4.388888888888889 54
Juniors I LOVE Rocky Patel. The Best brand ever! Everything is perfect. In my opinion 10/10 5 5 1
Juniors The 1990 vintage is probably my favorite out of the vintage line followed by the 22 Connecticut. This is a true medium profile with slight petter on the retrohale and nice fragrant smoke slight creaminess 5 5 1
Juniors Live for Rocky patel very high quality highly recommended love the coffee notes love stogies and coffee if that's your thing these guys are for you 5 5 1
Juniors Will throw the case in a bag if I'm going somewhere for a bit. A nice smoke for a break during your daily routine 4 5 1
Juniors Definitely one of my favorite Cigars!!!! 9 is great the flavors are fantastic the draw is almost perfect. I could not find a bad thing to say about the 1990 if my life depended on it!!!! This is something that is a main staple in my humidor and probably always will be!!!! I fell in love with this smoke the first time I tried it and it has never let me down since then!!! 5 5 1
Juniors I'm not a huge rocky fan but these smoke really well with good smoke output for their size 5 5 1
Juniors Power house smoke imo a really great smoke good taste lots of smoke output will keep these on hand 4 5 1
Juniors Great from Rocky Patel as usual will buy more. Flavor not an A for my taste but still good 4 5 1
Juniors I love the Vintage 1990s. These allow for a quick smoke with still the great flavor you'd enjoy with most Rocky Patel cigars. Great sticks 4 5 1
Juniors I enjoyed this little smoke. Great spicy flavor followed by a creamy smooth taste. Great if you don't have but about 45 mins to smoke. Really good flavor that packs a punch. 4 5 1
Juniors These are nice sticks for a quick session. Mild body and flavor but classic old school. Really nice. 4 5 1
Juniors Medium bodied smoke. Hints of cocoa and coffee and a very creamy texture. Very smooth finish as well 4 5 1
Juniors A great short smoke that satisfies better than many bigger cigars! Lots of quality and flavor packed in a small package. Rich and robust. 5 5 1
Juniors These are pretty good when you want a decent cigar but don't have an hour to enjoy one. 3 5 1
Juniors Rich smoke deep flavefull cigar. Try one I definitely will be trying againe. A+ rating 4 5 1
Juniors Rp 1990 juniors?! How could you not short premiums are hard to find and here they are ready to be smoked incredible leather and chocolate 5 5 1
Juniors Rocky Patel cigars are wonderful and the wrapper is fabulous I am not a package person but I love the old school package 5 5 1
Juniors Nice little smoke. Packs a punch. A lot of flavor. Spice and nuts. Well constructed. 4 5 1
Juniors This tin makes an unbelievable groomsman gift. Everyone loved it along with a bottle of scotch and a lighter. 5 5 1
Juniors Rocky Patel was some of the first premium smokes I had. The small smokes with a little ring gauge deliver on big flavored. I usually get a good coco flavor with these smokes. 3 5 1
Juniors One of my favorite smokes regardless of the size. Great draw even burn and wonderful flavor. 5 5 1
Juniors The rocky patel vintage 1990 is a fantastic smoke. I especially love it in the smaller package. 5 5 1
Juniors I really enjoyed these. Great shorter smoke for when you don't have lots of time on your hands. Great flavor. 4 5 1
Juniors Great cigar with a lot of flavor mostly cocoa. Good draw. I would buy it again! 5 5 1
Juniors Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Juniors are great cigars from everybody's pal Rocky Patel. Using the same blend as the bigger cigars these are junior sized for a quick break sized smoke.. tasty 4 5 1
Juniors nice smooth cigar with flavors of chocolate and small hint of spice. the draw was perfect. the cigar required no touch ups or relights. I would definitely smoke again. 4 5 1
Juniors These are good little smokes. Perfect for cold weather as well. Same flavors as the bigger sizes but packed into a nice long filler short smoke. 4 5 1
Juniors These are pretty good RP's! I loved the look and smell both before and after lighting it. Great flavor and aroma! Get some! 4 5 1
