2.5 16
Julietas Single Tin this product sucks! the draw on this cigar is like trying to suck a golf ball thru a garden hose. Total waste of dollars 1 5 1
Julietas Single Tin Price has increased dramatically over the years and the quality has dropped. At least 25% of them are unsmokable and it seems to be getting worse. Way too tight to be able to smoke. Nothing enjoyable about throwing money out the window. 2 5 1
Julietas Single Tin I always have a supply of Romeo 1875s on hand. I sometimes buy them by the box and sometimes the bundles are a better deal. Consistent quality always 4 5 1
Julietas Single Tin garbage draw is terrible. the the draw is like that of a piece of wood. I had these in the past and they were good. they take an hour to smoke. a waste of money and time. 2 5 1
Julietas Single Tin Not good . Wrapped too tight to smoke. 1 5 1
Julietas Single Tin I love it when you get to the best thing ever when the time of year when it comes to my friends are so 3 5 1
Julietas Single Tin My last order consisting of three packages of 60 cigars was not of the quality I have experienced in the past. Most (as opposed to a few) were too tightly wrapped and very hard to smoke. I had to discard quite a few that were impossible to smoke even after running a poke wire through. I have purchased many of these cigars and only had this problem on one or two in an order. 3 5 1
Julietas Single Tin This is the smoke of all smokes. It lasts for days (sic) and never loses its flavor. I smoked this with a friend who was smoking a similar cigar. And it speaks wonders to the sticks construction that my ash did not fall until I was done while his didnt last halfway through... 5 5 1
Julietas Single Tin A complete waste of money will not stay lit Poor draw Un smokeable. 2 5 1
Julietas Single Tin i bought these and still have 5 and just they need alot of rest they were hard as a rock and need humidity 2 5 1
Julietas Single Tin These used to be great. And the ones that are rolled right still are but a larger and larger number of them are rolled so tightly that they are unsmokable. Hopefully they'll fix this problem as I really enjoy the good ones. 2 5 1
Julietas Single Tin Nice little cigars but tight on the draw. 3 5 1
Julietas Single Tin Tight draw and won't stay lit. Bought it more than once and still had the same problem. Frustrating 2 5 1
Julietas Single Tin Bought for my girlfriend... she liked the flavor... draw was hard and had to be re-lit a couple of times. She likes to puff on her cigar when I light-up. 5 5 1
Julietas Single Tin I was looking for a small cigar for the golf course. These do not draw at all. It like sucking through a clogged straw. Wast of money. 1 5 1
Julietas Single Tin Be prepared to return these, so keep your receipt. I failed to do so and now I usually have to throw away 3 cigars before I get to one that actually draws. 2 5 1

Romeo y Julieta 1875

Julietas 4.88 × 24 JUJU

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigar brand has been pleasing smokers since 1875. Now you can take your Romeo’s wherever you go with the petite Julietas. These tasty little morsels are sold in 6- packs, containing ten cigars each. Small in size but big on taste, the Julietas are the perfect compromise when you are short on time but still want a top-quality smoke.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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