4.509803921568627 102
Belicoso one of the best values for the money great construction and draw. sufficient flavor and consistency 4 5 1
Belicoso Fair draw and flavor profile. Definitely on the not buy list. Very lacking in appeal. 2 5 1
Belicoso Soli construction and consistent smoke. The combination of Habana 2000 and other Nicaraguan binder and filler makes this cigar a near classic puro. 5 5 1
Belicoso I love these cigars. Peppery with rich twangy bright chocolate notes and a smooth finish. Not the most complex cigar but it hits it's own notes loud and clear. Great construction too. Only thing is that I need to use my draw poker on a few but even that's better than expected from a torpedo. 4 5 1
Belicoso My husband absolutely loved these cigars. He said the flavor and consistency were awesome. I will definitely buy these again for him. 5 5 1
Belicoso Very pleasing stick; combines R & J construction with AJ Fernandez flavor 4 5 1
Belicoso Good construction, draw and flavor I would buy another box at auction! 4 5 1
Belicoso Consistently excellent smoke. 5 5 1
Belicoso Tried these as a "freebie" with one of my orders, turned out to be one of my favorites. Great flavor, great feel(solid body, not soft). 5 5 1
Belicoso Leave it to AJ to take a mild, legacy brand and stand it on it’s head. These are not your father’s RyJ cigars. These are so much better! 5 5 1
Belicoso I got a box on auction for about $60, so I essentially got away with highway robbery. I bought this for my boss for Christmas because we both smoke a lot of cigars. I hadn't tried this AJ version yet, so I told him the box was his as long as I could try one! He gave me 2, and I'm glad he did because the first one was simply wonderful. The first thing I noticed is that this is constructed like a Sherman tank. It's perfectly packaged, rolled, and sturdy. It lit right on point, burned perfectly even all the way down to the nub. It was kind of uncanny how perfect it burned with my smoking pace. The flavors were not as "rustic" if you will, as the normal RyJ. Kind of nutty, slightly sweet, but still burly overall. Smoked this for about 70 minutes and probably could have gone another 10-15. Short version... can't go wrong with this. 5 5 1
Belicoso A medium bodied cigar with a nice earthiness. Well made for the most part with only a very few with a tight draw. Always burn evenly. Almost always a pleasant smoke. 4 5 1
Belicoso This is one beautiful cigar. Presentation is nice and construction is on point. This has AJ's fingerprints all over it and doesn't disappoint. 4 5 1
Belicoso Very nice smoke. The flavor was nice but last 1/3 I enjoyed the most. Would recomend 4 5 1
Belicoso I love these cigars. Peppery with rich twangy bright chocolate notes and a smooth finish. Not the most complex cigar but it hits it's own notes loud and clear. Great construction too. Only thing is that I need to use my draw poker on a few but even that's better than expected from a torpedo. 4 5 1
Belicoso Can not go wrong with this exceptional AJ smoke. When Romeo and AJ team up they make tobacco magic. Not to mention the excellent service from the folks at JR Cigar. If you’re looking for a great smoke at a great price look no further than this here Belicoso Nicaraguan beauty. You won’t be disappointed 4 5 1
Belicoso Romeo’s are my favorite! So far I like them all! This one is amazing! Very earthy, smooth and exquisite taste! 5 5 1
Belicoso The packaging is nice. The sticks are wrapped in cedar sleeves. Construction is nice and smooth. Definitely a wedding quality stick. The draw was smooth, volumes of cool sweet smoke. The wife was like "Wow, that's so aromatic!" So, I let her take a few puffs. Finally got it back and on to the flava, definitely hints of toasted leather and tea with a touch of pepper for spice and creaminess...maybe almond or something. For consistency, it burned even, stayed lit and was great to the nub. I got a box and a hell of a deal. Plus 5 free to boot. The freebies were suppose to be robusto, But the Cigar Gods upgraded me to the Beligoso's. Me very happy! 5 5 1
Belicoso Love my Romeo's - favorite all-time cigar - add the touch of AJ Fernandez and now you have a real DANDY! Smooth draw, terrific flavor and presented in cedar sleeves in a great looking box - thank you JR Cigar! 5 5 1
