3.625 32
Lonsdale Great to share with beginners. A bot better then the Connecticut wrapper. Dosnt leave a bad taste in your mouth 3 5 1
Lonsdale A smooth candela wrapper offers sweet grassy flavor great burn plenty of flavorful smoke that's burns consistently and awesome price. They also make great gifts. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Cheap and mild. My complaint? I cut the cap to smoke one and there was an odd colored bit showing. I pulled out a four inch long piece of twine. Not a high quality cigar. 3 5 1
Lonsdale the mr b is not that bad have to say it would be a great daily smoke with price and size its perfect 3 5 1
Lonsdale These are definitely not the best cigars that have smoked but they are hard to beat at this price. Nice draw and mild flavor. I will purchase more out these for my day to day smokes. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Mr B's are always reliable. A good fishing cigar mild but not weak. Not always wrapped your enough but still a good cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Lonsdale I tried a couple of these from a bonus pack and was not a bad smoke not expensive for a everyday cigar. Mild only problem was filler to me 4 5 1
Lonsdale the cigar and a cheaper feel to it the tobacco taste of a bit rough fucking could use some work and your maybe just some higher prime mins it was okay though 3 5 1
Lonsdale Maybe good for a try or for fun but flavors were not what I'm looking for. Very grassy/hay flavors not too strong but not many other notes I found. 3 5 1
Lonsdale The Mr b Lonsdale is a very good inexpensive cigar that has tons of flavor and burns very well for a mixed filler cigar 3 5 1
Lonsdale They were mild with a good burn and flavor all the way through. 5 5 1
Lonsdale I tried this out because I have had the Candela wrapper a few times on premium cigars and enjoyed the quality sweet grassy flavor for a change from my full body smokes that I love however the first one I had tasted like old hay out of a barn. Since they are so cheaply priced and had so many good reviews I got 2 bundles. They came ready to smoke at 70% with the hygrometer so I gave it a try without seasoning so IDK. out of 40, 13 where smashed or cracked in so many places it threw those out and put the rest up I will let them sit in my container with some Camacho Candelas for 3-5 months and try again but I will not buy these again I also got some JR's Montecristo alternative and I like those a lot. They also have the best price on Camacho, Flathead and a few others that are my favorite so I am glad I am switching to JR Cigars but will stay away from this brand. IDK how these got so many good reviews? 2 5 1
Lonsdale Great value for the price! 4 5 1
Lonsdale Good flavor mild and nutty. Construction was good with a smooth even draw. Never went out on me. Good even burn. 5 5 1
Lonsdale Not sure if I got this for me or for a quick stack to stuff in the humador for visitors. Either way after passing out a few of them I didn't feel like I was cheating anyone out of a decent smoke and yet I didn't break the bank. Good construction not a bad taste and the green rapper was a fun talking point. Totally worth having a few of these around for novice smokers or backyard bbq's. 4 5 1
Lonsdale Smooth light a good value and a great breakfast cigar! A mimosa a sunrise and a gentle smoke! 4 5 1
Lonsdale These were inexpensive but not my cup of tea. I wanted to try a candela stick. I came I smoked and wasn't my cup of tea. Too light and didn't like grassy taste. Cigar was soft to the touch. But great for friends who never smoke cigars. Any novice will enjoy them. 2 5 1
Lonsdale I land of getting a junior at the end of the most important thing is that the company has to do 5 5 1
Lonsdale Decent inexpensive smoke. Not great but not bad for the price. 2 5 1
Lonsdale Very surprised I liked this cigar as much as I did. Was a throw in in a sampler pack and now I ordered a box. Look forward to smoking more. 4 5 1
Lonsdale After leaving these rest for several months they just went to the burn pit there is no helping these 1 5 1
Lonsdale No ya fan of the Claro wrapper 3 5 1
Lonsdale I smoke Mr B original wrapper and it's a pretty good cigar for everyday. The construction has also been good. I used to smoke some candela cigars so I thought I'd try these. Bad mistake ! The wrappers are so thin and crack something awful even when properly humidified. There is really no cap to keep the cigar from falling into pieces. The interesting part is that the flavor is decent ! Disappointed ! 2 5 1
Lonsdale great smoke for the price, im still shocked.. you won't be upset by these 4 5 1
Lonsdale I was surprised at the flavor on the budget cigars. Burn very even, not hot. I will keep these in my box. 4 5 1
Lonsdale great for the money 5 5 1
Lonsdale Good cigar at a reasonable price. Thank you for shipping UPS. Got the cigars in 2 days. When you shipped USPS it took 10 days on my previous order 5 5 1
Lonsdale I was very pleasantly surprised by these smokes,. I have been looking for something mellow that smokes well and is a heck of a bargain on the auction. I've gone through a bundle in 5 days, would have liked to age them longer but I was on a candela kick lol. So good order 2 more bundles of the 7.25 length. The flavor is very mellow as expected but there was some unique flavor profiles even for mixed filler. My biggest fear was they would taste of chlorophyll but gladly I tasted no bitter chlorophyll. The draw is fantastic, these are not meant to be smoked fast 5 5 1
Lonsdale Good cigar at a good price 4 5 1
Lonsdale Draw and construction and flavor are all ok. Would benefit from time in humidor. I do enjoy them but not sure if I would order again as there are better options at same price point. 3 5 1
Lonsdale Great smoke . 5 5 1
Lonsdale 90% of the cigars I smoke are at or near this price point. Mr B cigars have added another choice for my everyday smoke. I look forward to pulling one of these out of the humidor. Will buy another bundle soon. 5 5 1

Mr. B

Lonsdale 6 × 43 MRBL1

Mr. B Lonsdale Candela, packaged in a bundle of 20, is one of the best value’s in all of Cigar land! … Just ask the “gazillion’s” of customers that have been smoking them for years! The claro wrapper leaf on this baby adds a subtle hint of sweet pineapple to this otherwise creamy smooth blend.
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