4.142857142857143 7
Full Flavored Cheap n great 5 5 1
Full Flavored Great smoke for the price. They go out too often, but who cares. 3 5 1
Full Flavored Filtered cigars aren't the norm for jrcigars, but the only reason I've rated them 4 is them running out of stock of my favorite brand/flavor. I used a competitor most recently to get that brand but there were so many issues, and the communication was horrible (it took 3 Weeks for them to let me know that they "couldn't deliver" to General Delivery, a fact not mentioned at all in the purchase process) I ended up cancelling the order. 4 5 1
Full Flavored Seneca best 5 5 1
Full Flavored Great price, received them in pretty quick 5 5 1
Full Flavored Not bad! Not sweet. 4 5 1
Full Flavored Difficult Draw. Bought before with no problem. 3 5 1

Seneca Filtered Cigars

Full Flavored 3.87 × 20 SFF

Seneca Red cigars are hearty little smokes with rich, aromatic, full body tobacco flavors. Featuring a top-quality whole-cigar leaf wrapper, these tasty little devils really come in handy when you don’t have time to sit back and relax with a full size stogie. Available in 10 packs of 20.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf


Mixed Filler

United States


10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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