4.0 9
464 Cameroon Torpedo Really surprised. These may only be 4 inches long but they last for quite awhile. Decent flavor. Excellent burn. 4 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo burn uneven, filler fall apart. 2 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo Good smooth smoke 5 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo I figured they ran out of some listed stick's and added a few Romeo's, montecristo, etc by A.J Fernandez and more!. I loved this Cameroonian Nun, sweet nuttiness from the wrapper I could taste on my lips, a long withe amazing creamy, espresso like notes, ànd a sweet almost vanilla note. Great smoke will purchase more when possibl. Only problem was when I received the variety bag it only had a single 69rh boveda for 10 cigars. There was a small crack on the foot but after a month in the humidor it's fantastic! 4 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo Don't think for a second that 4 inches means a quick smoke. Not with this 64 ring behemoth. I enjoyed this bad boy for about an hour. The Cameroon wrapper is spicy on the lip with a hint of chocolate and espresso. The smoke is rich, thick, spicy, and flavorful. A nice tobacco sweetness all around and medium to full bodied. The aroma is great and it was a real joy to smoke, and I smoked it until there wasn't enough left to keep from burning my fingers. The draw was great, not too tight and not too loose. The construction was solid and it burned evenly throughout. I really like the torpedo shape; I enjoyed just looking at this beast before I even lit it. But, yeah, any illusions I had of this 4 inch cigar being a quick smoke are gone. At 4 inches and 64 ring, it reminds me of the .45 acp round. Short, fat, and slow, but it darn sure does get the job done with authority. 5 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo Currency better than average, Nub Cameroon terrific 4 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo Enjoyed the smoke, a little too short to enjoy for any substantial time period but perfect if you want a "Quickie". 4 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo Flavor spot on, draw was a bit tight and some construction issues. 3 5 1
464 Cameroon Torpedo I’ve smoked a lot of the Nub Maduros, but these Cameroons might be my new favorite of the like. The flavors are more vibrant and nuanced. 5 5 1


464 Cameroon Torpedo 4 × 64 N464T5

Nub 464 Cameroon Torpedo was crafted in the company’s groundbreaking short and fat 4 x 64 size that was made to hit the “sweet spot” the moment you light it up. Handmade in the famous Oliva factory in Nicaragua, this top-notch cigar is named after its silky-smooth Cameroon wrapper that encases the finest aged Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobaccos. This medium-bodied masterpiece offers rich flavors of earth, spice, cedar and coffee, that earned it an impressive 90-rating from Cigar Aficionado in 2012. Order an affordable 5-pack from JR Cigar, and savor this award-winning smoke from Oliva!
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