3.875 16
Full Flavored Cheap n great 5 5 1
Full Flavored Great smoke for the price. They go out too often, but who cares. 3 5 1
Full Flavored Filtered cigars aren't the norm for jrcigars, but the only reason I've rated them 4 is them running out of stock of my favorite brand/flavor. I used a competitor most recently to get that brand but there were so many issues, and the communication was horrible (it took 3 Weeks for them to let me know that they "couldn't deliver" to General Delivery, a fact not mentioned at all in the purchase process) I ended up cancelling the order. 4 5 1
Full Flavored Seneca best 5 5 1
Full Flavored Great price, received them in pretty quick 5 5 1
Full Flavored Not bad! Not sweet. 4 5 1
Full Flavored Difficult Draw. Bought before with no problem. 3 5 1
Full Flavored With NY laws cigarette prices got way to high so I switched to skinny cigars.Unlike cigarettes these can still be purchased on-line and shipped from another state legally. I've tried several different brands both full flavor and flavored.I like these the best and the price is great.Service from JR is excellent as well.Orders ship the same or the next day when ordered on-line. 5 5 1
Full Flavored Decent flavor. Poor draw. Much better with filter cut off. 2 5 1
Full Flavored Order number 11651571 purchase date 06/01/2022 total amount $28.11 never received item's purchased called JR over 6 times on different day's even emailed them and zero help in getting a refund been almost 2 months and they don't help you like they state they will when they say email us or they will contact me in a below comment on on review never happens ever heard of the saying 3 strikes your out well this is well beyond 3 strikes JR what the hell is yalls problem you can take our cash but not fix your problems to your customers bad business practices and terrible customer service to fix a issue that's on your end! So far I have requested refunds on item's that never showed up well over $350.00 worth and it looks like I never will get my cash back Customers Be Ware Warning ⚠️ Site management is not to be trusted Scammers ALERT! 1 5 1
Full Flavored Great product 4 5 1
Full Flavored Arrived early. Great prices 5 5 1
Full Flavored Philliies were out of stock so this alternative was nowhere as good. 3 5 1
Full Flavored I have been smoking Seneca brand full flavor filtered cigars for several years now and JR Cigar has the best price possible. 5 5 1
Full Flavored He really likes the Phillies full flavor but you have been out of stock on them for a long time so the customer service refered 2 other ones we gave it a chance but still like the other one this one is not as strong as the Phillies. 3 5 1
Full Flavored I purchased these after phillies stopped making full flavor little cigars. Great price. 5 5 1

Seneca Filtered Cigars

Full Flavored 3.87 × 20 SFF

Seneca Red cigars are hearty little smokes with rich, aromatic, full body tobacco flavors. Featuring a top-quality whole-cigar leaf wrapper, these tasty little devils really come in handy when you don’t have time to sit back and relax with a full size stogie. Available in 10 packs of 20.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf


Mixed Filler

United States


10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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