4.133333333333334 30
Ascot Quality could be a little better. 4 5 1
Ascot The gold label ascot gets you where you need to go in 15 min. Great for on the road across town. Short on flavor but a decent smoke 5 5 1
Ascot For the suit pocket. For a quick smoke. Full of foavor. Great body and well made. 5 5 1
Ascot These macanudo golds are awesome! Perfect size and excellent burn and consistency are great. A winner! 5 5 1
Ascot Good cigar but not as nice as the original. Great mild cigar loaded with flavor. 4 5 1
Ascot A light to medium body just right with a cup of coffee. A good brand to keep near by. 4 5 1
Ascot Quality slipping. All over the map. 2 5 1
Ascot This is my go to cigar for traveling. They are very appropriate for a quick smoke with great flavor. Are usually enjoy mine with a Snapple tea half-and-half. 4 5 1
Ascot I love the ascots for going golfing with buddies or at a less classy party. They live up to the macanudo reputation in every way. 5 5 1
Ascot these r great for quick yard gars not much to them just a cigar to hold in your mouth very bland 3 5 1
Ascot I love these little guys! I used too keep plenty with me for when I didn't have a lot of time for a smoke. 5 5 1
Ascot Very good little cigars. If you're looking for a smoke for the half hour drive home or while of running errands this is it. 4 5 1
Ascot I absolutely love these mini's. They are great when you want a good cigar on the go. You will definitely enjoy this full flavored miniature. 3 5 1
Ascot Poor construction. Breakers in wrapper precludes draw too often. Opening tab in plastic wrapper frequently doesn't work. Then it is difficult to open. 3 5 1
Ascot A quick smoke 4 5 1
Ascot Picked these up on a whim one day. Great smokes for when you dont have much time. 5 5 1
Ascot Great little cigar. Smoke them when I walk the dog and they are the perfect time 4 5 1
Ascot These are pretty good for a short smoke. The flavor is like a full size cigar but for 15 minutes. 5 5 1
Ascot Great little smokes! I don't like a really strong short smoke and these are perfect. Great flavors with no strength 5 5 1
Ascot Man these Macanudo gold label cigarillos are fantastic little guys. Really good for a 10 minute smoke. 5 5 1
Ascot A fun little smoke. Mac flavir and ounch in a littke tin. Nice. Nit anazaing but nice 5 5 1
Ascot This is a mild bodied cigar. Flavor notes: creamy cedar hint of sweetness. The quality control of these Ascots have dramatically decreased recently. I opens up a tin to find only one cigar smokable and the rest cracked or damaged. These are great for when you do not have enough time for a regular cigar but disappointed to find out that quality when packed was poor 3 5 1
Ascot These are great little smokes all of Macanudo flavor packed inside a small size great for breaks 4 5 1
Ascot Very good little cigar! If you're looking for a short smoke for that half hour drive home from work this is it! 4 5 1
Ascot The Ascot is a great size if you are limited on time (around 20 - 30 minutes). It's mild and burns cool for the smaller size. 3 5 1
Ascot I enjoyed these at a wedding the construction was great paired up with the bourbon spirit well but burned alittle hot and bitter towards the last third 4 5 1
Ascot Now this little cigar I was impressed with. Great construction and burn. Nice mild to medium well balanced flavor. 4 5 1
Ascot I mistook these for Court Gold, which are twice as big. These have same quality and are OK, just wish Court Gold available. 4 5 1
Ascot 👌 5 5 1
Ascot These were my go to, but they've been out of stock for well over a year. 4 5 1

Macanudo Gold Label

Ascot 4.25 × 32 MAGAS

Take the mellow and world-famous Macanudo wherever you go with a tin of Gold Label Ascots. This is a unique cigar with the traditional smoothness of Macanudo with a boost of added sweetness. Whenever you need a quick stogy break, be sure to have a tin of these handy.
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