4.242424242424242 99
Churchill Got a 5 pack on promo. Of the 5 in this pack 3 were just okay in all categories and 2 were great. I would not expect R&J to have this much variation in overall quality. Like others have mentioned it seems 5 packs can be hit and miss. 3 5 1
Churchill An incredible tasting smoke that offers so much! Perfect construction coupled with a perfect draw leaves you perfectly satisfied. 5 5 1
Churchill So far I've smoked 5 cigars from the box and everyone has needed a correction for an uneven burn 4 or 5 times. I will never buy again. 4 5 1
Churchill The draw and construction are great and the burn is ok but flavor is actually surprisingly good. I think I prefer the flavor on this blend than the Reserva Royale one. Great value for money. Always a mild cigar but one that can be savored any time in the day. 4 5 1
Churchill A delightful daily smoke for me. This is my go to cigar. The packaging is ideal for on the go. I keep these is a separate humidor to prevent them from being hijacked. Starts delightful and builds to an almost perfect smoke for me. A punch is the way to go. Holds up well to a nice wet firm bite. I get a lot of compliments about the wonderful aromas. 4 5 1
Churchill Great smokes. Slow burning with smooth taste. I enjoy them afterwork while I relax and reflect. Will buy again. 5 5 1
Churchill Inconsistent burn and have to relight several times. Would be a ok cigar if not for that. Just very disappointed for the price. 2 5 1
Churchill My palate is still developing so take this revire eoth a grain of salt. This stick started out a bit more harsh the I expected the flavors were great just not white as smooth as I had hoped trough the first third. The second third was much more mellow but I had a hard time keeping it lit although I didn't give it much rest time after removing it from my 69% humidity storage. The flavors were great with a bit of leather and vanilla. The final third really exploded in flavor getting stronger and more defined in the vanilla and earthiness. The draw tightened up here though making me work a bit harder for it. All in all a solid stick that worked well with my smooth afternoon. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a medium bodied cigar with flavor notes of cedar earth nuts and a sweetness upon each draw. This pairs excellent with dark roast Colombian coffee. 4 5 1
Churchill Loved this cigar hands down great smoke. This cigar is in my favorite brands the Churchill is a great hour long smoke 5 5 1
Churchill I suffered through two thirds of this hoping that I'd find some redeeming quality. I did not. The burn was out of control and required several relights. Trash. Also it tasted completely flat and one dimensional. Trash. And the one taste it did have was that if a burning roll of toilet paper. Trash. This was after sitting in my tupperdor for three months so there were no RH problems or anything to blame it on other than being trash. Worst cigar I've ever had and I've smoked a Boneshaker. 1 5 1
Churchill Can't go wrong with this beauty... Flavor draw and consistency always predictable 5 5 1
Churchill Now you know what I'm saying Where Art Thou fart now peace out my brother smoke em if you got them 4 5 1
Churchill From reading all of the other reviews I feel like the batch I just finished smoking must have been a fluke. Draw was rather tight and the burn was incredibly inconsistent. One of the worst I've had on any cigar. But when they were burning the flavor was exceptional. I don't think this will be a repeat purchase in bulk but I won't hesitate to pickup single sticks at my local shop. 3 5 1
Churchill This is one of my favorite cigars of all time. Good medium flavor and great for anytime of the day. 5 5 1
Churchill A slightly spicier version of the regular 1875. The first one I smoked had some draw problems but that's to be expected with even the best cigars from time to time. Overall a very good smoke and one that I'll be buying again once I have more humidor space. 4 5 1
Churchill Great construction and draw everything i was looking for in a cigar. good for a relaxing afternoon and would reccomend it. 4 5 1
Churchill First time with this beautiful cigar. I like they come in 27 count boxes. These cigars are a work of art. Awesome flavors. The aroma gets my mouth watering. 5 5 1
Churchill Not a bad stick nice medium flavor great to have in humi love it I keep a lot of these for new guys 4 5 1
Churchill This is a great cigar. I smoked it as far down as I could and it was just as smooth from the first draw to the last. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a nice smoke with h a great smell both before and during the smoke. I recommend this one. 5 5 1
Churchill Excellent stick. Lasted over two hours so keep for a night where you have the time 5 5 1
Churchill R&J cigars are one of my favorites. You will find on this cigar the construction to be consistent from box to box. My only issue is that this cigars draw from time to time is spotty. My first cigar from this box was perfect but the next two’s draw became an issue almost as if the cigar was plugged. 3 5 1
Churchill One of my favorite cigars 5 5 1
Churchill Great buy for stocking humidor. Excellent medium smoke that won't break the bank. Slow draw that's consistent. 4 5 1
Churchill This R&J is one of my favorites. You will always find the construction draw and flavor to be consistent from box to box. A good looking cigar that lives up to the Romeo name. 5 5 1
