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6 x 60 For the price this was not a bad cigar. It will do if you are in a pick for a cigar. 3 5 1
6 x 60 A good every day smoke. Good draw the price point was excellent very enjoyable cigar. Pleasantly surprised very smooth 4 5 1
6 x 60 Good cigar. Great value, exceptional draw, smooth. 4 5 1
6 x 60 a sleeper imho. nice medium smoke with a bit of sweetness due to the E. Sumatra leaf. fairly even burn smoke right down without getting hot. good draw, lots of smoke. had a couple the wrapper cracked towards the end but hey, for the price I'd say they are a solid choice. 4 5 1
6 x 60 A mild smokey flavor that unfortunately literally falls apart in your hand 3 5 1
6 x 60 These were good value for the money, good even burn 4 5 1
6 x 60 The Rosa Cuba was a pleasant surprise. Smooth draw and taste, even burn and lots of smoke. For the price you can't beat this one 5 5 1
6 x 60 Providing my rating as I enjoy smoking this fine cigar. It's a mild cigar that is easy on the palate. Accompanies whatever you drink without overpowering the drink. Subtle hints of white pepper with a background of cocoa. The burn is even and consistent. Draw is excellent. The Sumatra wrapper is an excellent choice that allows the leaf to thrive. I bought these on a whim. Now I will make certain to add more to my humidor. Excellent value. 4 5 1
6 x 60 Like these but fall apart unwrap towards the last third of the cigar. Thought maybe a one off but had three now and all three I could not get the last third and that's my favorite part. Other than that, I enjoyed the smoke they last and burn consistent not too strong just right. 5 5 1
6 x 60 I was pleased and surprised at the taste and the nice draw that it had. Not bad for the price. 4 5 1
6 x 60 I would have never expected an "add-on" to an order to be this good. I usually smoke smaller gauge cigars, 40-52, and this is a big chunky 60. It's a big long relaxing smoke, though, and not at all uncomfortable for me to gauge up, as it were. It's also different compared to my usual smokes. For the past years I've been relying on my own Davidoff and Montecristo collection in my home humidor, and it was time to discover some new dailies that weren't as pricy as I'm now retired. Then this one came onto my screen and I went why not? I'm happy I did. This is a great medium flavor, smooth draw, satisfying cigar. I think I've found a new stick to put into the daily rotation. 4 5 1
6 x 60 Smooth drawing, mild flavor. Nearly every stick canoed. All in all, not bad but wouldn’t order again. 3 5 1
6 x 60 Mild smoke, but very poor construction. Butt end quickly turned to mush, would not recommend. 2 5 1
6 x 60 If you're looking for a good cigar that won't break the bank, this is it. Great draw, lots of smoke, and decent flavor. Some have minor construction issues and canoe or unravel toward the end, but most burn consistently. This one has become an everyday go to. 4 5 1
6 x 60 but very poor construction. Would not recommend. 1 5 1
6 x 60 Like some of the other reviews the construction on occasion isn’t great, but never more than 1-2 per order. Even those can be enjoyed, seems to canoe for me. But the smoke is fantastic, great smooth draw, and a nice mellow taste. This is a great choice for a lower cost everyday smoke! 4 5 1
6 x 60 1/3 of these cigars basically crumble apart when you take them out of the plastic and have to be thrown out. Very inconsistent draw. Lame cigars. 2 5 1
6 x 60 I purchased the 6 pack to try, and I was pleasantly surprised. This cigar has a nice mild flavor and is well rolled. I would definitely purchase them again! 4 5 1
6 x 60 Not a bad cigar for the price 5 5 1
6 x 60 Good taste but falls apart on the draw 2 5 1
6 x 60 Other reviews here largely mention poor construction, -I really don't find that! I've smoked many with a so-so one only on occasion but overall mine are consistently great! The size is perfect for me v. a smaller ring & with certainly no need to go bigger niether! I suspect these have been way improved over past [reviews]; Satisfies me just fine! 5 5 1

Rosa Cuba

6 x 60 6 × 60 RC6010

Coming from one of our oldest and most trusted Nicaraguan brands, Rosa Cuba 6 x 60 cigars have been meeting the needs of everyday smokers for well over 25 years. The cigars are meticulously handmade with mixed-filler black tobaccos grown in the volcanic soils of Nicaragua, covered by a medium brown, EMS, Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper leaf. Featuring a medium-bodied strength profile that delivers bold yet balanced flavors of earth, white pepper, roasted nuts, and cocoa, Rosa Cuba 6 x 60 proves that smokers don't have to empty their pockets in order to please their palates. Order a 10 pack and discover a very affordable daily smoker that only looks and tastes like its expensive!

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