4.2105263157894735 19
3x54 These cigars are excellent. They have a slow even burn and I love the taste. I keep them on hand all the time. 5 5 1
3x54 Not my cup of tea. I don’t really like flavored stuff. If you like it this could be ok. 3 5 1
3x54 The nub cafe Macchiato is an excelent smoke with very unique flavors yku wont find anywhere else. Amazing! 4 5 1
3x54 A caramel sweetness goodie! A nice sweet flavorful smoke. Caramel nuts light coffee and cream. Easy on the palate with lots of delicious flavors. 4 5 1
3x54 Smokes great like any other NUB. This was way too sweet for me. Would pair well with any coffee/chocolate drink but that's about it. 3 5 1
3x54 This Nub flavor is not my personal favorite but I guess it's a flavor for people who love the drink. Still a good cigar tho. 4 5 1
3x54 Perfect for after dinner dessert. Don't get fat on cake. Relax and enjoy this special stick. You won't regret it 4 5 1
3x54 the macc is a lil light than the capp but has great flavors to back of the stick burns wonderful 4 5 1
3x54 Nub rocks Oliva hit gold when they first real ears nub but with the coffin flavors stuff it's an occasional treat u smoke pipes to so I'm used to flavoring of some sort but ever once in a while an infused or flavored stogie hots the spot 4 5 1
3x54 This is my favorite of the Nub Cafe line. It is smooth and has a nice aroma. 4 5 1
3x54 This is an amazing cigar. One of my absolute favorite. Great draw great consistency long lasting. The amazing sweet caramel coffee flavor. 5 5 1
3x54 These are one of my favorites. They are a little sweet at first but they have an excellent flavor and smell like a chocolate bar. 5 5 1
3x54 Sickly sweet tip with a bitter hot draw due to the vitola. Oliva makes good sticks but just not this one. 2 5 1
3x54 Nothing like a cold coffee flavored stick with a morning cup of coffe. Really sets the flavor well. Don’t hesitate on this purchase 5 5 1
3x54 Tastes like a macchiato from Starbucks. These are all very good and they all taste like coffee drinks if you're into that kind of thing. Nice change if pace. 5 5 1
3x54 Another terrific product. The flavor is simply outstanding. The construction is flawless with a very tight wrap 5 5 1
3x54 It's good. Not my favorite. Probably rated it better when I smoked more sweet tasting cigars. If you like sweet you will like this. Construction was great and flavor is great if you want sweet 4 5 1
3x54 These little nubs are great morning noon and night. This particular Lil nub makes you think you are drinking a Starbucks cappuccino on a balcony over looking a lake 5 5 1
3x54 Very unique!! 5 5 1

Nub Nuance Double Roast

3x54 3.75 × 54 NC354M

This Nub Nuance Double Roast 3.75x54, packaged in a box of 20, serves up a delicious potion of creamy espresso co-mingled with aged Dominican filler tobacco and an oily Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.
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Connecticut Shade / Sumatra

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Box of 20

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