4.5675675675675675 37
Robusto Very consistent smoke, smooth burns and lots of flavor from these smaller cigars. Really enjoying 5 5 1
Robusto Decent cigars 5 5 1
Robusto Great smoke, was recommended at checkout said why not. Definitely will order again 5 5 1
Robusto This is a great smoke. It pairs well with a Great Bourbon. 5 5 1
Robusto Awesome smoke ordering for a second time. Will definitely be a part of my smoking past time for years to come 4 5 1
Robusto I got Chocolate not coffee. Lots of wood flavor like a campfire. Went great with a charcoal filtered old fashioned of orange and cherry. Heated up too much on the final third for my liking. 4 5 1
Robusto Got two boxes" toro an robusto"!! a great cigar"!! from 1--- 10, i give them a 8 all day long" a great smoke that want break the bank"!! 5 5 1
Robusto I am a regular smoker and I think I found my go to cigar. I've been trying a lot of assortments to find a cigar I like on a daily basis. This is it. I still love the Fuente "Short Story" but for the money this is an excellent choice. 5 5 1
Robusto I am now on my third 10 pack. These cigars will likely always have a home in my humidor, and a cigar I could easily smoke daily. Each cigar has been consistent with excellent construction, draw, and flavor. If you get these when they are on sale, it is a steal. 5 5 1
Robusto I didn't expect much of this stick when i found it in a mixed bag , but holy cow...Tons of chocolate , coffee , and earth . Great subtle spice and excellent burn . A+ 5 5 1
Robusto Maybe I got my hopes up or what but I’ve had the 20th anniversary from rocky Patel and they have a much better flavor to me. These are very good all around but kinda weak on flavor. They smoke well and have a great drag. 3 5 1
Robusto i 5 5 1
Robusto Shared these with a friend and they were pretty good…a little hard to drawl, but I enjoyed anyway…decent price too! 4 5 1
Robusto All around decent cigar and worth what they cost. 4 5 1
Robusto I've bought many a box of Rocky Patel Freedoms and never been disappointed. They are always reliable, fresh, consistent, and taste great. The price is also very reasonable for such a high quality smoke. 5 5 1
Robusto I initially purchased a box of these because you get a free box of Conquistas with it. But, to my surprise this Freedom is a fantastic stick plus I like to support Rocky because he does more than anyone in Washington DC to make sure that we can have our hand rolled cigars. Thank you Rocky Patel for being our voice in DC!! 4 5 1
Robusto Great cigar at a great price 5 5 1
Robusto The Freedom robusto cigars are an excellent smoke! And the beautiful "Freedom" box they were in was very appropriate for Memorial Day and 4th of July! We liked the cigars and the box so much a week later we ordered 2 more! Bravo JR! 5 5 1
Robusto I bought a box of those cigars because I like RP. These cigars are absolutely delicious. The draw is perfect and the smoke is full of perfumes. I just spent a very enjoyable time smoking it. Would definitely recomand them to anyone. Thanks RP for this enjoyable moment 5 5 1
Robusto Just amazing! 5 5 1
Robusto Bang for buck hands down the best stogie! 5 5 1
Robusto One great cigar. All sizes....looks strong, its not. Mild, more to the point, smooth. Consistent. Packaged nicely. Great box! 5 5 1
Robusto Great flavor, nice even burn 4 5 1
Robusto Bought these because I could not get my usual cigar H. Uppman (out of stock). 4 5 1
Robusto Look great taste good 👍🏿 5 5 1
Robusto I bought a box of these Rocky Patel Freedom Cigars off a deal here on JR where I got a free ashtray and an 8 pack sampler. To be completely honest I had no idea what to expect with I ordered them but I’m a sucker for a good deal and really needed a new ashtray. The first one I had I could hardly stand it. I couldn’t even tell you what I disliked about it other than the flavor was horrible but I smoked the first one almost immediately after it arrived. So I decided to let the rest of them rest for a couple of weeks and I’m glad I did. These are a well made cigar. Tight draw, clean burn, good smoke production. These cigars probably won’t ever be my go to but I’d absolutely purchase them again 4 5 1
Robusto Bought a box of 20 first cpl were nice until I started noticing wired little holes did some research turns out 5 of the 20 had cigar beetles in them never heard of such a thing 2 5 1
Robusto Amazing 5 5 1
Robusto Excellent reliable puro. No canoes and good draw. 5 5 1
Robusto Harsh flavor 3 5 1
Robusto Bought them on sale on the 4th.,darn good cigar, lots of flavor, great taste good burn.Will be buying them again! 5 5 1
Robusto Great smoke. Slow burn 5 5 1
Robusto Great smoke 5 5 1
Robusto I have always loved RP cigars. They are most times my go to, when I have a choice. Always good flavor and quality. These did not disappoint. They had great flavor, all in great shape when I received them. I smoked the first one down so low, even burned my lip a little, but if they can get that low and the flavor does not change, that is a ++ in my book. Well done. 5 5 1
Robusto A very good cigar for under $5 a stick. Great draw and construction. I will definitely buy again. Perfect for an every day smoke. 5 5 1
Robusto RP R 5 5 1
Robusto this was a decent smoke for the price. I have bought these before and they are consistent in construction and flavor. 4 5 1

Rocky Patel Freedom

Robusto 5.50 × 50 FRER

Beautifully boxed and banded to pay tribute to our brave men and who selflessly serve in the military, the affordable Rocky Patel Freedom Robusto cigar is a splendid specimen covered by a seamless Sumatra wrapper that hugs a well-aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. Medium bodied, and oozing with compelling tasting notes of wood, leather, espresso, and sweet cream, the patriotically themed Freedom Robusto is yet another masterpiece from Rocky Patel that will become a staple in your cigar humidor.   

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