4.76 25
Belicoso 10 out of 5 stars I think I would take these over Cubans great great smoke spendyy but worth every pig of this good stogie 5 5 1
Belicoso Apart from a little to bit of a tight draw this is a great cigar. Rich flavors and solid construction with a good burn. Some cocoa and chocolate notes. Sweet in between. Just lovely 4 5 1
Belicoso The belicoso is the same size as the toro but with a tapered head which draws the flavors to the palate and concentrates them. From time to time I have burn issues on the belicoso but the dark cocoa and a hint of a graphite flavor lure me in all the same. The no.9 is still a favorite of mine for a reason 4 5 1
Belicoso What can i say its a liga liga 9 is ine of my top smoked and most like sticks these are amazing 5 5 1
Belicoso This is rapidly making its way into my top 5 smokes. Every time I loght one up I'm reminded of what I love about cigars. I highly recommend this! 4 5 1
Belicoso One of the most fine cogars that I have ever had the flavors are great and rich 5 5 1
Belicoso You can't go wrong with any of the legal provide a series they are all just as yummy 5 5 1
Belicoso An amazing cigar my buddy's call this the cocaine of cigars! Great blend of tobaccos leaving you with a pleasant taste and aroma. A favorite of mine and all my cigar friends! 5 5 1
Belicoso Great flavors and very consistent. Lots of smoke with an aged and refined taste. My wife even insists that I smoke these, she likes “ the smell. “ I always keep at least 2 boxes of Belicosos and 1 Toro and 1 Robusto each. I prefer the Belicoso but don’t always have an hour to spend with it and you can’t waste these... 5 5 1
Belicoso Very tight cigar. Found a few to be a little too tight. But besides that these are awesome smokes and packed with flavor 4 5 1
Belicoso This stick started off with an incredible draw was a bit string for my taste but mellowed out to perfection after about 7 puffs. Flavors were rich and chocolaty woody and mildly sweet. Ash was bright white and tight. I ordered a box and smoked one with a buddy. The only downside was my cigars 2nd cap unraveled after the cut followed by the wrapper coming loose at the cap. A little disappointed but the stick was still enjoyable. My friends held together just fine so i will assume mine was just an unlucky one. 5 5 1
Belicoso My all time favorite cigar. I love the liga 9 everything about it is delicious. If you are looking for something cheaper the undercrown Madurai is for you 5 5 1
Belicoso Powerhouse cigar. I was not ready for this one. I wish I was because it was delicious. I will come back. After a big dinner. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar. Had one of these for my birthday. Great draw and flavors. It is expensive though. For me the Undercrown is a better smoke at a better price. 5 5 1
Belicoso Beautiful stick I would rate this in the mid to high 90s personally one of my top 5 easily 5 5 1
Belicoso Drew Estate Liga #9 are a power bomb of a cigar. Not for the weak. Many collectors save these when in reality JD himself has said they shouldn't be aged but smoked. 5 5 1
Belicoso This is a nice mild smoke with full flavor notes of nuts and earth. A Nice light smoke after Dinner. Great experience. 4 5 1
Belicoso LP No.9 is still a favorite of mine. I go to the no.9 blend when I need a cigar that will deliver full body full flavor and perfect construction. This Liga never fails 5 5 1
Belicoso Perhaps drew estates most sought after series. The belicoso size is great for smoking out on the golf course. This is a great full bodied cigar 5 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar. Excellent construction and draw. The taste is nothing short of incredible. A great tasting dark cigar. 5 5 1
Belicoso This has all of the usual LP9 characteristics: dark oily wrapper never-ending foot smoke a super-dark flavor profile and flawless burn. I didn't like the beli quite as much as the LP9 robusto. 4 5 1
Belicoso The 9 is my favorite liga blend besides the UF-13 but with the availability of the unico series being so limited the 9 is a worthy replacement. Flawless construction and burn throughout the length of the smoke. It's almost a shame to smoke something so aesthetically pleasing but I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. 5 5 1
Belicoso Excellent cigar with flavor and pleasant aroma. The burn is consistent from beginning to end. The tobacco is properly packed giving a even draw. I throughly enjoy smoking this cigar. 5 5 1
Belicoso We’ll worth the money if you can find them available. One of my favorites when I’m not afraid to spend the money. 5 5 1
Belicoso Had heard nothing but raved reviews about this one. I finally tried it a few weeks ago and it definitely lived up to the hype. Went out and loaded up on some. Could be my new number one 5 5 1

Liga Privada No. 9

Belicoso 6 × 52 LP9BE

Liga Privada No. 9 is a full-bodied premium handmade cigar considered one of the most celebrated blends produced by Drew Estate. Packaged in a box of 24, this Belicoso brings a strong and robust flavor to the palate and an entrancingly sweet aroma to the nose. This full-bodied smoke was rated 93 by Cigar Snob in 2013.

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