4.148648648648648 74
3x54 I bought the Nub Cafe sampler with all the flavors in it. These are delicious little smokes which take about an hour to finish. My problem has been with consistency and draw on these. The first one was delicious with lots of sweet chocolate and tobacco very creamy. The next 2 had serious draw problems and remained near impossible to smoke. Love the flavors but hate the draw. 3 5 1
3x54 The Nub Cafe Cappuccino is a very smooth cigar with hints of coffee and a tiny dash of Cappuccino in the blend 5 5 1
3x54 I normally don't like Java type cigars but this one was a great taste with my Mississippi Mud beer . 5 5 1
3x54 I like the size of this cigar. It's flavor is bold and tasty. Thick rich smoke and not to long to smoke in crunch or after lunch 5 5 1
3x54 I am a very loyal Ghurka guy but this nub was freaking amazing! I tried it a friends house and had to grab a couple from the cigar shop. Man was this fantastic! 5 5 1
3x54 These are really good. There is some flavor in the wrapper I really like that I can't figure out. It's not the coffee taste it's something else. I wish these were 2-3 inches longer. 5 5 1
3x54 The nub is a great high quality little stick. It's the perfect little smoke loaded with flavor and smoke for a little cigar 3 5 1
3x54 I've smoked a number of Nub's different cafe flavors. They have all had perfect construction and smoked beautifully. I'm not a big fan of infused cigars and these are REALLY sweet. If you lile that then go for it. If you aren't sure save your money for something else. 4 5 1
3x54 Warm tasty relaxing and the cigar isn't bad either. Pair this powerhouse with a nice hot caffeinated beverage and you'll be surround by plumes of coffee house aromas and blown away by the guilty pleasure that is a Nub Cafe! 4 5 1
3x54 These are the best coffee infused cigars on the market. Oliva hit the balance perfectly between tobacco and coffee 5 5 1
3x54 These coffee flavored Nubs are just not by favorite. Not a bad cigar but simply not my favorite. 3 5 1
3x54 NUB is a great buy. Always comes through with strong aromatic flavors and this cap. Tasty... great start to a morning or end to to a day. 5 5 1
3x54 Infused cigars aren't usually my bag. The nubs are absolutely tge exception. Anazing smoke all the way around 5 5 1
3x54 These are really good morning smokes. They have a great coffee infusion that's smooth. 5 5 1
3x54 If you like flavored cigars and coffee than look no further. There are a few on the market that have solid tobacco flavors with heavy flavoring. This one goes great with an actual cappuccino in the evening or morning. 3 5 1
3x54 I was never a big fan of sweet cigars but the he Nub is nice so sweet and also doesn't have a bitter after taste. Will try it with coffee. 5 5 1
3x54 This is a good smoke if you don't have a whole lot of time on your hands. Even with its size this little guy has some good flavors. 5 5 1
3x54 A nice stick. Dont be confused with the size it goes on for long time. Nice flavors and draw. 4 5 1
3x54 I expected that I would smoke through this cigar rather quick. But it stayed true and did a nice job. Very sweet and tangy. 3 5 1
3x54 A very nice little cigar with a touch of sweetness. Good one if you don't have a lot of time 5 5 1
3x54 I was pleasantly surprised by the Nub Cafe line. These are pretty good and not over flavored. 4 5 1
3x54 These are great if you like infused cigars especially coffee. The draw is ok construction and flavor are great. 4 5 1
3x54 Nice change of pace or early morning stick. Nice draw and even burn but the sweetness and coffee tend to overpower the tobacco 4 5 1
3x54 These are the best coffee flavored smokes on the market. The flavor is delicious and the underlying tobacco stays consistent. 5 5 1
3x54 Fun short little cigar great flavor and draw. The name said it all with the cafe type taste smooth and mellow 5 5 1
3x54 I really enjoyed this cigar immensely with my morning coffee the flavor was consistently awesome never got bitter or burned hot 3 5 1