Juniors Like all RP cigars these are amazing. Attention to detail as well as great flavor and great body and the rappers are amazing 5 5 1
Juniors The RP 1990s are a decent everyday smoke. The flavor is consistent with a mild spice coffee with an earthy undertone. Burn is usually consistent as well 3 5 1
Juniors The flavor of the 1990 in a short smoke size but the construction on mine was a bit shoddy; the wrapper started peeling after the cut. 4 5 1
Juniors That was the best four pack of cigars it was sweet and mild bold enough 5 5 1
Juniors this is a pretty good cigar. ive always enjoyed Rocky Patel and this is no different these smokes are nice 4 5 1
Juniors It's pretty good like all the other patels one of my favorites it's a little deep and dark spicy tasting 5 5 1
Juniors Well made with a good draw and even burn. Light on the flavor side still had thick smoke just very blan. 4 5 1
Juniors This is a great way to take a short break and still enjoy a great cigar from one of the industry bests. Just like it's bigger brother it is a pleasant smoke with a nice aroma and packed with flavor. Grab them quick and keep em handy!! 5 5 1
Juniors Very good little cigar. Good smoke and flavor throughout. Stayed together and didn't come apart. Stayed cool. 4 5 1
Juniors How can you go wrong with rocky patel? You cant! That's how! Great flavor excellent draw and perfect construction is offered up in these little delights. 5 5 1
Juniors That it would like to know if you are looking for a to use the same as not to be a bit of a man and a half 5 5 1
Juniors Not like the royale or decade but definitely a good smoke! I would add this to my personal list of what to buy! 4 5 1
Juniors Great Quick smoke that you expect from any Rocky Patel but don't have the time to smoke a full cigar. 5 5 1
Juniors There's nothing junior about the punch these stogies have. So tasty. Loads of pepper rich earthy goodness. Always enjoyable at any time of the day. 5 5 1
Juniors Very bold flavor for such a little cigar. These are great though. Rocky Patel vintage are fantastic smokes 5 5 1
Juniors Love this tune of Rocky Patel's awesome little gift to give away or even get for yourself keep one of these Tins in your humidor at all times could have such a great smoke 5 5 1
Juniors Awesome cigar for a quick smoke. Seems to pack a little more punch than the larger vitolas. Same consistency and flavor profile as the larger vitolas also. 5 5 1
Juniors Definitely a good smoke as are most things from Rocky patel not a bad price and good tasting throughout would definitely buy again 3 5 1
Juniors Was a good overall cigar but lacked the punch I'm used to with the normal rocky Patel cigars. Left a bit to be desired but was still a very consistent smoke! 4 5 1
Juniors All the flavors you have come to know and love from the vintage 1990 packed into a little 30 minute smoke that is perfect for lunch breaks or waiting for the wife to come out of the grocery store 4 5 1
Juniors Great for a quick little smoke. One of the few R P that I don't dislike. 3 5 1
Juniors These little babies are full of flavor. Just as good as the full size rockys. Flavors of mocha and dried cherry fill the senses. Creamy smokes with a long finish 5 5 1
Juniors These little guys are so good you'll be Begging for another. Got these as a gift and I haven't looked back 5 5 1
Juniors Overall good. Nice construction good even burn Nice draw but not as flavorful as I expected 4 5 1
Juniors Not sure if rocky Patel can do any wrong in the world of cigars not sure they even produce a below average smoke 4 5 1
Juniors Flavor as advertised. Construction good but some unevenness in burn 5 5 1

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

Juniors 4 × 38 RPVJ

The finest premium little mellow carry-along smokes on the planet, Vintage 1990 Juniors are packed five per tin, each etched with Rocky’s picture inside its lid as a symbol of his quality and artisanship.
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Dominican Republic / Nicaragua


Mellow - Medium


10 Tins of 5 (50 total)

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