4.163461538461538 104
Double Corona Classic flavors with Flowers construction. My friend is a huge Montecristo fan he drew me in years ago and I haven’t been able to get out! They embody everything that a good cigar should. 4 5 1
Double Corona very good mild smoke. this cigar burns well and is an easy smoke enjoy any time of day 5 5 1
Double Corona This is one of the better Monty’s. Fantastic smoke. Smooth. Creamy. Overall just awesome 5 5 1
Double Corona Nice cigar. Draws a bit stiff. Received too dry so it unravels when smoked. 4 5 1
Double Corona Smoked one yesterday I love Monte no issues 1 relight though but that's rare for sure. . 4 5 1
Double Corona The Montecristo Double Corona is a great smoking cigar not just because of the name but the qualities this cigar is made from 5 5 1
Double Corona The Montecristo brand is top notch and double corona is a great size if you like size. These are excellent nine hole cigars. A nice get to give to your buddies. 4 5 1
Double Corona This is a great smoke. Not strong very smooth. A joy to smoke when I'm taking it easy. 5 5 1
Double Corona No reason I can think of not to have these around in as large a quantity as the wallet permits. 4 5 1
Double Corona I thoroughly enjoy the montecristo line of cigars. It's hard to beat the cuban version but this cigar is great 4 5 1
Double Corona Great cigar. Medium strength. Very smooth complex smoke. Great draw one of my favorit cigars 5 5 1
Double Corona I like montecristo but I wish they had slightly more flavor. Each one I try seems too mellow. They may be good for a first timer. 4 5 1
Double Corona A mild to medium smoke. Pretty well made but not much complexity in taste. Pretty bland tasting but good draw and burn. 3 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo.......the name speaks for itself. Great premium smoke full of flavor. Draw was smooth and construction very solid. A+ smoke. 5 5 1
Double Corona Mild to moderate taste a really wonderful smoke and one that you look forward to smoking again... 4 5 1
Double Corona I find a double Corona of very Exquisite cigar. The Montecristo always produces a smooth blend of cigars that have fantastic Construction fantastic smoothie flavors. I can enjoy this cigar anytime of the day great for weekend special occasions anytime is the right time for this cigar 4 5 1
Double Corona This is a mild-medium bodied cigar. Flavor notes: cedar spiciness leather hint of coffee. Draw is perfect but the price isn't lol. Definitely stock up if you find a sale. What else would you expect from Montecristo? 3 5 1
Double Corona This cigar is a great smoke for when you have a lot of time at doing nothing but enjoying this beautiful smoke. 5 5 1
Double Corona Now here's a 5 star smoke that you have after dinner on the deck with a nice port wine. I am going to order more soon real soon 4 5 1
Double Corona Perfectly balanced. Very smooth taste and draw. Creamy nutty and very smooth. Good morning and second cigar. 4 5 1
Double Corona Not bad but not something im buying again if i get them as an add on ok but just not impressed 3 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo double Corona is made by a greedy bunch of people. They are twice the price that they should be per cigar. They are weak. Jr alternative is better than these. 3 5 1
Double Corona Wow. This is a good stick. Great flavors and very well constructed. Elegant smoke from one of the best on the planet. 5 5 1
Double Corona The Montecristo yellow series is clearly their flagship series and hasn't been top within their brand. Outstanding flavor aroma burn and draw. This shouldn't be missed. 5 5 1
Double Corona Another great smoke from Monte Cristo. Classic light to medium flavor. Best in afternoon with a Tuna sandwich. 5 5 1
Double Corona Perfect for the golf course. Really wonderful cigar for a long smoke session. Excellent draw and construction. 4 5 1
Double Corona This had great flavor and smoke. I'm not too crazy about the double corona size. Too long and thin. Decent smoke though 4 5 1
Double Corona Of all the monte cristos this is my favorite as it has the best flavor profile and is not shy to let you know its there 4 5 1
Double Corona I'm a big fan of the montecristo and this is no exception great from beginning to end 5 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo double Corona is a healthy dose of well packed tobaccos with great construction even burning with great flavors of earth and sweet tobacco great smoke 4 5 1
Double Corona Very very good smooth cigar I love smoking on they're burned into the end very smooth 5 5 1
Double Corona Monticristo double Corona is a good smoke. It's the perfect size that I liked for a evening after work smoke. 5 5 1
Double Corona This is a smooth mild cigar that still really delivers on flavor. Very good flavor construction and consistency. 4 5 1
Double Corona Initial tobacco taste followed by a slight peppery finish. I will be ordering some more! 4 5 1
Double Corona Very nice cigar. It was smooth and easy draw. One of the best sticks I had from them. 5 5 1
Double Corona Excellent classic and classy cigar. Enjoy the multilayered flavor combinations. A must try for any cigar smoker. 5 5 1
