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No. 200 A long time favorite that got destroyed by the incompetent behavior of the shipping and packing crew. This happens with 2 out of 3 orders placed. The response from JR customer service lackey was insulting and a violation of postal code. I'm a 36 year customer that spends ten thousand dollars per year on cigars, now that I've retired from military service that began in 1982. Don Carlos Fuente was a personal friend, as was Don Evelio Oviedo, Rolando Reyes, Frank Llanezza, Tony Borhani, Don Smith, Estelo Padron, Heinrich Kelner, Edgar Cullman, Bill Ashton Taylor, Mike Butera, Giancarlo Guidi, Manuel Quesada, Charlie Finck, Diana Silvius-Gits, Bjarne Nielson, Arme Larson and many more of the old masters whose names you should know. None of the folks I just mentioned would approve of the rudeness, hostility and ignorance that has become a fixture of function at JR shipping and customer (dis)service. Your entry level customer service tech actually blocked my access to other customer service personnel, subsequent attempts to address the problem were frustrating and offensive. So, JR can say goodbye to a 36 year customer that spends thousands of dollars per season, and was an integral part of the fine tobacco world, having formulated many cigars and pipe tobacco blends that have become enduringly successful. If anyone at JR actually reads reviews, you should contact me to make this right. I have already purchased 16 boxes of cigars from another company in Florida, they charge a little more, but they are respectful, cheerful, and don't make mistakes. By the way, I also knew Lew Rothman during the 1990's, heads would have rolled for less in his day. Stop ruining his legacy with idiotic and unethical trade practices. 4 5 1
No. 200 This stick was suggested by customer service to me to replace something out of stock. I was skeptical with the low cost associated with these but I was pleasantly surprised. Smooth smoke and great smoke production. I like these when I’m not worrying about pairings and individual notes just want a good smooth smoke while relaxing or even doing some chores. Definitely recommended as a buy! 5 5 1
No. 200 I stopped smoking 8 years ago. The Riata is a well constructed cigar. I just put it in my mouth to keep from smoking. 5 5 1
No. 200 Started off a little sour but that quickly changed. Found myself not wanting to put it down , good cigar good price 4 5 1
No. 200 Riata is truly a premium smoke with a lower price tag! My favorite is the 6.5x44 Lonsdale withe the pantela a close second! 5 5 1


No. 200 6.88 × 36 RT2P

This elegant Panatela is packed with tons of rich and spicy flavors. You’ll look like a man of distinction with this elegant smoke sticking out of your kisser. In addition, your friends will never know that these great medium-bodied Nicaraguan cigars are sold in bundles of 20, and are very affordable… That is, unless you tell them!
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