4.216666666666667 60
Churchill It offers a good flavor and aroma. Mine was well comtructed and lasted around an hour. 4 5 1
Churchill Romeo y julieta 1875 reserve maduro church hill is my ultimate favorite maduro of all the maduros out there. Always spicy 5 5 1
Churchill A great tasting and smoking cigar. The maduro wrapper adds a touch of sweetness. Nice balance of flavors from earth to wood. My neighbor said she really enjoys the aroma. Holds up well to a firm nervous wet bite. 4 5 1
Churchill The draw is a little tight and the construction isn't the best it's a decent cigar from a decent brand and it worthwhile smoke 3 5 1
Churchill The maduro romeo and Julieta gives this great cigar even more in depth flavor. Its a rich smoke sure to enjoy. 5 5 1
Churchill I promise to leave a real review once these get here. In general I think Dominican cigars are a little on the mild side but they have their place. 1 5 1
Churchill Reserve Romeo and Juliet in a maduro Churchill Yummy and the wrapper is fabulous and it finished perfect 5 5 1
Churchill This is a very well made cigar. Smooth and bold. I'll definitely buy again. 4 5 1
Churchill 1875 Reserva maduro had nice dark chocolate notes with some coffee hints. Awesome stick of you like maduro. 4 5 1
Churchill These are my favorite cigar. Especially like the Madura. I bid on these in auctions all time. Never without RYJ's in the humidor! 5 5 1
Churchill This is a medium flavor cigar. Upon firing this bad boy up flavors of cedar right off the bat. ⅓ in the way flavors of caramel and cedar. Half way through the same flavor tends to mellow out into very earthy flavor notes. This cigar is very slow burning. Burns evenly right before band which was a disappointment. Not one of my favorites but it was ok. 3 5 1
Churchill Im a huge fan of maduros and this one far exceeds any of my expectations. If you love maduros give this one a try 4 5 1
Churchill An old standby Old golf pal's favorite and one I always come back to.. It's a Maduro but it's not strong more sturdy and robust. Always draws well always burns evenly. It's that old girlfriend or your first car. But it's not gone. 4 5 1
Churchill Smoking one while writing this! I like the full rich flavor of these guys and their pleasant aroma. The maduro wrapper has a nice flavor but doesn't kill your taste buds. They are very pleasant start to finish and I smoke them to a nub. If you like the standard 1875 and want a little more kick try these. I keep both the standards and maduro's in my humidor. 5 5 1
Churchill Now this Maduro Romeo gets all 5 stars which to be honest isn't high enough. I can say enough good things about it. Flawless rich chocolate and coffee flavor with hints of a sweet cream though out. By far my favorite Romeo y Julieta. 5 5 1
Churchill Have not found any RYJ’s I really like other than this. It has little hints of the same mild spice I get from my all-time favorite - the Fuente Anejo but not nearly as complex. I consider it my poor man’s version since I can’t afford to be puffing an Anejo every day. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a great everyday cigar for maduro lovers. Good draw and even burn and a nice ash. I will be purchasing more of these in the future! 4 5 1
Churchill I like a robust medium cigar. If you are a Maduro smoker, then this is best cost effective smoke for you. Cedar, leather and coffee flavor. These are always well made cigars. Rarely have runs or tunneling (1 in 40) and last 40-50 with a $6 price tag though JR. 5 5 1
Churchill If anyone hasn't had a Romeo/Juliet, they're missing out on perfection.Simply put,They're the best cigars on the market. Smooth 5 5 1
Churchill Aside from my occasional Trinadad Fundador (my all time favorite smoke) This RYJ maduro is a very close second. Flavor, draw, construction & consistently is among the very best available. A true powerhouse & Very highly recommend! 5 5 1
Churchill Took these to the golf course on a cold day, it was a great relaxing smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill Update to previous review first one I smoked was logs hard to keep lit terrible however second one is truly a strong and good smoke as Maduro should be. I am hoping that I just got one bad in the batch 4 5 1
Churchill Very smooth. Great tasting 5 5 1
Churchill One of my go to cigars. Really enjoy these 5 5 1
Churchill They weren't what I expected for a Romeo tuff draw after several days in humidor letting last couple stay for a week or so. 2 5 1
Churchill Really liked this cigar. Exceeded my expectations. Nice slow burn nice ash pleasant flavor. Got to get more. 4 5 1
Churchill Offers a good flavor and aroma. Constructed well and enjoyed it for over an hour. 5 5 1
Churchill Good burn a little tightly wrapped decent flavor I would buy more of these. 3 5 1
Churchill Really like this dark rich smoke. Bold and flavorful cigar. Excellent quality and perfect burn. Flawless wrapper and great construction 5 5 1
Churchill Very surprised. More body than expected with Maduro sweetness. Some complexity. Excellent burn and construction. Not the Romeo I expected. Nice 5 5 1
Churchill A good smooth and creamy smoke. Hints of chocolate dried fruit cream nuts and espresso. Flawless construction and great draw. 4 5 1
Churchill Good smoke but just a little bit harsh towards the end. The draw can be a little tough. 4 5 1