Double Corona Momtecristo double Caron's is a fantastic cigar and one of my absolute all time favorites. Creamy too! 5 5 1
Double Corona This is nice middle of the road Montecristo. It has the typical great construction expected with Montecristo cigars and the flavor is a medium to full. 4 5 1
Double Corona A great cigar any time even better with a little age on it. Very nice smoke smooth and consistent burnt perfectly. 4 5 1
Double Corona Good construction and draw. Flavors are a bit lacking for me but consistent. Pleant of smoke output. 4 5 1
Double Corona Ahhh this stick is a classic. It will never let you down. Great smoke all the way thru I prefer the #2 but I would never turn down one of these that's is for sure grab one of these and give it a try you won't be sorry 4 5 1
Double Corona The monte double corona lives up to its name. Put a box in your humidor and forget about it for a couple of years and you will have a treat waiting for you. Good things are worth waiting for. 5 5 1
Double Corona Monte masked great cigars at an awesome price point. Great woodsy flavor with a hint of spice and excellent draw 4 5 1
Double Corona One of the best cigars I have ever smokedwell constructed smokes perfectly The enjoyment is outstanding 4 5 1
Double Corona The cigar is great! However, your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I've had a few issues recently. Twice recently the wrong cigars were shipped to me. No one ever answers the customer service phone line. No one calls back. Customer service was never this bad until recently. Hopefully this part of the business improves. 1 5 1
Double Corona Always some of these in my humidor 5 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo Double Corona, are one of my favorite smokes of all, on a 1-10 smoke I give these cigars a 1-2 every time" even over the Ashton vsg, eclipse" my opinion, ------- 5 5 1
Double Corona All around great smoke silky smooth undertones of greatness nice even burn. And at twice the price it’s still a steal! Great for enjoying with coffee 5 5 1
Double Corona This is probably absolute favorite cigar to smoke . It has a great draw. Great flavor. There is literally nothing wrong with the cigar. 5 5 1
Double Corona Not bad I just won these recently I can’t say that I would go out and buy them but I’ve enjoyed them for the most part good construction nice draw no issues with lighting we’re keeping lit 3 5 1
Double Corona Might be my favorite cigar. Always reliable and delicious. I know everyone has their preference of humidity but I find them best if smoked on the wet side instead of the dryer side. 5 5 1
Double Corona A go to when you have a night at the bar great taste had a sweet burn at first but then smoothed out and became enjoyable 4 5 1
Double Corona Good smoke a vey light flavor but satisfying smoke. The size is just right for a shorter but enjoyable stick. 5 5 1
Double Corona The Montecristo Double Corona is absolutely a great smoke. Excellent draw and very well constructed. This cigar is a must have 5 5 1
Double Corona Very nice smoke. A bit pricey but worth it. Consistent flavor and draw. Good easy pull. 4 5 1
Double Corona The Montecristo line is a great line of smooth mild cigars with a nice nutty flavor. It's a good first time cigar for those buddies that usually don't smoke cigars. 4 5 1
Double Corona This well crafted slow burner is so tasty and full of flavor. I enjoyed this Beauty from start to finish. 4 5 1
Double Corona Nothing to over the top simple and reliable when your not sure what to smoke. Haven't had a bad one yet. 4 5 1
Double Corona Great earthtone and spices smooth and creamy flavor and a great aroma 5 5 1
Double Corona My all time favorite smoke. One of the first I tried back in the day and always a good reliable smoker 5 5 1
Double Corona This cigar has flawless construction and draw but lacks in the flavor profile. Only has a medium flavored tobacco taste. 3 5 1
Double Corona Wow the montecristo Connecticut is so good. I really enjoy these for a morning smoke 5 5 1
Double Corona This is a classic quality premium cigar. Monte Christo is a staple in my humidor. Love that is medium bodied. 4 5 1
Double Corona These were kinda of bland in my taste. Which was surprising! It had an amazing draw. Just overall was not feeling this cigar. The taste was bitter too me. Great the the pallet though. The smell was good also. 5 5 1
Double Corona Nice even burn. Solid construction. Good medium flavor. I enjoyed the smoke. Highly recommended if you like a medium smoke. 4 5 1
Double Corona This is a good medium blend cigar it's not on of my favorite but it it is a high quality smoke and can be enjoyed anytime 4 5 1
Double Corona Very enjoyable cigar. Easy to light. Smooth easy smoking cigar. Mild but not bland. Very balanced combination of flavors. This cigar holds up well to a firm wet bite. These are a mainstay in my humidor. I have to keep them away from most of my cigars because friends help themselves a bit too much. You will surely enjoy this treat. 4 5 1
Double Corona Really good cigar. Tons of smoke. Great flavor. This one is a good one. I like it. 4 5 1
