3.8333333333333335 48
Corona good constructio good lavor burns well. good value for price 4 5 1
Corona Good everyday smoke you cant beat the price 4 5 1
Corona nice cigar to smoke on a lazy day with. it burnt pretty even throughout the entire length. will try them again some day. 4 5 1
Corona OK draw and construction. Whats wrong is the filler. Low quality tobacco with the stems left in. You get what you pay for here. 3 5 1
Corona Perfect size cigar in my opinion. Mild body with a nice touch of flavors like cedar and earthiness. Good construction too. 5 5 1
Corona While the small cigar the Odyssey Connectut is a long filler the Odyssey Habano Toro is a short filler. The add for all of them said: Odyssey boasts a straightforward recipe of aged long filler tobaccos hand rolled in Nicaragua Look into this Nick 4 5 1
Corona a great small cigar when you want just a real cigar but don't want to sit down with a snifter of cognac for an hour. real long filler and smooth burning 43 ring is just a major notch up from the 20 ring jobs that are almost cigarettes this is a real cigar just little 5 5 1
Corona The Odyssey Connecticut Corona is a fairly okay cigar a little on the mild side but okay for the first one of the day 4 5 1
Corona Is this the greatest cigar ever made? I suppose it depends on who you ask. Is this a great cigar for handing out or enjoying with a little yard work? Yessir! 3 5 1
Corona These cigars are great for a lower priced cigar. They are smooth, creamy flavored, and are medium bodied smoke. I have enjoyed these cigars and will order them again in the near future. I do suggest others to try them if they are looking for a smooth enjoyable and relaxing smoke. I do wish they came in a smaller, say a 33 or 38, ring size, and length about the same, 5.5 4 5 1
Corona The Odyssey Corona is a good daily smoker, the size is right for a quick smoke and the surprise is that it stays lit for a while when you put it down. I would have gave it 5 stars if it was a little firmer 4 5 1
Corona Best cigar I’ve had that’s under 3 bucks! I’m keeping my humidor filled with them. The cigar itself is like a smoke that’s 4 times it’s cost. Love ‘em!! 5 5 1
Corona You can't beat this Cigar for the money..... Great draw, not bitter, will buy it again...... 5 5 1
Corona Inoffensive but uninteresting. Well constructed if a bit loosely packed. Checks the box when you want a shorter smoke. 3 5 1
Corona For the $$$ a nice cigar. 4 5 1
Corona For the most part seemed loosely packed..a quick burn and not much taste...rather neutral. Better than nothing but not high on my list. 3 5 1
Corona The corona burned ok for most of the cigars in the bundle. Flavor profile is mellow which is expected. 4 5 1
Corona I have smoked 4 bundles. Not one was too tight. Some draw a little better than others but overall they have all been a good smoke.But as I have experienced before with other good smokes, they are sold out. Come on JR's, how about keeping the good ones in stock!!! 5 5 1
Corona Great value. Good smoke 4 5 1
Corona I love corona size cigars and I'm always looking for cheap mornings cigars and this is it!. Good construction,not to tight( some are a little loose). For the price you not will find any better. The only con I found interesting is that not every bundle has the same taste and strength,but am not saying they are bad,they are really good. 4 5 1
Corona Harsh but I got what I paid for..some of your lower priced cigars are good..not these. 2 5 1
Corona This one is interesting and flavorful. I like the Nicaraguan filler and binder combined with the Connecticut shade wrapper. More medium to full strength by my estimate. Great construction and all around great stick for an excellent price. 5 5 1
Corona Price friendly mild strength cigar. Good cigar for the price. 5 5 1
Corona Good mild great tasting price friendly cigar. 5 5 1
Corona A pretty average cigar. 3 5 1
Corona Nice flavored smaller style cigar that's reasonably priced. draws well and easily stays lit to the end 4 5 1
Corona I have bought these many times in the past and liked them. Then they seemed to have disappeared for a while. The last two bundles have been pretty bad. Can’t keep them lit and uneven burn. 2 5 1
Corona Nice half hour cigar for the price. Very Mello smoke if that's what you like. Can have an uneven burn. 4 5 1
Corona Odyssey implies a journey of some sort... there is no journey... this (corona) cigar starts and ends with the same, somewhat bland profile. I enjoy a mild cigar with coffee but this cigar... meh. I'll keep them in the bottom of the humi for a year and see if anything develops. I've found some real gems in the bargain bundle offerings from J&R (Palma Real Paradisus is a real stand out) but this one has been the least impressive... not a bad cigar, just nothing interesting. 3 5 1
Corona I am smoking one now. This is a mild tasting cigar that is constructed well for a budget price. 4 5 1
Corona It very smooth 3 5 1
Corona bought these many time, inexpensive and not a bad smoke, Draw is good, burn well 4 5 1
Corona This is a good cigar which is cheap. The flavor is good, and will burn slow. Gets hot if you smoke them to fast. Have already bought them again 4 5 1
Corona Not very good would not burn goes out repeatedly 1 5 1
Corona I find that Odyssey cigars are a great value. For the price, you can't go wrong. I don't like the Connecticut as much as the Habano, but they're still nice stogies. They burn nicely, taste good, and the construction is excellent. If you're looking for a nice, cheap smoke, this is it. 4 5 1
Corona Great reasonable priced cigar, easy draw, burns evenly, nice flavor. I like the habano, coffee, hell, I like all of them 4 5 1
Corona Odysseus is a good mellow value priced cigar. Good flavor and even burn. Good everyday smoke. 5 5 1
Corona Great little smoke for the price 4 5 1
Corona These are great, cheap, and good for parties and things like that. Great to hand to a first-timer or friend who doesn't smoke. Good flavor, good draw. Never had any issues with them when they are fresh. Only issues I've had have been from my own storage issues. 4 5 1
Corona Great inexpensive stick. 5 5 1
Corona Honestly didn't expect much at the price point, but these are decent cigars. Very mild, but still have good flavor, burn fairly decent and have a good draw. Will definitely be ordering more from Odyssey in the future for budget friendly smokes. 5 5 1
Corona Good cigar for the money. Can be somewhat inconsistent. 4 5 1
Corona Even burning, every day smoke. 4 5 1
Corona Worst cigar I have ever smoked. First time I have ever been disappointed in a cigar from General Cigars. The cigars were soft, burned hot and tasted like a gas station cigar. The bands were ugly and were falling off. This cigar will make you quit smoking cigars. I didn't expect much at the price point but am still totally disappointed. 1 5 1
Corona . 3 5 1
Corona Everyday cigar for me , maybe 2 or 3 , depending what I'm doing. Draw , sometimes cigar is tight ! Burn , sometimes burned to one side . Smoke , mild . 4 5 1
Corona Quite a few poorly packed cigars, poor draw 3 5 1
Corona I was impressed, even hid a few so they would.....good smoke good deal. 4 5 1

Odyssey Connecticut

Corona 5.50 × 43 ODCCO

Made by the General Cigar Company, home to some of the world’s most famous brands, the Odyssey Connecticut Corona is a value-priced bundled cigar that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or taste. The cigars easygoing mellow to medium body flavors of caramel, roasted nuts, sweet spice, and coffee, come from a top-quality blending of Nicaraguan binder and long fillers finished with a pristine golden-brown Connecticut wrapper. 

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Mellow - Medium


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