3x54 Well if you're looking to smoke your morning cappuccino instead of drink it Nub has given us a way. These are nothing short of amazing. The aroma is fantastic. 5 5 1
3x54 Not a fan of this cappuccino flavored cigar. The cappuccino taste is very dull and is barely noticeable. I would not recommend this 3 5 1
3x54 Nub takes it up a notch with this one. Big coffee flavors with nice creamy tobacco. Can't go wrong if you're a coffee lover. 4 5 1
3x54 Love the flavor on this stick! So nice and creamy with a good draw and near flawless construction! Good buy 4 5 1
3x54 I don't normally go for infused sticks but when i saw this one infused with coffee I had to try it. I wish they hadn't put sweeteners on the cap but otherwise not bad 4 5 1
3x54 I'm not big on infused cigars but I am a sucker for coffee. This cigar satiates my coffee need when I crave it and accompanies it with a wonderful creaminess. 4 5 1
3x54 How about having this nub with yourmorning coffee that way you get a double doseof coffee andplenty d flavor it's so smooth and yasty 4 5 1
3x54 I love the Nub Cafe line. They all are great cigars and this one is no exception. It smooth mild and creamy. Like you are drinking an actual cappuccino! 5 5 1
3x54 Nice easygoing cigar 4 5 1
3x54 good flavor break 2 5 1
3x54 I really enjoy this cigar its an easy to enjoy easy to smoke stick. good flavors good build and nice size for a hot day smoke 5 5 1
3x54 These are okay for a quick fix. Not amazing but not bad either. Worth trying if you can get them on sale. 3 5 1
3x54 nice and smooth with a sweet vanilla flavor. you will like this one if you do 4 5 1
3x54 This was the first nub that I had ever smoked so being new to the experience MAY have altered my initial impression but it wasn’t the best stick I’ve ever smoked. 4 5 1
3x54 Nub cap is an awesome little stick smooth tasty burns clean lights easy main to the last poke and the flavor is like no other if you have not tried one get in your car drive to the local shop and try one 5 5 1
3x54 I'm not a huge coffee fan but for some reason when it comes to cigars I love the flavor. I find this to be a good medium to mild cigar. 3 5 1
3x54 Good am smoke with the cup of coffee. Somewhat strong but not to worry. Sme Los as goodf as it tastes 3 5 1
3x54 The Nub Cappuccino smokes smooth and has a clean burn. They taste great. I love these gars! 5 5 1
3x54 These little bunker busters are awesome. Tons of flavor and punch in a small package. Nub cigars are awesome 4 5 1
3x54 Very good cigar. I was optimistic of the size at first but I'm a fan now. 4 5 1
3x54 Not a bad smoke. Taste was mild to medium. Construction was good with the draw being satisfactory. 4 5 1
3x54 These are really good. There is some flavor in the wrapper I really like that I can't figure out. It's not the coffee taste it's something else. I wish these were 2-3 inches longer. 5 5 1
3x54 Easy draw and pretty well made. 1 out of the box started coming apart when smoked. A little dry out of the box so humidor for a while is necessary. Could use a little stronger coffee flavor. Wish made in a smaller ring size like 50. 3 5 1
3x54 Nub Cafe! Hey hey!! This is a really nice cigar. Nice and smooth great flavor the draw is consistent and easy. Put some in your humidor 4 5 1
3x54 These coffee flavored Nubs are just not by favorite. Not a bad cigar but simply not my favorite. 3 5 1
3x54 Best flavor of the cafes. Comparable to a dirt or dolce vita. Goes great w Bailey's and cream coffee for a morning treat 5 5 1
3x54 With its coffee nutmeg flavor I've always wanted to smoke one of these and I finally got some about a month ago they are just outstanding 5 5 1
3x54 Very good smoke. Nice draw even burn with a nice aroma. Give it a try if you haven't done so. 3 5 1
3x54 Love the cappuccino! Great flavor. Very nice smoke and burn. Rather like the little brother because I'm not a fan of the larger ring but would never turn one of these down. 4 5 1