Belicoso Tried to get 2 boxes at 59.95 but ended up with 8. Was going to send some back. Almost finished first box and decided to keep all 8. Great smoke at great price. Solid construction, great draw and burn on all so far. Not a mild to medium. Very flavorful. 5 5 1
Belicoso This hidden gem will easily become the crowning jewel to any humidor. It’s perfect construction using amazing tobaccos provides a smoking experience for every level of smoker. 5 5 1
Belicoso This is as premium a smoke as options costing twice as much, and I've had plenty of those too. The construction quality and burn is incredible. What really surprised me was how a medium-to-full bodied cigar can have this smooth of a retrohale. I'm glad I bought a full box. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great 5 5 1
Belicoso The draw is not consistent across all of the cigars in the box. The majority draw well but probably one fourth of the cigars draw poorly. That is disappointing for an expensive box of cigars. 4 5 1
Belicoso One of my favorites! Good construction, good flavor, it checks all my requirements! 5 5 1
Belicoso This is a great cigar. A daily go to in my humidor. Great construction, draw and flavor. 5 5 1
Belicoso So might just be my fault as I only let them sit in my “quarantine box” to acclimate for about 3 day before I couldn’t resist anymore. Started out good. Was pleased with them even though it didn’t particularly stand out but seemed to be a quality smoke none the less. At about the he halfway mark it became a chore to keep lit and stopped producing smoke while the flavor turned stale. Like half the stick was over humidified even though there was some dry flaking under the label. Inspected its temporary home which was at about 68RH monitored with a freshly calibrated accurate hygrometer verified by a secondary remote sensor. Everything checked out ok. Other new arrivals in the box smoked just fine. I expect after some time they will get better. I just need more patience I think. They’re worth a try even if they don’t become part of the rotation. 3 5 1
Belicoso This cigar hits it home for me! It’s slight pepper spice is gentle , along with the zesty spice combo, also the cocoa, coffee notes mix well with the leathery smoke, draw is great and the burn is awesome, never had to touch up once ! I highly recommend this cigar it’s a part of my humidor stock.also a great cigar to treat friends and family.. 👍🏽 5 5 1
Belicoso I was not a big fan of Romeo y Julieta cigars due to inexperience. This cigar changed my mind. 4 5 1
Belicoso The cigar is a pleasure to smoke. Even burn. Taste is pleasing. The draw is even. This is another excellent AJ design. 5 5 1
Belicoso Fantastic cigar at a fantastic price. 5 5 1
Belicoso I bought these cigars just to try something new, and Wow! Incredible! Great taste and draw. I immediately went and bought 3 10-packs at a great price too. This cigar has become a new favorite! 5 5 1
Belicoso Great smoke I enjoy the cigarettes very much I will re-order 5 5 1
Belicoso This is a pepper punch to the mouth that transitions to a very tasty cigar. Let me be strait forward. "I hate pepper in cigars". A.J. makes you work for this one. I thought about quiting after 8 minutes into it but I am glad I stuck through it to appreciate the artistry this stick brings . Bravo!!!! 5 5 1
Belicoso Beautifully constructed with a with a rich and spicy profile . Well done! 5 5 1
Belicoso Very consistent smoke and flavor. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great smoke 5 5 1
Belicoso I don’t claim to be a cigar expert but it seems that if AJ Fernandez is involved, it is going to be a great cigar. Really enjoyed this one. Easily one of my favorites. 5 5 1
Belicoso AS someone who has smoked EVERY cigar(including Cubans) that Romeo has made since 1974;this is the second best Romeo I have ever smoked,(first being some 8-9-8 Cubans that had aged 12 years.This is one of JRs best offerings...PERIOD.(This from a guy who smokes over 1,800 cigars every year. 5 5 1
Belicoso Smooth complex flavor. Burns even with an easy draw and produces lots of smoke. Smoked a few off the truck and was ok. Just got into them again after several weeks in the humi and the flavor improved. Well worth the wait. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great smoke at a great price. Draw was a little tight, but overall a great stick. Will order again. 4 5 1
Belicoso Always a pleasure to have these 5 5 1