Double Corona One of the smoothest mid bodied cigars in my opinion. I really enjoyed smoking this stick. Montecristo has done a very good job with this stick. 5 5 1
Double Corona A better Monticristo. Decent flavor profile with smooth creamy smoke with a razor sharp burn. Construction is great. 4 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo #2 Corona is nice smoke. Tasty and fresh. Possibly one of the best sizes for any cigar! 4 5 1
Double Corona One of my favorite cigars. Great draw excellent flavor. Wonderful with some Cognac or scotch 5 5 1
Double Corona the silky smooth wrapper caught my eye on this one. the draw and flavor definitely help bolster its appearance. a little spice and pepper on the nose with some earthyness on the tongue. 4 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo is always a good cigar although I felt the draw on this one was a little to stiff the flavor was great though. Not to strong but with some great undertones. It also started to unravel towards the end but overall a pleasurable smoke. 3 5 1
Double Corona My favorite cigar! 5 5 1
Double Corona To tell the truth, this is almost too much cigar. I usually only get through about 60% of it. Takes me an hour of leisurely smoking to get to the half way point. This is the cigar that makes Montecristo great. Balanced flavor just around medium flavor. Never too strong and not mild either, just perfect. Perfect ring size. The entire smoking experience with this cigar is perfect. 5 5 1
Double Corona I bought the 5 pack because generally, I like Montecristos when I have had them at the cigar bar. These are the first Montecristos that I've had in my private collection. Well, I tried the first one last night. It burned evenly, and slowly which was great, but the draw was terrible. I punched it at first. I had to draw so hard that I decided to cut the end, hoping that a larger opening would make it easier to draw. Not really. I think these were rolled a little too tight. It was drinking a thick milkshake through a tiny straw... So much so that it took away from the enjoyment of the smoke. The smoke it self wasn't bad. Peppery with a little spice at the end. Mild to medium flavor, overall not a bad chatting cigar because it stayed lit for over the 45 minutes and I still had about about 40% left before I decided to put it out. probably would have lasted another half hour at the rate it was burning. But puffing that hard was making me lightheaded and was taking away from the enjoyment of the cigar. I'm hoping that this was an isolated incident and the other 4 in the 5 pack fare better. I'll let you know. 3 5 1
Double Corona It’s a very mild smoke but tasty. Burns extremely evenly. 4 5 1
Double Corona I have come the conclusion that Montecristo is overrated and massively overpriced. The construction and burn are mediocre, with many showing poor draw, or excessively easy draw. The wrappers are fragile, and prone to cracking while burning. The taste is ok, but I can think of many that taste better, and cost much less. Save your money, there are better choices out there. 3 5 1
Double Corona can't beat this cigar for the money 5 5 1
Double Corona good size 5 5 1
Double Corona These where very dry. Every other smoke unraveled and smoked uneven. JR does not care, customer service totally un responsive. Bad result for a good cigar. 2 5 1
Double Corona Won two 5 packs on free fall auction. What a disappointment! Arrived just fine but flavor was far below a Don Diego or JR Limitada. Taste of burnt grass!. 2 5 1
Double Corona One of my favorite 4 5 1
Double Corona Montecristo is my go to brand, and the double corona is my vitola of choice. Excellent construction, great flavor, and very consistent. I’ve been smoking Montecristos for many years and every one I smoke reminds me why. 5 5 1
Double Corona In my experience, nothing beats the Montecristo Double Corona. Mild, delicious, perfect draw, flawless construction, and unbelievable consistency for a product made by hand, these cigars have gotten me though the best and worst times of the last 25 years of my life. If I were forced to find a flaw, I could only choose the price, but that’s more my fault than Montecristo’s: if I had studied harder and gotten a better paying job I’d be able to afford a box more often. Even with the high price tag, the Double Corona is still well worth the money. Do yourself a favor and add these to your humidor. You won’t be disappointed. 5 5 1
Double Corona Smooth and mild with an even burn. I believe this is one of the legacy blends meaning it's not a strong tobacco. Very pleasant with earthiness. 4 5 1
Double Corona well make good flavor - little tight on the draw 4 5 1
Double Corona enjoyed the smoke not over powering - good with full flavored brown waters - thick outer wrapper had to cut vs punch 4 5 1
Double Corona I love Montecristo cigars when they are rolled properly. Trouble is, most of the double coronas (and other sizes, too) are rolled too tight. It's pretty aggravating to have to cut a very expensive cigar in half, just to get a few decent puffs. When you consider that they now have an MSRP over $400 per box, I expect perfect construction. 3 5 1