Churchill For the price this is one of the best medium bodied cigars I have had. I order about 2 boxes a month. 4 5 1
Churchill One of my favorite churchills. Classic habano flavor flawless construction that usually burns evenly. The best stick from RyJ. 4 5 1
Churchill Great Smokes 5 5 1
Churchill A great cigar 5 5 1
Churchill I bought these for my dad. He said they are very good, and he does like them. However, he still thinks the JR Ultimate (UL1) is the best. I will buy the JR Ultimate next time. 4 5 1
Churchill Disappointed 3 5 1
Churchill Huge amount of nuts and cream...perfect draw all the time....occasional side burn 5 5 1
Churchill consistant flavor and draw. smooth to the last bit of the cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill Great value in this cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill Great smoke. A reliable cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill I've been smoking this cigar for years. Great draw, great flavor right down to the end. 5 5 1
Churchill I bought these after watching Darkest Hour and was pleasantly surprised by how good they are. Perfect with a scotch on the porch. 4 5 1
Churchill This is like my third box of these that I buy to smoke on the golf course and they are great. I don’t know how to describe them but there smooth all the way through!! 5 5 1
Churchill I won this five pack and was blown away by the flavor and the consistency of the burn. Nice smoke flow from cigar. Looks plan but it really great cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill A very different kind of R&J this is a powerhouse of intense earth and leather with a deep rich sweetness that will have your head spinning. Be sure to give them lots of dry-box time and smoke them slowly for best burn and flavor. A cigar for the experienced smoker with a strong head and a full stomach. 4 5 1
Churchill I have smoked four of my five pack and each one has been different. The first one was so tightly wrapped I couldn't smoke but the other 3 were good. Uneven burn. 3 5 1
Churchill Won these in a auction they have a good flavor An smooth Even burn .Worth every penny would bid on them again 4 5 1
Churchill Romeo romeo wherefore art thou romeo? Winston Churchill would be delighted to spark one up here and now if he where still around. 5 5 1
Churchill This Romeo Churchill had a nice rich flavor. The wrapper was very rich and smooth and not harsh as I has expected. 4 5 1
Churchill Incredible flavor. Not a tight wrap so you get a very good draw. These have been my favorite for years.Closer to Medium body than Full. 5 5 1
Churchill Can't go wrong with this beauty... Flavor draw and consistency always predictable 5 5 1
Churchill These Romeo Maduros are one of my favorites. Bold earthy flavor with a bit of spice. Two of these babies will last for 18 holes. 4 5 1
Churchill A really well made if slightly tight drawing in the first 10 minutes cigar that reminds you why the big dogs are the big dogs! Better than any boutique blend I've had recently. 4 5 1
Churchill This is an outstanding cigar in the mild to medium range with full flavors. The smoke is creamy tobacco with cocoa staying smooth the whole way through. It is a long lasting cigar which was perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon with a book and Glenmorangie original scotch. I love full bodied cigar but this could very well be a perfect everyday cigar in a smaller size. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a great flavored smoke at an exceptional value but the construction is HORRIBLE! When you factor in how much how much fluid it takes to keep lighting this cigar I guess it's not even that great of a value. A flop from a great name in the business. Long live the anniversario. 2 5 1
Churchill This cigar is a bit stronger then I was use to but I adjusted fairly quickly. JR s right with their review. 4 5 1
Churchill Smooth relaxing smoke. Great with a single malt scotch It is a true delight from the time you light up to the last puff. 4 5 1
Churchill I had never had a bad Romeo before. I scooped 2 from a friend's humidor to have outside while I was running my smoker and they were Churchills. They looked great, well put together and I was looking forward to them. Took the first one out and it felt very loosely wrapped. As I lit it the draw was more like a lack of draw made it difficult to light. The start was bitter and the draw just wasn't there. I kept looking to see if there was a pin hole but could find none. When I did inhale I could hear the crackling of the tobacco. By the last third it had settled down somewhat but it never developed a proper flavor profile and the bitterness remained and the burn was very inconsistant. All in all too much work for a mediocre experience. Never having had a bad Romeo before I lit the second one a while later expecting much better ... same thing. I tossed it after a third and got smaller cigars from my own humidor. Did I get the only two bad ones they ever made? Just disappointed. 2 5 1
Churchill Perfect inexpensive cigar for the round of golf - one for the front, one for the back. 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar. My every day go to stogie. Never lets me down 5 5 1
Churchill Made well, smokes well and tastes good. All for a reasonable price. 4 5 1
Churchill Romeo Habano Reserve 5 5 1
Churchill The reserve churchil is a great smoke 5 5 1
Churchill Fabulous cigar With medium high octane, but not as stout as a Nicaraguan euro. Perfect draw and construction. Highly recommended. 5 5 1
Churchill Very good Cigar 4 5 1