Belicoso There's a reason these are sold out often. Great cigar for the price. Good flavor, draw and construction. 4 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar at a great price. 4 5 1
Belicoso Title shows that i saw this beautiful cigars and bought a full box. They look amazing , they smell great, they burn even, they are cheap..so they should be on paper a great smoke no? Unfortunately its not the case, will try to explain. They lack power, hump, they are very light IMHO, they have grassy notes, a few oaky whiffs every now and then, they smoke OK , not great, some in that box where not very evenly filled, some had runs, 2 where plugged. The construction its baffling, they look goof, they feel good, nice wrappers, but once lite, them (some) develop faults that you can not see right away very strange. I got them for about 3 bucks a pop and even at that rate i would not recommend getting a full box, if you like/love them , never mind my review, but if you have not had this, try a couple and see what do you think. 3 5 1
Belicoso got the 5 pack, was waiting to be awed... I was but not in a good way finally the 4th stick burned right flavor ok but what a waste of money 2 5 1
Belicoso Nice flavor with a spicy taste and good draw. 4 5 1
Belicoso part of my last sampler.....amazing! 5 5 1
Belicoso Fantastic construction, draw and taste. A HUGE bargain! 5 5 1
Belicoso Wasn't really impressed. Nothing to write home about. 3 5 1
Belicoso Fantastic cigar! 5 5 1
Belicoso When I purchased them over the phone with your representative they were in stock but never shipped. I called and the representative said the reason they didn't ship is because they were out of stock. You should have broken a box and ship me my 10 cigars but instead you let me hang. I committed to buying the cigars and you should have committed to selling me the cigars even if it meant breaking a box open to do so... I purchased these cigars from you all the time and they're very good but I was very unhappy to learn that you took my order but never sent me the cigars. 1 5 1
Belicoso I love these cigars. Good construction, taste and price. 5 5 1
Belicoso Good cigar 4 5 1
Belicoso Love the flavor profile, easy draw and even burn!! 5 5 1
Belicoso Well constructed, good flavor, little bit slow on the draw and burns a little hot at the end. Overall, I give it an eight 4 5 1
Belicoso These are one of my favorite cigars for the price. 4 5 1
Belicoso I just received these cigars. I’ve smoked two and am very happy with the quality. I got them at a sale price and could not be happier. I will be buying more in the future. Not sure about full price although I think they are worth it, i just don’t pay that much normally. 5 5 1
Belicoso Ok smoke for everyday.. Burns well but wish flavor was more consistent between boxes and sizes. 4 5 1
Belicoso One of my favorite cigars 4 5 1
Belicoso A very nice vitola by AJ Fernandez a great value 5 5 1
Belicoso Incredible full flavor cigar! 5 5 1
Belicoso It’s an enjoyable smoke. Good flavor but I feel that it is overpriced. I always watch for it to be offered on sale or order it when I have accumulated enough points to reduce it’s cost. 4 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is a good every day smoke 4 5 1
Belicoso Very consistent smoke and always a pleasing smoke 5 5 1
Belicoso Great smoke 5 5 1
Belicoso Wonderfully balanced flavor blend of pepper and espresso. Nice draw with plenty of smoke. This is a permanent addition to the humidor. 5 5 1
Belicoso Burn is near perfect. Smooth draw and creamy smoke. Very enjoyable cigar. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great 5 5 1
Belicoso Excellent flavors and consistent draw. Good value. 5 5 1
Belicoso I can't believe how good these are the price they are available. 5 5 1
Belicoso These smokes have an excellent draw and flavor, I've never been dissatisfied by them regardless how long they were in my humidor. 5 5 1
Belicoso This is one of my go to's. Always good burn and draw and with good peppery notes that I like. 4 5 1
Belicoso What a fine cigar. Great flavor. Well made. 5 5 1
Belicoso These are some of AJ's best. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar at a great price. 5 5 1
Belicoso Extremely solid construction and consistency. I use a V cut the wrapper and binders are so oily they sometimes block the draw! (This can be simply rectified by rubbing the cut gently). I don't usually smoke full strength cigars, I had tried this in a sampler in Toro vitola and was very impressed. The Belicoso is by far superior. The Habano 2000 Maduro is extremely unique, spicy yet slightly creamy and sweet, the notes of ceder are very pleasant as well. 5 5 1
