3.9545454545454546 22
Cojonu 2012 I’ll smoke these for special occasions they’re that good. I’ve had a few marinating in my humidor waiting for the right time. 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Fuller bodied smoke. Very flavorful! Definite aging potential! One of the better offerings from Tatuaje. 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Best cigar i've smoked in a very long time. I've been holding on to about a dozen of these for for five years and was so surprised at how well they've aged. Amazing 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 This 2012 is amazingly creamy. This might be one of the best cigars I've ever had. Have been eating it for about 4 years and it has taken on a life of its own 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Tatuaje is one of my favorite brands. And this is my favorite cigar that they make. Very good looking cigar. No burn issues. Great flavor 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 It's hard to review what you don't receive. 1 5 1
Cojonu 2012 This broadleaf beauty is an amazing cigar and is one of my favorite tats that are on the market today. These slow burning bad boys last a while and they always have excellent construction. This is a must try. I prefer the Broadleaf Reserva over the Sumatra but the 2012 is a great cigar 5 5 1
Cojonu 2012 this tat 2012 was not my list of fav this on just didnt smoke good and flavs were just not there 2 5 1
Cojonu 2012 It was a good smoke for the most part but I prefer the Sumatra wrapper 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 This little suckers are quite tasteful and there is something about them that makes me want more 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Recommended to me by the tobacconist. Loved this stick. Have to buy a box. Rich and bold. Just my style. 5 5 1
Cojonu 2012 This is one powerhouse of a smoke about 1 and a 1/2 hours burn time we'll constructed great flavor I've got 2 in the humidor resting 5 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Great smoke lots of great flavors and very well balanced. Notes of leather coco coffee and cream. Flavor bomb that's smooth and complex. Not a cheap cigar by any means but you get what you pay for. 5 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Great cocoa coffee and sweet tobacco flavors. Well worth a purchase or two or maybe even a box full. 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Tatuaje Cojonu is one of the greatest cigar from tatuaje cigar vollection. Cigar is not a cheapest one but cigar os worth any price. Goregous! 5 5 1
Cojonu 2012 The Tatuaje Reserva Cojonu 2012 is a great cigar with plenty of flavor I do miss having these. 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Apart for a crazy burn due to the construction the draw was good. Spice and sweetness all in one. 3 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Wonky construction but great flavors. Medium to full body with berry licorice coffee and chocolate. Really a good cigar. 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 The cojunu broad leaf has excellent dark sweet and zesty flavors. Though I have had some construction issues the flavor is always excellent with these cigars. 4 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Nice cigar with a smooth taste and a long lasting draw. Deep construction and a great finish. Very happy with this cigar it has a spicy finish and fruity grassy taste. Very nice with red wine. 3 5 1
Cojonu 2012 A fantastic full bodied smoke the Cojonu 2012 broadleaf is everything you could want from a cigar with this wrapper. Perfect construction and smoke for days you need to try this cogar 5 5 1
Cojonu 2012 Nice full flavor cigar with pleny of flavor. Burned nice and even. Lasted a long while and went well with my bourbon. 4 5 1

Tatuaje Reserva

Cojonu 2012 6.50 × 52 TAJCB

Tatuaje Reserva Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf is a satisfying smoke of biblical proportions! Well, maybe we got a little carried away, but at least we got your attention! The Cojonu is an unforgettable cigar that explodes with rich, earthy flavors, making it another amazing Pete Johnson creation. Full of the finest aged filler and a hard-hitting stout broadleaf wrapper, it is packaged in a box of 25.

Note: Please be advised that Tatuaje Cigars is currently experiencing a box production shortage. Products may come in bundles.

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