Churchill Nice tightly wrapped smoke with slow burn. 5 5 1
Churchill Was not expecting the madero version, but kept them to try. A little too much pepper on the back of the throat, but the rich flavor was very good; did’n’t get the dark chocolate some were talking about. Flavors were woodsy, barnyard ( in a good way), a little nut, and creamy. 3 5 1
Churchill Solid smoke with great flavor 5 5 1
Churchill My first of the R&J Churchill variety, and I'm pleased. I little milder than I expected, but good construction, good consistency, and good flavor. Work the price. 5 5 1
Churchill Very smooth and good draw cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill One of my favorite cigars. 5 5 1
Churchill First 3rd was a little tight, but it opened up nicely after that. Pretty traditional R&J flavor. Enjoyed it, and worth the price, but not outstanding. Would buy again of the price was right. 4 5 1
Churchill This is everything I want in a cigar. Good notes of Caramel ,earth, hay and buttery smoke. They even sneak a hint of pepper in there towards the middle which is replaced by the natural sugars to sweeten that smoking session. I love this cigar and will be ordering another 5 pack soon. Enjoy! 5 5 1
Churchill It’s one of the best cigars I have smoked 5 5 1
Churchill my favorite 5 5 1
Churchill My husband loves Romeo Juliette Churchill reserves 5 5 1
Churchill Creamy, nutty, with a little wood! Puns aside...you get ALL those flavors. Construction USED to be great but lately they've been center burning. Still pretty happy with these...ive ordered like 20 boxes! 5 5 1
Churchill An outstanding cigar without breaking the bank. I bought a box on the recommendation of a buddy and they have not disappointed... a good burn, smooth draw, and amazing taste. I highly recommend! 5 5 1
Churchill n/a 5 5 1
Churchill Great cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Overall, this is a reasonably good smoke. However, the construction is a bit too soft/spongy to my liking. But worst of all, two cigars out of my five-pack began “canoeing” immediately upon lighting, and it resulted in a much less satisfactory smoke than I normally enjoy. Canoeing is extremely difficult to “fix” if you at all can. Moreover, I have had no reply of any sort from JR Cigar relative to this problem. I ask only for two different replacement cigars, of their choosing. Therefore, would I order this cigar again? Probably not, specifically for these two reasons. 2 5 1
Churchill Not for me at all haha. First 3rd was a leather bomb. From there it took on an earthy woodieness with a nutty bitterness. Tasted like what I imagine acorns to taste like haha Otherwise well constructed with a good draw. 2 5 1
Churchill Did not enjoy my first one, had to light several times, draw was terrible, second time did not enjoy a jr cigar, had one last night much better 2 5 1
Churchill Good Cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Great cigar real good flavor and they burn very even. real enjoy them 5 5 1
Churchill little dried out 3 5 1
Churchill Great cigar , Its quality is uniform and tastes good 4 5 1
Churchill Enjoyable 5 5 1
Churchill Inconsistent, some are tightly rolled, others not so much! 4 5 1
Churchill Decent cigar, good draw, burned evenly, more of a medium smoke. smooth, no bad after taste. 4 5 1
Churchill This was my ‘go to’ and favorite smoke, Just received my shipment and couldn’t wait to try my first cigar. Went out half way, Seems dry in some parts. Cut another one in half to check, seems dry as well. Too bad, these used to be my favorite! 3 5 1
Churchill Great 5 5 1
Churchill Always try to keep a few of these "go to" sticks in the humidor. Mellow and flavorful, long burn and consistent! 5 5 1
Churchill Good cigars but they don’t burn the way I’d like them too. They go out alot 4 5 1
Churchill Nice cigar good taste and draw 5 5 1
Churchill I had high hopes from this traditional brand. I found ash that just fell away all over my shirt(asbestos shirt next time)!!! An even smoke but bland flavor.....just wasn't for me. 3 5 1
Churchill I had ordered R&J Riserva Real churchills, but instead got R&J Riserva Real 1875 churchills. Not sure if there's much difference...they smoke okay, but either the order-taker didn't understand what I wanted or the order got garbled when it was sent to shipping. It would have been nice to receive what I thought I had ordered. Then I found that the price had dropped considerably the next day. What's up with that????? 3 5 1
Churchill Love this cigar good smile all the way thru 5 5 1
Churchill Exactly what you’d expect 4 5 1
Churchill You sent the wrong cigars did not receive what is pictured. 5 5 1
Churchill Awesome cigat 5 5 1
Churchill Great cigar!! 5 5 1
Churchill Not the best. Not the worst. At least it doesn't taste bad. 3 5 1

Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Churchill 7 × 54 RHRCH

The Romeo y Julieta Reserve Churchill is a high-octane version of the popular Dominican brand made to please those who prefer a fuller bodied flavor. The dark and oily Nicaraguan wrapper chosen for the Reserve is a real beauty to behold. In addition, with its flawless construction, robust flavors, and the finest blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler leaf, Sir Winston would have been proud of this Churchill!  It is conveniently sold in boxes of 27.
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Honduras / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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