4.142857142857143 14
Habana No. 2 Belicoso For the Montecristo reputation this was rather underwhelming. The flavor is more towards medium than full. I've smoke 2 so far and I thought both were rolled extremely tight. I had to use an aerator both times to open it up. Nice even burn. 4 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso I buy this cigar well in advance of my wanting to enjoy one with my favorite wines. I believe where most folks go wrong when buying this smoke is that they fail to continue to age this perfect stick -- namely the Habana #2 Belicoso. As it ages its' creamy texture is revealed as one of its' major complexities. So, rule number one, purchase this stick well in advance of wanting to enjoy one, and next, proper humidity levels in your mighty humidor must also be kept at a perfect level. Then, look out, when you're ready to sit back and enjoy the complex flavors you will not be disappointed! Thanks to JR, my delivery is on its way and my humidor cannot wait! 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. I aged this beauty in my humidor for a while before I smoked this. Even burn, white ash, slow burn. Flavor is complex and quite creamy with a hint of nutmeg. 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso Ordered 2 full boxes from JR cigar and when I received them about every cigar was completely dried out and cracked, I love Habana the No. 2 Belicoso Montecristo Platinum Series cigars but JR cigar did not handle them correctly and over $600.00 of cigars were trash, will not order from JR again. 1 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso Okay cigar,but even after aging for a couple months...flavor was a little light.The classic Monte is better. 3 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso great cigar - well built smooth flavor till the end - like a V cut keeps wrapper together better - paired with a good bourbon was better with a mild scotch - just saying 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso well already reviewed and shared some to friends while drinking a nice scotch - went over very well and was asked to pick some up for them - great cigar to share with your buddies while enjoying a night out doing guy stuff - like using a V cut holds the wrapper together better 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso Good stuff 4 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso I bought a five-pack of these on sale to try them out. They are a decent smoke, but I was a little disappointed based on the reputation of the brand. The flavors are good but really don't kick in until the second half of the smoke. They seem to require less time than average between puff to stay lit. The wrapper on a couple did start to peel at some sections, though I've seen worse. Still for the price, I expected better. Again, not bad if you get them at a discount (from the usual "discounted" price, but otherwise not worth it. 3 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso This was the first montecristo I ever smoked even though I have been smoking cigars for almost 40 years. I have smoke many other premium brands over the years. Smoking this Montecristo Platinum I finally understand creaminess from a cigar. The draw was nice. It burned evenly dispite my horrible lighting of it. My opinion , the Montecristo Platinum is a very good cigar. 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso These were purchased for a gift. The recipient loved them and has since become a customer as well ! 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso I really enjoy this one. Probably my favorite MC. It’s smooth and relatively mild. Perfect for me 4 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso this is moving up the list of preferred smokes and is now in the top 5. like to use a V cut on the pyramid, well built, good burn, nice flavor. what more could you ax for. this time we had a couple Manhattans and old fashions while sitting in the yard with a couple of my golf buddies telling stories- Don't know if it was the cigar or cocktails or both but good time had by all . 5 5 1
Habana No. 2 Belicoso Good price 4 5 1

Montecristo Platinum Series

Habana No. 2 Belicoso 6.12 × 52 MXPL25

The Montecristo Platinum Habana No. 2 is a high octane version of the very popular brand. Beautifully constructed from the bling on the band to the bountiful flavors, this gorgeous Belicoso is a full bodied treat. Available in our popular 5-packs.
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