Double Corona I was pretty excited when I received these cigars. However, after smoking 2, the excitement waned a bit. Flavors were pretty plain. Not great. They were consistent, burned ok, but I wouldn't try again. 3 5 1
Double Corona The double corona is a great cigar. To me, it is just the right size, not as big as a Churchill but bigger than the number 3. The tobacco is a mild mellow blend and the construction is always excellent. Easy drawing and a great even burning. It's a cigar that you can spend an hour with. 5 5 1
Double Corona This is my favorite MC cigar. For me the size is perfect. They are also one of the most even burning cigar I know. The test is mellow and mild. 5 5 1
Double Corona Nice smooth and mellow 4 5 1
Double Corona This is one of those frustrating smokes that every intrepid cigar adventurer dreads. It is an expensive enough cigar such that consistency is of importance not evident in a smoke one can fire up, taste a bit and if not satisfactory for what ever reason, can be chucked for another...and perhaps another. The taste of the best montecristo is truly unparalleled. There is a sweetness, a quiet nutty essence that is very very attractive. The taste and lush texture of the smoke is absolutely seductive. Add to that the fact that their double corona size is nigh on perfect as an after dinner relaxation. But. And it's a bug but... they don't all taste that way. I have purchased many boxes of montecristo cigars...always for that superb taste and smoking quality but I cannot truthfully say that even one in three cigars meet my expectations. Somewhat often the cigar is rolled tight enough so the smoke is constrained and thin. This construction ruins that velvety smoke delivery. Other times, that tiny sweet finish is overtaken by hay or dust or just off flavors of stale tobacco. We're the taste of the best ones not so absolutely heavenly, I would not bother at all. We're they cheaper I would never hesitate to simply take two or three out for a spin anticipating that if not this one or the next then the third would erase my recall of the previous failures. So I don't know how, finally, to rate them. By all means, NEVER turn down an offered montecristo but be aware that you may not be the instant recipient of the best Monte has to offer. Good luck! 2 5 1
Double Corona Smooth with an even burn . 5 5 1
Double Corona Mellow and flavorful 5 5 1
Double Corona Great cigar, worth the money! 5 5 1
Double Corona My experience is with 5 packs that just don’t live up to their potential. I’ve never bought a box, so maybe I’ve been unlucky and the 5 packs I’ve bought have been a little dried out? They’ve been hard to light, have a draw that’s too hard, and have a tendency to go out, requiring re-lights. The wrappers seem too thin in the packs I’ve received, and crack easily. The flavor is there, but it’s hard to enjoy with the problems I’ve had. On the plus side, they burn nice and slowly, seeming to be tightly packed. 3 5 1
Double Corona What isn’t there to enjoy in regards to the monticristo? You have a smooth yet airy draw - splendid taste of the old world and the history is what I enjoy the most with these - just think how they started all those years ago and evolved to a superior smoke - enjoy 4 5 1
Double Corona First time trying the double corona. I have ordered many times the half corona and loved them. The flavor on the double is a little stronger do to the size. The draw and burn is good. I purchased two five packs on auction great price. Time will tell if I continue to smoke the double or the half corona 4 5 1
Double Corona Had one in a sample kit, it was the best I ever had so I switched to this style/brand. Out of a box of 25 I have had 3 great cigars, the other 22 I couldn’t keep lit, not able to get a ash to even develop to burn consistent. Wasted money just to get a box of 25 instead of sticking with AJ 10 pack, definitely switching back to AJ 1 5 1
Double Corona These cigars set the gold standard by which all other Dominican cigars are judged. It's Connecticut wrapper is flawless. The mild smooth flavor from start to finsh make this one of the top selections from year to year. 5 5 1
Double Corona Received as part of a sampler gifted to me. The smoke was nice and mild but the draw was absolutely terrible. Like trying to draw a milkshake through a coffee stirrer. Really had to puff on this one to get decent smoke production. Although the White Series has been a favorite over the years, I would not buy this Monte again. The draw ruined the enjoyment. Held ash well, even burn, and smoke was nice…when you could actually draw some out! 3 5 1


Double Corona 6.25 × 50 MXDC5

The famous Montecristo Double Corona is a beautifully rolled and firmly packed cigar that is loaded with rich smooth and creamy flavors and a delightfully sweet aroma. The Montecristo cigar maintains its reputation as one of the finest cigars on the market and the standard by which other cigars are judged. The Double Corona is packaged with our factory fresh 5-pack selection.
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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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