Churchill Great full body cigar that has a great aroma and flavor that is made up of dark earthy and leathery tons and just a hint of pepper 4 5 1
Churchill Great fuller bodied smoke while still retaining that creamy chocolate smoothing it. Not overpowering but still packs a punch. Great smoke 4 5 1
Churchill Pre light flavors were nice. Flavors while smoking were ok. Have smoked 3 of 5 pack and they won't stay lit. 3 5 1
Churchill Good cigar nice flavor and draw January and February and March and April and may be a good time to time and money 4 5 1
Churchill No surprises just what I've come to expect from Romeo Y Julieta. Consistent quality. Very enjoyable smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill This maduro is the bomb it has loads of flavors dark and smokey very strong but not over powering livevit 5 5 1
Churchill Spicy bold flavor a are what to expect from this dark beauty. A firm ash characteristic in my experience with Romeo and Juliettas. A satisfying smoke 5 5 1
Churchill A nice cigar. A sniff test pre-light reveals way more funkiness than expected but it didn't seem to do anything bad to my other cigars in my humidor. A nice taste to this one. Though the draw is sometimes tight. 3 5 1
Churchill A good smoke but the one's I had were a bit too fresh. They need some time in the humidor. Draw is really tight I had to relight several times. I'll let them cook for a couple of months they will be fine 4 5 1
Churchill Just had one watching foot ball on our deck very enjoyable a good nice priced cigar. Few Reliable amd consistent 4 5 1
Churchill Cannot say enough good things about this stick. Amazing flavor perfect draw tight ash good deal on 5 pack. First madero and did not disappoint! 5 5 1
Churchill Very good smoke for occasional smoker but not my cup of tea 4 5 1
Churchill Again on this one... Spent more and got more... Happy with the flavor and draw... These ones are changing the way I am buying cigars... 4 5 1
Churchill The romance between myself and this stick is a mystery I find myself drawn to the dark smoothness of the wrapper and sweetness of the flavor 4 5 1
Churchill Very good cigar. Just not one of my favorite flavors. Burns good. Good ash. Good draw. Not an overwhelming flavor. 3 5 1
Churchill Was a little harsh when first lit but smoothed out to a pleasing slightly sweet flavor. Ash was tight to about 1 stayed lit. Burn was a little uneven but didn't need a touchup. Had to open up the draw a bit. Not complex just a good enjoyable cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill I'm a Churchill fan and with this line I loved the flavor, draw, burn and construction 5 5 1
Churchill Perfect gift for my fiancé and father !! 5 5 1
Churchill I purchased a 5 pack of both the robusto and the Churchill, they seemed to have a predominately sour flavor to them. I kept trying and the fourth (after sitting in the humidor for several months) lost most of that sour taste, but the draw was hard and the flavors were plain and dull. Maybe I just don’t care for the flavor of this stick, but I’ve smoke a ton of different maduro. We shall see, I still have 3 or 4 at least. 3 5 1
Churchill Lit up a RyJ Churchill reserve maduro working in the back yard (we live on a golf course) received “what is that, smells great” comments from passersby. I agree with them, this is a fine cigar, well constructed, easy draw and consistent flavor to the very end. This is a must stock in my humidor. 5 5 1
Churchill Good cigar. Needs a little more flavor. But overall I would buy this cigar again. 5 5 1
Churchill The best of the best... My Fav cigar.. And Romeo hooks those up only cigar box that I've ever open and find a bpack 69% humidity inside the sealed box.... 5 5 1
Churchill A nice smoke with rich flavors, goes well with a nice rich cup of coffee, nice burn with a minimum of relights 4 5 1
Churchill A relatively good smoke. Certainly worth the cash to acquire. Construction, though, was terribly inconsistent. I chose the two that seemed to have "hard spots" in the cigar. Canoed right off the bat. Required three lengthy touch-ups. Other than that, flavor was angular at first 25%, which is somewhat typical, but then eased into a good medium to full flavor. Draw was easy and stayed lit between lengthy drags. 4 5 1
Churchill Decent Smoke not a lot of flavor though 4 5 1
Churchill Bought these as an alternative smoke to Partagas Maduro 8 & 10. Not disappointed. Constructed well and rich flavor. Will buy again... 5 5 1
Churchill For me a good choice. 5 5 1

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserve Maduro

Churchill 7 × 50 JUCHR5

The Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserve Maduro Churchill has a gorgeous oily black maduro Connecticut broadleaf wrapper along with a tasty Nicaraguan binder and a hearty blend of Nicaraguan, Peruvian, and Dominican long fillers, and offers rich, complex notes of sweet spice, coffee, leather, and dark chocolate. All of these great flavors engulf your palate the moment you light up this perfectly rolled Churchill. It is sold in convenient packs of five.
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Connecticut Broadleaf


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua / Peru

Dominican Republic



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