4.529411764705882 17
Cherry Love this place😁 5 5 1
Cherry very good 5 5 1
Cherry Making the order was simple. Received the order in a timely fashion. 5 5 1
Cherry I can not say enough good things about JR Cigars. The product we order is almost always in stock, it's shipped right away and the cost is so much lower than buying them in the stores. 5 5 1
Cherry Delivered timely, and quality good thank you 5 5 1
Cherry Great price, customer service and fast shipping! 5 5 1
Cherry I have smoked these for many years. They are very difficult to find. Very greatful for JR Cigars for maintaining stock, the GREAT prices and quick delivery!! 5 5 1
Cherry So so flavor 4 5 1
Cherry Placed order for favorite Swisher Sweets but they were out of stock, so had to settle for something else. Didn't like this very much. 3 5 1
Cherry I've tried several brands of the little cigars and have found none are as good as the Swisher Sweet brand. JR Cigars has a good price, and the shipping is quick. 5 5 1
Cherry These are the best! Always fresh ! I’m glad I found jr cigars!! 5 5 1
Cherry These are always fresh!! 5 5 1
Cherry My sister was smoking Swisher sweets for so long. Yet, I’ve never had any interest in before. But then I picked up a vape, and I kind of liked it. But it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be. Then she gave me a Swisher sweet. It was amazing and I will never go back. 5 5 1
Cherry I typically smoke the swisher sweet cherry cigarellos and these are more "cigar like." They are my 2nd choice, definitely not my 1st 3 5 1
Cherry The price is right. The delivery is dependable. 5 5 1
Cherry I love Swisher sweets. However, the little cigars bring it to a new level. I really enjoy the filter seeing as small particles of tobacco aren’t accidentally inhaled. It has a very smooth draw, intense flavor, but more importantly, it does not burn. 5 5 1
Cherry received the box and almost after 3 weeks dried out, the box was wet but the inside of the box was soaked like it was dipped in water, 2 5 1

Swisher Sweets Filtered Cigars

Cherry 3.75 × 24 SLCC2

The popular Swisher Sweets Little Cigars Cherry Twin Pack offer a tasty sweet cigar leaf gently infused with the essence of mouthwatering cherry. You get 5 packs of 40, that’s 200 smokes ready to be savored during that much needed break from your busy day. 

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

United States



5 Packs of 40 (200 Total)

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