Odyssey Sweet Tip

Toro 6 × 54 ODSTO

Odyssey Sweet Tip Toro cigars are affordable smokes produced by General Cigar, the legendary company responsible for Macanudo, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas , and many more famous brands. Sweet Tip is the latest installment to an Odyssey lineup that includes the wildly popular Habano, Maduro, and Connecticut lines. Odyssey Sweet Tip Corona cigars are expertly rolled in a hefty 6 x 54 format with deeply aged Cuban-seed fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras, a sturdy Honduran binder, and a gorgeous Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Habano wrapper that displays tight seams and a nice oily sheen. Thanks to its sweetened tip, the tasting notes are rich, creamy, and naturally sweet, and the fragrant vanilla-like aroma will delight you, as well as those nearby. Sweet Tip Corona cigars are perfect for Odyssey smokers, or anyone else that’s looking for a little dash of extra flavor without it being overly sweet or cloying. Along with its great taste and complexity, Odyssey Sweet Tip Toro cigars boast top-notch construction, a slow even burn, and an effortless draw with every satisfying puff. If this sounds like your ideal smoke then, be sure to grab an affordable pack of 20 when you place your next online order from JR Cigar.
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