3x54 I'm not the biggest fan of infused cigars but my weakness is coffee flavored infused cigars and the nub cappuccino is a great one. The pre light aroma is incredible and it has such a delicious smooth flavor from start to finish. Would recommend. 4 5 1
3x54 I have never been a fan of infused cigars but I enjoy a nice cup of coffee from time to time. And I also really like cigars that have that coffee cocoa cream Thai Taste. The local store owner suggested I try one and when I did I can definitely say I was not sorry that I did. I paired it with a nice cup of Cuban coffee and I can say the taste was great I love the Deep coffee flavors of it never too overwhelming but just a nice added bonus with this cigar. Also I was kind of doubtful because I am used to a longer smoke but after trying the tub I will definitely say it is something that I would enjoy on a nice Sunday morning or even to the right to work was a very great smoke and I would definitely revisit it again 4 5 1
3x54 Very nice smoke for a person that likes coffee Plus it has a sweet cap for a very nice flavor profile. 5 5 1
3x54 The coffee flavor is real. Also true to most nubs the burn is very good. Excellent smoke all around. Very tasty. 5 5 1
3x54 Fantastic smoke. Beautiful flavor and draw. I always keep these stocked in my humidor 4 5 1
3x54 The cappuccino is a wonderful blend of coffee espresso cream and light nut. Its very relaxing and enjoyable. 4 5 1
3x54 Love this. Only coffee flavored cigars I smoke. Nice flavorful smoke for a morning on the patio. 4 5 1
3x54 If you like flavored cigars then you will fall in love with these. Awesome smoke from beginning to end. 5 5 1
3x54 Not much into flavor cigars anymore. When these showed up at my local cigar lounge I thought I would give it a try. Price point was good so why not? It was flavorful. Paired up well with the cappuccino I was drinking and may have enhanced the flavor a bit. A good cigar but won't buy more since flavored isn't my thing anymore. Still was worth a try. 4 5 1
3x54 Absolutely delicious. Last about an hour taste great and smell great too! The taste infusion is not overpowering and neither is the flavor of the wrapper nor the smoke. Great stick highly recommended! 4 5 1
3x54 This delicious cigar is one of my all time favorites to enjoy in the morning while drinking coffee and reading the paper. 5 5 1
3x54 They are good but not great like some infused that I've tried from other companies that I won't name needs improvement 4 5 1
3x54 Great morning cigar that pairs great with coffe or cappuchino. Fairly rich tobacco flavor despite being infused with coffee. 4 5 1
3x54 this is a awesome smoke great coffee infused i love these in the larger sizes but not in smaller 4 5 1
3x54 Nub cafe capicino. Short fat cigar that is very eye appealing. The taste is mouth watering sweet mocha and coffee . The burn is even. The draw is suspect. I've had three of these 2 of which where a battle to smoke the third a heavenly experience 3 5 1
3x54 Great cigar! I don't usually like flavored sticks but this one is different. Just the right hint of flavor with great tobacco. I recommend!! 5 5 1
3x54 Decent construction for a Nub but not my choice in flavors. It does taste like coffee but infused isn't my idea of a good stick 3 5 1
3x54 This is one of those cigars that will make you rethink why would you ever smoke regular length cigars again. The sweet spot for me was in full effect early. 5 5 1
3x54 Solid stick that was a party hit. Small enough and quick enough to just pleasantly enjoy. Take anywhere. Will not disappoint. Buy it and enjoy. 4 5 1

Nub Nuance Single Roast

3.75x54 3.75 × 54 NC354C

This infused little fatty Nub Nuance Single Roast 3.75x54, packaged in a box of 20, sure comes in handy when you want to have your coffee and smoke it too. Flavor-cravers who love the Nub, will certainly enjoy this cup-of-joe style premium stogy.
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Connecticut Shade / Sumatra

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Box of 20

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