3.7 30
Love Story This cigar is amazing!!! This is format which i love! In my opinion 9/10 5 5 1
Love Story Romeo e Julieta 1875 love story is it delightful blend from Romeo and Juliet notes of sweet coffee roasted nuts and Cedar 5 5 1
Love Story I love the 1876 flavor. I usually smoke the Churchill or toro but during those frigid months a love story is a great option for a shirt smoke 4 5 1
Love Story A wonderful Perfecto shape. An excellent slower small smoke. Take your time to really get the complex flavors. Patience will be rewarded with a completely different smoke than one that's rushed 5 5 1
Love Story The other way to describe this cigar is a little boy that packs a big boy bunch. This is fantastic with your morning coffee or just a ride to work. The size love it is perfect The Taste combination of the filler and the tobacco are excellent. Never an issue with his cigar this is definitely one that will not disappoint 3 5 1
Love Story Now here's a nice cigar..great shape...great taste..very nutty and spicy...the only thing I wish was it didn't end...good to the last drop..It also is very creamy like some of the other Romeos.. 5 5 1
Love Story Good quality cigar. Got some for there unique shape. Turns out they smoke good and tastes good. Tight draw on them but nothing too discouraging 4 5 1
Love Story I really like the 1875 Love Story. This cigar shape is great for consistency of burn. 4 5 1
Love Story First had this one on a joy drive and all i can say is what an experience! the wood and earthy flavors really complimented the rock i was listening to at the time 4 5 1
Love Story The Love Story cigar is tasty from beginning to end. Out of 5 cigars smoked only one burned consistently from the beginning. Two cigars canoed and the outer wrapper on two cigars crumbled. The draw on 3 cigars seemed plugged but snipping more off the cigar helped. The cigars were extremely dry when received so I removed all the wrappers from the cigars and placed them in a humidor which hopefully will bring them back. I am sorry to report this experience with what I think would be an extraordinary short smoke under the right conditions. 3 5 1
Love Story Got a box of love story and they where moldy called JR’s and they had a new box at my door step in a day. The second box was moldy I called in and they are sending me a third box hopefully 3rd times a charm with no mold. Both time I called in they tried to say it was plume, plume dosent have lil hairs growing out of it. 1 5 1
Love Story These cigars are delicious. I highly recommend them but be careful to check for mold, i ordered a box and they were covered in mold. So i returned them for a new box and thankfully the new box was fine. I love these little cigars, full of sweet nutty and coffee flavors with just the right amount of spice. 5 5 1
Love Story I've finished my whole box and will order another. A little flavor bomb but a little on the mild side for my taste. Good for a quick smoke even while sipping it slowly. 4 5 1
Love Story Just reordered a box they been out of stock. On my had one left in my humidor now I can smoke it probably today. Great smoke when time its limited. Or second one on the find course. Going to the Dominican republic in Dec. going to take a handful cause their to expensive there. Always great customer service at jr if there's an error they I've had 2 over 20 years and both times it was to my advantage both times and even I called they basically said lucky you. When I stop at a cigar store it's too try something new and then order it from jr. Only bad deal was when my wife and were traveling and we stopped at one of the stores. She shopped and I smoked a cigar and picked out some smoked at at the register they switched my package with another customer. It happens and he won. But the service there was great too. I stopped going to top the other websites years ago 4 5 1
Love Story Romeo y julieta 1875 love story is exactly that. A love story in the making. I had one an had to have a box. 4 5 1
Love Story I got one of theses in a verity pack although This one didn't burn vary well and needed several touch ups although the flavors were of course great. 3 5 1
Love Story Love this shape in a full bodied smoke R&J always worth the money and isn't trendy bs just consistent flavor 5 5 1
Love Story great cigar. no relights were needed. the cigar had no burn or draw problems. great flavor throughout the smoke. 5 5 1
Love Story One of my new favorite smokes! I recently tried this based on a friend's recommendation and I wasn't disappointed. Loved every second of this cigar and chances are you will too! 4 5 1
Love Story I’ve given the Love Story several chances now and way too many have had draw issues. The cigar is fine, but the draw issue on so many makes it a no go from now on. 2 5 1
Love Story Ordered a box over a year ago and over the course of the year I've been trying to find just 1 that was smokable, unfortunately the draw of each cigar was nonexistent leaving each cigar impossible to smoke. I wish there was one in the box I could have smoked enough to give a full review but this box was a waste. 1 5 1
Love Story Excellent smoke! 5 5 1
Love Story This is not a little walk in the park. Love Story is a bonafide full flavored 40 or so trek of rock solid stogie. With an even burn and a quick transition to the heart of of its flavor, which does have a nuttiness to it, Love Story is not shy! I rarely agree with a suppliers description of a cigar but JR’s got this one right on the button. Romeo’s Bully has been one of my favorites for years and I only started with Love Story a year ago. Tough call now to pick my preferred smoke from these two. Hop in and enjoy the ride! 5 5 1
Love Story Smaller than I thought, to hard to smoke.. even using a draw. didnt enjoy and really upset I bought 2 boxes.. 1 5 1
Love Story Very good cigar for the price. Always quality from Romeo y Julieta and I will purchase again. 5 5 1
Love Story May have been unlucky with my box. The cigars have probably been stored in a bad way. Tried to smoke 2 of them but could barely get some smoke out of them. Very very hard draw. Just send them back for a refund as it looks like I am not the only one to have this bad box. 2 5 1
Love Story Inconsistent 3 5 1
Love Story All the cigars in the box were plugged. 2 5 1
Love Story These are pretty good cigars but are very inconsistent as to draw and burn. Needed to use my Perfect Draw on many just to be able to smoke them. 3 5 1
Love Story Yet to ever have any issues with these 5 5 1

Romeo y Julieta 1875

Love Story 4.25 × 46 JULS

Named for the lovers in Shakespeare’s classic play, this popular Romeo y Julieta size is appropriately called Love Story. You too will fall in love with this classic turn of the century figurado shape as well as the flavor. Packaged in boxes of 25, this expertly crafted beauty starts very light then quickly explodes with rich, nutty flavors that include hazelnut, cedar, and coffee.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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