. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Undercrown Shade has to be one of the best Connecticut on the market today. However don’t be fooled cause it is a a solid full body flavorful stick. 5 5 1
Gran Toro This undergrowth shade grand Toro is the best in my opinion great mild to med flavors great burn and awesome draw 5 5 1
Gran Toro What a great smooth stick great creamy flavor wonderful draw and beautiful ash. Everything I want from a mild smoke. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Another great Drew Estate cigar. Thick flavorful smoke. Even burn good ash draw was easy consistent through to the nub. I keep some in my humidor all the time. 5 5 1
Gran Toro These guys know how to come up with a good blended cigar that will for sure not disappoint 5 5 1
Gran Toro One of the very few CT blends I really enjoy smoking right now. Classic DE quality and flavor packed in this one along with perfect construction and solid flavor this one won't leave you hanging in the morning day or night. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Absolutely another great cigar from Drew Estate. Loaded with great flavors of earthy cedar with a sweet creamy coffee. Absolutely top of the Drew Estate line. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Very well built and no issues lighting and staying lit. Didn't get as much flavor as I'd like from this one. Good earth and spice but on the blander side. Maybe I had a bad one but I'd try something else.. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Construction was great but flavor was lacking. Cigar was unexpectedly far too mild to the point of being very bland. 4 5 1
Gran Toro The undercrown shade gran Toro is a. Great stick loaded with flavor really nice smoke any time of the day. Right below the liga in my estimation. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Slightly uneven burn soft rolled stick made it uncomfortable to hold felt like there going to smash flavor ok even though it mid to full 3 5 1
Gran Toro This shade-grown connecticut is a great mild cigar - the silky-smooth body maintains its character all the way down to the nub and the flavor stays pretty consistent. If you are looking for a connecticut or just something mild these new undercrown shades are the way to go. 4 5 1
Gran Toro This toro is a great one! Woody spice chocolate with a splash of coffee! It ends with a spicy finish 5 5 1
Gran Toro One of the best constructed lighter smokes I’ve had in a long time. I do plan on purchasing a box of these guys and I typically like a fuller smoke. Very pleased 5 5 1
Gran Toro The shade might be lighter on flavor but sometimes that is exactly what you want. Just easy smoking and relaxing. 5 5 1
Gran Toro If you’re a fan of Connecticut wrappers this is a must try. Nice and smooth. Perfect for golf. 4 5 1
Gran Toro The Undercrown Shade Gran Toro is a great mellow cigar to fill the box with 5 5 1
Gran Toro Smooth and almost citrusy. Above average connecticuit. Connies cant deviate from the usual suspect profile thus they have to be done right. This one has that slight distinct taste to separate itself from the others. Good cigar. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Undercrown robusto shade sungrown is a amazing cigar for all occasion Looks one of the greatest taste are amazing and construction is goregous one of the Best cigar 5 5 1
Gran Toro Great medium body cigar. I bought couple samplers and really enjoyed this cigar I would definitely recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Gran Toro Box arrived in cello wrap but cigars inside were dry. Trying to revive them in humidor. 3 5 1
Gran Toro The shade grand Toro is an excellent mid morning smoke with some coffee and a donut you can't go wrong. The sweet honey along with a hint of white oak and a buttery smooth finish. 4 5 1
Gran Toro The undercrown Shade Gran toro is definitely more gran than the Undercrown Shade Toro. But still too mild for me 4 5 1
Gran Toro Real mild morning smoke with good flavors still. Won't wow you but still not a disappointment 3 5 1
Gran Toro Very much in love with this cigar. It has a truly unique and diverse taste that I feel gives me a great and new experience each day. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Smooth! Nice draw and an all around great smoke. I had a little extra cash and searched do a high quality cigar I could afford and this one caught me eye and I'm glad it did. Nice and mellow with no bite. I highly recommend this smoke. 5 5 1
Gran Toro A great mild to medium blend The shade is well constructed and an excellent choice. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Smokable but not kind of a sour-bitter aftertaste. 2 5 1
Gran Toro I like the shade as much as the maduros or sun grown 5 5 1
Gran Toro All of the Undercrown series cigars are exceptional. 5 5 1
Gran Toro These cigars have been a favorite of mine for quite a while now. I do give these to guests that don't smoke daily or even occasionally and haven't had anyone that is willing to have a cigar not like them. Will be buying these again!! 5 5 1
Gran Toro great 5 5 1
Gran Toro What a great cigar. It's rated as 'medium' strength, which kept me from buying previously because I prefer a stronger smoke but this is a nearly perfect cigar. It's the Goldilocks of cigars.....not too strong and not too mild, just right. Highly recommend this for it's flavor, draw and burn. Not too hot, holds its ash and has absolutely perfect draw. 5 5 1
Gran Toro I love these sticks!! They are good to me from the patio relaxing to a day on the water. Definitely recommend! 5 5 1
Gran Toro Most Drew Estate cigars are too strong and barnyard-tasting for me to enjoy, but this is an exception. As always with Drew Estate, construction is excellent, with very good draw and smokability, right out of the cellophane, so there is no need for a drying time. First few puffs are very mild, with a sweet tobacco taste, but the flavor builds gradually, adding an earthy element at about the midway point. The earthiness definitely takes over, and the Nicaraguan barnyard taste begins to increase, until it is the predominant flavor. The sweetness stays part of the taste right to the end, but it does get pretty rough near the end, as Nicaraguan cigars seem to do. I wish all cigars were rolled and aged as perfectly as these, and that Drew Estate would make some Dominican cigars, and show the Dominican brands how to properly roll and age cigars. 4 5 1
Gran Toro recommend the cigar very good quality and flavor 5 5 1
Gran Toro Smooth even smoke with consistent burn. By far my favorite. 5 5 1
Gran Toro A very nice cigar, good flavor. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Mild to medium, smooth and creamy finish 5 5 1

Undercrown Shade

Gran Toro 6 × 52 LPUCTGT

The follow-up to Drew Estate’s original Undercrown line, the Shade Gran Toro is a lighter bodied offering, featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper a Sumatran binder and Dominican Criollo, Nicaragua Criollo and Corojo fillers. This complex blending of the Drew Estate Undercrown Shade Toro offers warm and tasty notes of sweet cream, nuts, and toast, with subtle hints of warm spice and honey. Sold in boxes of 25.

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Ecuador Connecticut Shade


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua




Box of 25

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