4.305555555555555 36
Sixty The worst cigar I have had at Jr.'s. Soooo dry with wrap peeling and falling apart!! Unable to keep lit. No flavor. 2 5 1
Sixty This is a one hour smooth clean burning smoke. I have had a few canoe issues with the burn about halfway through but it is easy to draw and the construction is good. 4 5 1
Sixty Very vrrygood 5 5 1
Sixty The Freedoms burn consistently every smoke. Great smooth flavors. 5 5 1
Sixty I buy these any time they’re on sale 4 5 1
Sixty Great flavor 5 5 1
Sixty First Rocky Patel purchase. Pleased with this long lasting smoke. 4 5 1
Sixty A reasonably priced Rocky Patel and nice full-bodied Maduro long-lasting smoke I enjoyed it. 5 5 1
Sixty Great cigar 5 5 1
Sixty Nice one 4 5 1
Sixty Very good cigar Smoke. a full, mild Smoke 5 5 1
Sixty Good Cigar for the money! 5 5 1
Sixty I always can count on great value for the price. Away great selections and quality products. 5 5 1
Sixty Burn a little uneven other than that great smoke 5 5 1
Sixty Just a touch strong but very smokable 4 5 1
Sixty If you’re looking for a nice slow burn intense cigar this is it ! 5 5 1
Sixty This is my go to smoke. The burn is usually good, flavor is great as expected from a Rocky Patel cigar. JR offers some awesome deals so very affordable for the everyday smoker. Enjoy. 4 5 1
Sixty This is a good cigar for every day smoke.Shared it with some friends and they liked it for an every day smoke.It has good construction.Nice draw and nice flavor.Yes-I would recommend it for your every day smoke. 4 5 1
Sixty Great 5 5 1
Sixty Would definitely buy again 5 5 1
Sixty ......I found it to be a tamer version of my favorite JR 1958 Sesentas. Good nutty flavor at the beginning which opened up halfway down. By all means a good smoke as far as draw, consistency, and construction and value. It just lacked slightly in the flavor department. But then again, I favor robust, stronger smokes. 4 5 1
Sixty This reminded me of a smaller version of the Perdomo Immenso Maduro. Comments about flavor of roasted nuts were accurate, especially on the cold draw. I've tried two out of a five pack. Burn was excellent, along with draw on the second one. Draw was good, not spectacular. Perfectly acceptable cigar if I’m looking for something while I’m working, but I wouldn’t pull one of these out if I had time to relax or celebrate. 4 5 1
Sixty I really like this one. Came nice and fresh, didn’t need any time in the humidor. Nice strong flavor and it lasts for a while. Gave one to a good friend and he really enjoyed it too. 5 5 1
Sixty Wow what a surprise, xlent smoke , had one the day they arrived, good smoke ,then another bout 2 weeks in the Needone 48L they are a great buy and already reordered 5 5 1
Sixty Very smooth mild cigar. 5 5 1
Sixty Good everyday smoke. Lacks on consistency and at times flavor. The price is good for what you get 3 5 1
Sixty Extremely fry. They are all cracking right out of the box. 1 5 1
Sixty robust good flavor and even burn. 5 5 1
Sixty There ok for the price. 4 5 1
Sixty A bit strong at times but nice smoke 4 5 1
Sixty Hard to find much better at JR prices. Big smoke, big flavor and great construction. Maduros are just the best. 4 5 1
Sixty Very disappointed, half were a horrible draw and wouldn't burn correctly. The ones that burned correctly were good but expected consistency and thats not what I received. 3 5 1
Sixty An entry level BMW is still a BMW. That holds true with Rocky Patel. The Freedom line as I have read was designed in part to (as I understand it) cut some costs in producing a fine cigar and pass some of that savings to the consumer. Well, they succeeded. I bought a box of these from JR for a fraction of what some of Rocky's other offerings cost. Now, I have smoked some mighty fine Rockys that are considerably more expensive. The Rocky Patel Sixty and RPS being among these. Beasts of cigars and very appreciated. At this price point, one might think this is a substandard stick. They would be dreadfully wrong. This 60 ring behemoth was absolutely wonderful. No, it isn't an RPS or a Sixty, but it is a fine work of Rocky. I tasted leather and cedar at the beginning that gradually gave way to espresso and chocolate. It never got peppery, and I smoked it to the nub. The draw was excellent and effortless throughout. It needed an occasional touch-up from the lighter, but never went out. The massive ring gauge smoked cool throughout, and it took me almost two hours to smoke the whole thing. I enjoyed ot with a Cabernet Sauvignon and it paired perfectly. The construction was impeccable and the maduro wrapper was silky and beautiful. At the price I paid, I feel like I stole them. If you love Rockys but don't like paying much, this is a bargain on both ends. No dissappointment at all; it is a delightful smoke! I am glad I bought a box! 5 5 1
Sixty I was really surprised with this one get smoke burn you name it the flavor was crazy definitely buying again 5 5 1
Sixty This is an excellent smoke. Draws easily, lasts long, great taste. Might be a bit hefty if you aren't in 60 ring size but it is worth it. 5 5 1
Sixty Some are ok 3 5 1

Rocky Patel Freedom Maduro

Sixty 6 × 60 FRES3

Rocky Patel Freedom Maduro Sixty are Nicaraguan puros expertly rolled using 5-years aged Cuban-seed tobaccos covered by a stunning coal black Habano Oscuro wrapper. This latest creation from Rocky is the long-awaited follow-up the original EMS Sumatra wrapped Freedom line that was met with enormous popularity when it was first launched in 2012. Both lines were named to reflect the industry-wide fight against high taxation and regulation of premium cigars. You will enjoy a medium-to-full bodied smoke with rich, dark tobacco flavors of bittersweet chocolate, earth, roasted nuts, black pepper, and espresso. If you like your sticks, big, bold, dark, and delicious, then order a box of Rocky Patel Freedom Maduro Sixty from JR Cigar today.


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