Belicoso Fantastic cigars with robust taste and quality construction. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great cigars! 5 5 1
Belicoso Can't beat them for price and quality. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great everyday cigar. Rolled a litttle tight. But a great cigar for the price when on sale 4 5 1
Belicoso One of AJs best and probably the most consistent in both construction AND draw 5 5 1
Belicoso Absolutely loved everything about this cigar! 5 5 1
Belicoso Overall good value -some minor burn issues but very enjyable 4 5 1
Belicoso Very smooth start to finish ! Very consistent flavor and burn. 5 5 1
Belicoso Fantastic Cigar 5 5 1
Belicoso Rich with chocolate notes. Needed a couple of touch ups but nothing serious. Nice long white ash. Buy it up when on sale, but worth the full price as well. 5 5 1
Belicoso These AJ Romeos are the best buy for the money. Great cigar! 5 5 1
Belicoso Unfortunately not as expected. Not up there on the flavor, and the burn becomes a hassle halfway into the end. 3 5 1
Belicoso these cigars are great always consistant great flavor and draw i dont remember ever getting a bad one. always try to keep some in my newair. 4 5 1
Belicoso picked up a 5 pack for $4 a stick - good smoke - could be a daily one. well made, long ash, and works well with a winter stout and Irish whiskey - one was a little tightly wrapped but just cut a little more of the tip and there you go 4 5 1
Belicoso Great some. Good consistency love it. No complaints 5 5 1
Belicoso If you're already an AJ Fernandez fan, then you know what to expect. This RYJ is my favorite.. ever since timidly ordering a fiver years ago, after some time enjoying The Bully - I figured AJF is always consistent with his blends, might as well check it out. WELL .. this stick is in Stock in my humi - regularly now. The 6.5x52 Torpedo is my favorite stick for this blend. From the first third through to the Nub.. you're in for a great mild nuance changes and that last third makes it all worth wating on. This has become a 2hr smoke for me. I've learned to be slow and purposeful with any smokes I really enjoy. I'll take a draw from it every one-two min and enjoy the perfect burn and sturdy ash that is consistently Top Shelf 5 5 1
Belicoso Great looking cigar! Decent flavor, construction and draw especially at the this price... 5 5 1
Belicoso Good smoke amd great consistency 5 5 1
Belicoso I haven't seen these at our local cigar shops. Very tasty and well made. 5 5 1
Belicoso What can I say...you can't go wrong with any "RyJ" even @ a bargain price!! 5 5 1
Belicoso Excellent smoke 5 5 1
Belicoso I’m good to buy the AJ Torpedo at full price, but when they put it on sale - THAT’S GREAT! Quality stick and gorgeous, mellow taste. 5 5 1
Belicoso I guess you can't beat the $4.00 a cigar price and the idea is tastier then the actual cigar, maybe I'm a cigar snob POS or maybe's these just have WAY to much hype. I'm in them for a box and let's just say i will be saving them for when people come over and they say " I dont really smoke cigars but I'll have one" ooooie have I got a cigar for you buddy lol, so yeah, i aint gonna wax and wayne bout the burn or the flavor I'll just tell you, these are NOT going to be smoked by me lol 2 5 1
Belicoso I find them to be a bit inconsistent, but when they’re good they’re worth it 4 5 1

Romeo y Julieta Crafted by AJ Fernandez

Belicoso 6 × 52 JUCAJB5

Two industry giants have come together to create a fantastic premium smoke made exclusively for us! Romeo y Julieta Crafted by A.J. Fernandez cigars feature the much sought after Habana 2000 wrapper on top of aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos harvested solely for this blend. This eye-catching, and expertly fashioned (6 x 52) Belicoso is medium to full body in strength and crammed with creamy textured notes of cocoa, zesty spice, sweet cedar, and some subtle fruit notes on the back end. A luxurious cigar smoking experience awaits when you order a pack of 5 from the only place you can get them—JR Cigar!

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Habano 2000




Medium - Full


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