4.242424242424242 33
460 Habano I love these short sticks. Start out right at the sweet spot. Nice earthy flavor with cocoa and light black pepper 5 5 1
460 Habano The Habano nub is a great large RG cigar in a short package. These are not considered short smokes by any means. The caramel and white pepper on the Habano is excellent. Only some minor burn issues due to being a large RG but then again when they are on point you can do a NUB stand with them 3 5 1
460 Habano I love the flavors this has great construstion with a nice strong ash with a smooth even burn 5 5 1
460 Habano Perfect construction and a nice slow burning cigar. The smaller size is the sweet spot so you get the best part of the cigar from start to finish. 5 5 1
460 Habano This cigar has a thicker smoke with a deeper burning taste. It has a thick ash but had to relight several times. 3 5 1
460 Habano Probably one of my favorite nub cigars. The characteristics will keep you guessing on what flavor you'll taste next. I highly recommend 4 5 1
460 Habano The Nub Is An Outstanding Stick. Expect It To Go For About AnHour. Great Tasting blend. Fair Strength. 5 5 1
460 Habano Not my favorite Nub cigar but it is ok. A full cigar but a little strong for me. 4 5 1
460 Habano I had one of these this past winter and it was a well put-together 40-45 minute smoke. I recall a pepper-driven flavor profile which was nice on a cold day. Recommended. 4 5 1
460 Habano Awesome. Great cigar start to finish. Never got hot and was smooth and delicious. Perfect with coffee in the morning. 5 5 1
460 Habano Won these on auction and love the taste. Perfect burn... smoked it down to the nub and was disappointed the short gem was over. Would buy again on auction. Great value. Medium to full taste but not bitter. Quality ... with no after taste or harshness... i wanted another. 5 5 1
460 Habano This little guy is packed with flavor. The draw is velvety smooth. It has a richer profile than the Connecticut a fuller mouth feel. A very nice cigar 5 5 1
460 Habano Tasty cigar and smooth. Great for an everyday smoke. I recommend this to all cigar smokers to enjoy. This cigar is great for having daily. 4 5 1
460 Habano Excellent cigar. Smooth powerful steady smoke. Recommended. 5 5 1
460 Habano This was a great nub cigar. Surprisely this little cigar lasted me a long time to smoke I would definitely smoke this cigar again 5 5 1
460 Habano This nun habano wrapper is a delicious nub with a slight spice note. I like i it A lot 5 5 1
460 Habano My favorite Nub. Pretty spicy. Smoke and flavors were great. Will smoke again very soon 5 5 1
460 Habano One of the best cigars you can get. For a small cigar it lasts a long time. Sweet with a nice pepper after taste 5 5 1
460 Habano Draw I give it a pass. Construction was good with lots of smoke and firm ash. Flavor was a Lil spice and pepper bit smooth. No touch ups or anything. Good over all 3 5 1
460 Habano Very tasty deliciously sweet notes and just a good smoke. 4 5 1
460 Habano The nub 460 habana was a nice lil treat id say it qas a great lil treat will b buying more in future 4 5 1
460 Habano Short but mighty! This cigar packs a flavor punch! I can't tell you the last time I had such and enjoyable smoke. Giver her a whirl you won't regret it 4 5 1
460 Habano I had misgivings about this cigar before I smoked thinking it would last about ten minutes. Well I was mistaken as they smoke quite a long time . I like this version better than the Maduro or Connecticut wrapper . You will love this cigar. 4 5 1
460 Habano The habano nub 460 is chock-full of earthy undertones hints of leather these burn as long as a Toro size smoke recommend this smoke 5 5 1
460 Habano Nub are great cigars. The hey are truly at that sweet spot. It perfect beginning to end absolutely smooth and tasty. 4 5 1
460 Habano I love the Nubs. Nice tight roll with a tight draw. Best if punched and not cut. The habano is full of flavor from start to finish. 4 5 1
460 Habano nice cigar. love the richness draw smoke feel and it rest nicely in ur hand. 4 5 1
460 Habano These are my favorite cigars. I love the ring size which keeps them cool all the way. Nubs also have the trait if you don't flick the ash it will stay in tack for almost half of the cigar (I never get that far because I flick). Great bold taste great smoke. 5 5 1
460 Habano great 4 5 1
460 Habano This is a gimmick or novelty cigar. It was hard to light and hard to keep lit, and by the time it was burning right it was done. The short and extremely fat size made the smoke hot and harsh. It was more trouble than it was worth. I don't usually mess with gimmick cigars, but it was included in a sampler, so I tried it. I was not impressed. 1 5 1
460 Habano This is really a good cigar I got it as part of a sampler so I only had I think about 5 of them. The only problem is it's just really too short by the time you get it lit and smoked it's all over. But it's great if you want just like a little smaller cigar. I also prefer 60 ring which is what this is. I would recommend it strongly if you're looking for a smaller cigar. 5 5 1
460 Habano they appear to be old stock 3 bad burns experienced out of 9 attempts to enjoy some relaxation time 3 5 1
460 Habano Great flavor, great size, one of my favorite 4 5 1


460 Habano 4 × 60 N460H

The Nub Habano 460, packaged in a box of 24, is a premium handmade Nicaraguan puro surrounded by a lush, oily Habano wrapper. Expect the robust, full-bodied flavors of earth, cedar, espresso, and spice to blast your palate the moment you light up. This portly little smoke gets right down to business!
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