4.040816326530612 49
Original The last bundle I got were very uneven and inconsistent but still a good smoke for the price. My previous bundle of MR. B We're perfect so I will definitely try another bundle in the future. 3 5 1
Original I love these little guys. The price is always right and cigars are surprisingly enjoyable 3 5 1
Original They don't get much better. It's going to be my regular !!! 4 5 1
Original .....I dont smoke everyday but if I did it would be this one. Great cigar for the money! Age them first worth the wait. 5 5 1
Original Great cigar for a small price. Will stock these for golf season... going to try the Mr. B Candela next! 4 5 1
Original Wrapper was young still a little green. Draw was great taste was good. Filler was so-so but it stayed lit. Mild cigar. Good for parties as someone else said. 3 5 1
Original You can't beat the flavor & smoothness of this cigar!!! Especially for the price of a bundle!!!! I've ordered this cigar a half dozen times & I keep coming back to it for my everyday smoke!!! 4 5 1
Original One of my favorites lasts for awhile and burns evenly all the way through. Worth buying a bundle to try. 4 5 1
Original Not perfect. A bit tight. Difficult start but good after it gets going. Nice taste and good draw. Great price! Will try other sizes. 4 5 1
Original No idea how this stick has received great reviews. I fell for it. Would rather smoke a Sharpie marker. The taste will not leave for days. 2 5 1
Original Good draw Good flavor Too much short filler 3 5 1
Original Enjoy this cigar. Like the flavor. Occasionally find the consistency varies. 5 5 1
Original One of my favorite everyday cigars, especially at the jr discount prices. Highly recommended unless you like a strong cigar. Mr B's are mild yet flavorful. 5 5 1
Original enjoyed the smokes. i on a budget and so cutthe longer cigars in half and am really thrilled when they stay together and turn into 'two' excellentsmokes. 5 5 1
Original Very good cigar 5 5 1
Original Really good cigar. I enjoy these immensely! They compare favorably to cigars costing $4-$6. 4 5 1
Original Perfect every day cigar. It's not going to blow you away but it's a great smoke for the price and has always been consistent for me which is high on my list for bulk buying. 4 5 1
Original Nice cigar good flavor an draw but it hit or miss with burn for the money I don’t think I would pay full price I won this bundle of 15 On the auction 3 5 1
Original Nothing bad to say about this stick great smoke good price. Will order again. 4 5 1
Original Still my favorite. I let the age for 6 months plus and then start to some them. 5 5 1
Original Most consistent smoke I've ever had 4 5 1
Original Consistent cheap and good flavor. It may not be as high end as the big name brands but it is a good everyday cigar. 4 5 1
Original Nothing to write home about but great everyday smoke for computer writing or golf course. Hand these out and no one will complain. The price is RIGHT!! 3 5 1
Original For the price, it's hard to beat these. I've gone through half the bundle so far and have yet to encounter a dud in terms of draw, construction and flavor. Adding these to my list of favorite mild smokes. 5 5 1
Original I smoke this daily and love it. Very light smoke and great for daily smoke 5 5 1
Original I have smoked Mr B for years--Recently, the quality seems to be declining. Many of these are plugged or have a hard draw. 4 5 1
Original Don’t always need to spend big bucks for a decent smoke. 5 5 1
Original Expect frequent relights due to short fillers. 3 5 1
Original Perfect Cigar and Affordable. 5 5 1
Original For the price unbeatable. 5 5 1
Original Nice smooth relaxing smoke with good flavor and even burn. 5 5 1
Original Had #1 of 20 the other day. Pleasant draw, but ash was uneven and the stick fell apart toward the end. I'm sure it'll get better... 3 5 1
Original Need to keep these unwrapped in the humidor for at least a day. Some are wrapped way too Tight. A little too mellow for my taste. But if bought on sale, great for the price 4 5 1
Original Tried one a day after I got it in the mail. Wasn’t pleased at all. Waited about a week or 2 and decided to cut it in half and have a short smoke. It was great! Takes about 5-10 mins for it come to life with mellow creamy flavor. I started cutting them in half and enjoy them that way. Consistent cigar on both halves. 4 5 1
Original These came with a grab bag. Draw is OK wrap & appearance are actually quite good. Flavor he’s not as bold as I like but even considering that, it’s just “OK”. Good for friends who don’t really know the difference in a good cigar, great cigar and an OK cigar. 3 5 1
Original Love them 5 5 1
Original Very difficult draw. Also while smoking, cigars would unravel. Had to throw 11 cigars away. Worthless. 1 5 1
Original Great smoke. 5 5 1
Original Ordered 40 and out of the first 5 I had to throw away 2, and this was due to these cigars being wrapped to tightly. 3 5 1
Original Was attracted by a discount offer. I'm used to a short Robusto so these were a change. 70% of them I cut in half and smoke them down to a very small nub. So far, I have smoked about 15, mostly by halves, and they burn nice and even, yes, some will try to unravel but I fix that and smoke on. I have smoked a few whole sticks and they were fine with good flavor. To those who cry "dry and unravel," I will say "get a good humidor!" 4 5 1
Original I've been smoking this cigar for years.Great taste and smooth.Great price thru jr cigars.Shipping no problem . 5 5 1
Original Just like every JR cigar you gotta let it sit for about a week or two. Once you do that this all the flavors come out. I love this cigar as a everyday smoke. 4 5 1
Original These are my favorite; mellow and reasonably priced 5 5 1
Original Good cheap cigar. 5 5 1
Original Draws fine, enjoyable medium smoke! Sumatra wrapper seals the deal with a spicy flavor! 4 5 1
Original Nice Melo smoke 4 5 1
Original Mellow taste. Good smoke! 4 5 1
Original Good sale price. mild every day smoke. Good draw and fairly good construction 4 5 1
Original Mr B’s are a great deal for a go to while going about in the yard relaxing with the pups & plants. 4 5 1

Mr. B

Original 7.25 × 45 MRBH

This is it, in all its Churchill sized glory … The Original Mr.B, in a bundle of 20! This now famous cigar, thanks to its reasonable price and outstanding quality, has become one of our all-time bestsellers!
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Ecuador Sumatra

Ecuador Sumatra





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