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Original I found one of the most flavourful well rounded great tasting medium strength bourbon dipped cigars that I have had the pleasure of smoking and I got them from a friend’s cigar shop in Lynchburg Va. only by him ordering them for me and when I moved back home to my mountains of West Virginia I couldn’t find them anywhere and wasn’t really sure of where to start looking ! A friend of mine clued me in on the company named J. R. Cigars and low and behold there my delicious Ram Rod cigars were and I could order them directly from the company and not a cigar shop that usually had about a 100% markup that I would have to pay extra for ! Not saying that I wouldn’t pay it because that’s how much I love these hard to find cigars and besides my friend that owned the shop in Lynchburg Va. was a very good friend and I would help him out for any reason ! Anyway the moral of this review is the fact that I have , by the grace of god , not only found my delicious bourbon dipped lovelies but J. R. Cigars is my go to cigar company from now on as long as they keep them in stock and my lungs hold out in my elder years ! Everyone stay safe and be blessed for God has blessed you today and each and every day and he’s always watching over us to carry us if we stumble or fall from our burdens and heavy load that life gives us ! 5 5 1


Original 6.50 × 34 RAMROD

With Ramrod Original machine-made dry-cured cigars—expertly crafted with the flavor of bourbon—there's no need for a humidor (or a glass). Crafted in the European style in a slim 6.5 x 34 size, Ramrod Original cigars have been a forever favorite with fans of rugged smokes, especially when they're on the move; because Ramrod Original dry-cured cigars are available in 25 travel-friendly packs of two (50 cigars total), they easily go wherever you may roam. Priced to please, Ramrod cigars are an affordable option when shopping online to buy a well-blended burst of bourbon flavor in a take-along traditional smoke.
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Kentucky Dark Fired


Kentucky Dark Fired

United States

Medium - Full


25 Packs of 2 (50 total)

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