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Bonito The Tatuaje Tattoo Benito is a good cigar with plenty of flavor decent smoke output. 4 5 1
Bonito I’ve gone thru plenty of these and haven’t been disappointed one time. I’d smoke these as a daily. 4 5 1
Bonito Consistent from size to size. Tattoos are very affordable everyday smoke. It has great value and can stand up to any cigar. 4 5 1
Bonito I'm a sucker for a great bellicose O smoke. This one definitely delivers whether you're using it as a golf cigar a yard cigar or even the best C are you have you will not be disappointment 4 5 1
Bonito The tattoo is consistent from sample to sample. These also happen to age very very well and smooth out. They are very affordable. I suggest picking g some up and aging long term. 4 5 1
Bonito the tattoo bonito was awesome great leather and bold smoke will say this one will catch up on ya 5 5 1
Bonito The draw on this one was tough. I couldn't get it to pull very well. It tasted fine but I was let down with the draw. 4 5 1
Bonito For the price I thought this cigar was pretty impressive. With excelleny construction draw and flavor. Worth the money spent. Pete Johnson is the man. 3 5 1
Bonito Not my favorite tatuaje cigar but still very nice smoke smooth with a near flawless construction and razor-sharp burn notice of earth and spice throughout not terribly expensive either would recommend 3 5 1
Bonito Spice with a little bit of nutty creaminess this cigar is amazing and has a great price point. Try this one. 5 5 1
Bonito The complete tattoo line is one of my all time favorite cigars this just happens to be my favorite size 4 5 1
Bonito This is a great torpedo from Pete Johnson. This might be the best cigar in this line. I love the way the smoke is funneled into your mouth creating a creamy flavor and aroma 4 5 1
Bonito Not a bad smoke at all. Well constructed nice even burn and some really good flavors. This is one I'll pick up again from time to time. 4 5 1
Bonito This was one that I also did not know what to expect and when I smoked it I sure was glad I had it 4 5 1
Bonito The tattoos is an affordable Tat that should fit any newer smokers palate that may be branching off into stronger blends. 3 5 1
Bonito Seriously... Smoke this now! It's a fine cigar with an equally amazing price point! It's worth far more than it's selling for but let's keep that between us! 4 5 1
Bonito Prelight: Smoked this stick with 42 days of humidor time and a straight cut to ~0.25 inch opening. Received this for free from Andrew at Small Batch Cigars as a Reddit /r/cigars contest prize. The thick dark brown toothy wrapper had a mild tobacco scent. The prelight draw tasted of mild sweet tobacco and earth. Draw was a little more snug than I am used to but still good (I could have taken another snip off the cap if it was a problem). Paired with Courvoisier based on the prelight draw flavor. It was a good pairing. First third: Right after lighting and through the first third the core flavors were a brown sugar sweetness moist earth and dry cocoa powder. Ancillary flavors that came and went draw-to-draw included peat and sweet maple sawdust. This struck a great balance with sweet high notes grounded by earthy flavors. The mouthfeel was full and round but not necessarily creamy. Burn performed well through the first third. Second third: The same sweet earthy and cocoa flavors more-or-less persisted through this second third. However the complexity increased substantially with the addition of a salty leather (and occasionally salted meat) note. Burn needed one small correction after the ash fell off after ~1.25 inches and canoed in a few places around the half inch mark. Final third: The beginning of the final third was a pleasant albeit simpler assemblage of roasted almonds and leather. However after the ash fell for the second time the flavors became acrid and charcoal-like quickly. A sip of Cognac after drawing revealed some espresso-esque flavors but it was otherwise unenjoyable and I elected to toss the stick with ~1.5 inches remaining. Verdict: I can see why this stick is so highly recommended around /r/cigars. It seems to have enough depth to appeal to an aficionado but the flavors are also accessible to a palate-in-training. The thick wrapper lent this great flavor but also caused a few burn issues. Overall I would call this excellent 91/100 and I would recommend trying if you haven't already. Personally I will be on the lookout for a well-priced fiver. 4 5 1
Bonito Nice stick with a beautiful wrapper. This one get even better with a little rest in your humidor. Toasty and spice 3 5 1
Bonito This was a nice sit back and enjoy with your choice of Scotch kind of smoke. Even draw and burn. Nice aroma and slightly sweet finish. Loved it. 4 5 1
Bonito My favorite vitola of this blend is the Caballero (robusto size) but the belicoso is almost as good. Overall I thought the ring gauge was just a little to big for the blend in this size. 4 5 1
Bonito The tatto line is wonderful. These have become a go to smoke. Great flavor draw and relaxing. Pick one up and give it a try. 4 5 1
Bonito Nice mellow cigar. Paired it up witj a cold IPA and it was an excellent evening on the porch. Really suprised since I didn't know much aboutthese 4 5 1

Tatuaje Tattoo

Bonito 6.12 × 52 TAJTB

The Bonito is a boutique-blend Figurado made with choice aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos finished with a luxurious Ecuador Habano wrapper. Medium in strength and brimming with flavor, this Cuban-style smoke is a special treat. Packaged in a box of 50.

Note: Please be advised that Tatuaje Cigars is currently experiencing a box production shortage. Products may come in bundles.

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Box of 50

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