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Tubo Fabolous smoke! 4 5 1
Tubo My Father has been a great go to cigar. These stogies are very well constructed and are very consistent with the draw and a good even burn that has a white ash that holds on very well. The flavor is tremendous with a woodsy cedar and a hint of chocolate followed by a spicy kind of peppery finish. The Corojo wrapper holds all of these flavors together and if you take the time to enjoy this smoke you will burn your fingers trying to get to the last puff. I will buy any of the My Father line because Don Pepin Garcia can blend every type of filler and wrap it to produce the greatest cigars you can smoke. 4 5 1
Tubo This is a great tasting stick. I would recommend over an over. The flavor comes and stays with you every pull of the way. An no bur. Problems what so ever. 4 5 1
Tubo So I ended up buying a single before my sticks came in. Which I'm happy about because it's a fine mild smoke with consistent burn and overall great! Im a novice so if I can enjoy it so can you. 4 5 1
Tubo By far one of my favorite sticks. Great flavor great draw all around awesome. 5 5 1
Tubo My Father's gets the construction draw slightly spicy flavor added flavors towards the end all just right. 5 5 1
Tubo Do you have to ask? One of the best sticks I've ever smoked. Wonderful black pepper leather & a hint of sweet nutmeg. Medium spice full bodied med to full flavor. Please have a big sale so I can stick up! 5 5 1
Tubo Very tasty cigar. Don pepin garica never let's you down. Another one double thumbs up 4 5 1
Tubo All around great cigar and I like the packaging they come in. I will be purchasing more in the future. 4 5 1
Tubo Even burn not too spicy easy smooth draw. Highly recommended. Got the 3 pack to try on my brother's recommendation and it didn't disappoint. 4 5 1
Tubo Great cigar construction draw and flavor is very nice. Just ordered a box.. 5 5 1
Tubo I'm not a connoisseur by any means, but I've enjoyed enough cigars--and been disappointed by enough cigars--to know what's good and what's not. And these are definitely good. VERY good! Got them to share with my son on a recent visit and we were both pleased enough that I was forced to leave the 3rd one with him. (I didn't tell him I'd bought a second 3-pack for me.) Shh-h-h--don't tell him. 5 5 1
Tubo liked this one 3 5 1
Tubo Excellent cigar. Have smoked many cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras, DR and Cuba. This cigar surpasses many of the Cubans I’ve smoke over the years. Three cigars for under $25, the price can’t be beat. 5 5 1
Tubo These cigars do not disappoint! The flavors and aroma are great. The draw is good. Constructed very well with beautiful packaging 4 5 1
Tubo This cigar is superior. The draw is easy and the flavour rich. It's easy to see why it is Cigar Aficionado's #1! The price is reasonable and this smokes like a much more expensive cigar! 5 5 1
Tubo Full favorite bomb of goodness with a real nice earth note. Never to strong but just the real punch you need to live this cigar. 5 5 1
Tubo These tubos are so convenient to take with you. The cigar is as always top shelf. Your father is the greatest smokes. Nice even burn and lots of earthy notes and a hint of cinnamon! 5 5 1
Tubo Absolutely beautiful packaging on these. I didn't think a cardboard box with 3 aluminum tubes in it could be so attractive but I was wrong. Decent smokes as well 5 5 1
Tubo Great all the way around. My new favorite. Great construction great burngreat flavor. Will be buying plenty of these. 5 5 1
Tubo All around great cigar. Delicious potent flavor and aroma and very tasty and natural flavors. 5 5 1
Tubo The FDLA - Tubos are really convenient for travelling and our course the cigar inside is excellent too. The same flavors similar to the toro sized non tubo version which have a light oak leather and white pepper kick and have a great draw and construction. I haven't waited too long though to smoke one so I'm not sure if the cigar being in a sealed tubo makes much of a flavor difference or not 4 5 1
Tubo Wow this is an amazing stick. I was so impressed by the smooth taste and aromatic smell. 5 5 1
Tubo Well made with a great draw. Burns nice with a great ash. Awesome smoke. 4 5 1
Tubo Great smoke. Always burns evenly and always constructed consistently. Keep quite a few on hand and is definitely a go to for all occasions. 5 5 1
Tubo Oh my goodness this cigar was amazing. First the cap area had come unraveled just a bit prior to smoking but it did not prove difficult after being lit. The flavors in this cigar were outstanding. Deep and complex flavors without being heavy or really bold. A good amount of smoke with a great burn despite cool temps (45) and a 10 mph wind. Enjoyed with black coffee. 4 5 1
Tubo Has be one of my personal favorite medium smokes. Always good. Always a pleasure. Always enjoyable. Not much more add to that. 4 5 1
Tubo these are awesome gift idea and great stick they burn flawlessly and have really a nice taste i wpild say get these and try to win them the tubos are nice 5 5 1
Tubo My Father's gets the construction draw slightly spicy flavor added flavors towards the end all just right. 5 5 1
Tubo This cigar beats most of the Cubans I’ve had. I keep a box in my humidor at all times. I haven’t had a bad stick from my father yet. 5 5 1
Tubo Love the My Father cigars. These were excellent 5 5 1
Tubo Tried these for the first time.. Will not be the last time. Absolutely delicious! 5 5 1
Tubo Prefer Robusto 4 5 1
Tubo Really light and enjoyable with a unique and smooth flavor. Beautiful design on the packaging and the bands. Only ding was that it was really burning unevenly for all three of us. And the head of my cigar was slightly cracked on the wrapper in two spots. 4 5 1
Tubo Regular Euphemisms don't work here . This cigar is like a 67' Cadillac . Straight lines , an interior to drool over , and a ride that makes you feel like The King . Mind blown . THE best cigar I've smoked in 5 years at least . Beautiful! 5 5 1
Tubo I’ve always been a MF fan and decided to grab these for a golfing trip. The tubes were good in protecting and the cigars were excellent as always. 5 5 1
Tubo Went from 25 bucks to 100 . Damn JR 1 5 1
Tubo Cost 25 bucks in Nov and all the other times I purchased them from this site. But now 100 bucks, wrote a review and they felt it the need to take it down. Guess its time to help out the lil guys in the neighborhood . Good luck Jr, guess only positive reviews make the cut. 1 5 1
Tubo Yes indeed, PJ - this company will most certainly delete reviews they don’t like. I’ve experienced that first-hand. And - as you’ve experienced here - they raise prices sharply for no good reason, often while quality control continues to slip. They will also send you the wrong product, multiple times, without a refund. This once great cigar retailer is now barely a shadow of its former self. You can do better, PJ. There are better cigar webpages out there. 1 5 1
Tubo Quick delivery- cigars are fresh came well packed. Truly an enjoyable smoke. Highly recommend 5 5 1
Tubo Love OLIVA V & O, this cigar is my 2nd favorite. plus the La Opulencia or Garcia & Garcia. all I buy great smokes from JR & 3rd choice is Romeo Y Julieta 1875. those 3 only Cigars I smoke, Bill T. PS, only buy from you JR. 5 5 1

My Father Flor de Las Antillas

Tubo 6 × 50 MFFA3T

Featuring an all-Nicaraguan blend of aged tobaccos, Flor de las Antillas Tubos upholds My Father's reputation for creating full-flavored, yet incredibly smooth and complex handmade premium cigars. The Tubo defines luxury with its flawless construction and luxurious notes of nutmeg, cedar, cocoa and white pepper. These stunning double banded vitolas come to you in artfully designed boxes of 3.

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Sun Grown




Medium - Full


Pack of 3

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